Tissot’s 160th Anniversary Antique Watch Exhibition

Since the founding of the factory in 1853, Tissot has been at the forefront of the times. This year is the 160th anniversary of the brand. Looking back on this glorious journey of more than a century and a half, it is not difficult to find that Tissot has left the trail of the pioneers in many fields-the world’s first antimagnetic watch and the world’s first plastic composite Movement watch, the world’s first rock watch, mother-of-pearl watch, wooden watch, the world’s first pointer and digital dual display watch, the world’s first high-tech ceramic lithium battery with lithium battery life of more than ten years Watches, and of course the world’s first touch-sensitive T-Touch multi-function watch, which is well-known. Tissot’s footsteps continue to move forward with the times, in pursuit of the next generation of technological innovation in materials, functions, and design, creating a more convenient, stylish, and friendly user experience.

 On the other hand, Tissot watches are also the leaders of fashion trends, not only advancing with the times, introducing charming designs in line with contemporary aesthetics, but also creating a trend of fashion with unique vision. For example, the banana watch in the Art Nouveau period in 1916, the Hermetic clock in the Art Deco period in 1929, and the Carrousel watch in 1968 with the ability to freely change the bezel. Feminism has risen since the 1980s, and as early as 1974, Tissot invited the famous Finnish designer Pekka Piekäinen to create an avant-garde Finnish Silver bracelet watch for women. In 1988, Tissot collaborated with designer Ettore Sottsass to create a unisex unisex style with a new design. In 1999, Tissot took inspiration from fashion and jewellery design, and created a T-Collection women’s watch that was popular among women worldwide. Of course, it must be mentioned that Tissot watches are active on the sports field. MotoGP motorcycle racing, F1 racing, bicycles, rugby, basketball, ice hockey, and Western swords. Tissot watches can be seen in all fields .

 1904 Czars’watch

                   1930 Antimagnétique

 Centenary Centenary 1953

                        Carrousel 1968

 1974 Finnish silver bracelet watch

 1999 T-Collection Women’s Watch

 For 160 years, countless stories and legends, Tissot watches take you into the tunnel of time to explore the mysteries and surprises of watchmaking art