The Last One Is The G-shock Seven Lucky God Series Finale, Furutsu Gbd-800slg

Since the end of November 2018, we have successively introduced the various works of the G-SHOCK Seven Lucky Gods series. If your impression has been diluted a bit, the six works introduced previously include representative Ebisu Works such as G-7900SLG-4, Bian Tian Tian BGD-560SLG-4, Hotei Zun DW-5600SLG-7, Pishamen Tian DW-6900SLG-1, Dahei Tian GX-56SLG, and Shouren DW-5700SLG-7, etc After more than a month of release, the last model of the series, GBD-800SLG, which symbolizes Fushou in the Seven Lucky Gods, will also debut soon.

G-SHOCK Seven Lucky God Series of Furutsu GBD-800SLG. Reference price: 1,050 RMB

Flushou is a god with wealth, merits, and longevity in Japanese mythology. Flushou-inspired models use the GBD-800 with Bluetooth connectivity as the base model. The overall design of the watch is green. Lord, the watch body, like the previous six models, is printed with the design by artist Nosaka Nozaka and the design. In addition, the strap is also printed with a pine pattern that symbolizes longevity. The upper and lower straps also have the patterns of fairy cranes and tortoises. The three dots on the buckle are the morals of Fu, Lu and Shou. When you press the luminous button, you should know which English letter will appear on the backlight pattern on the screen, which is the last ‘K’ of the seven letters / symbols of G-SHOCK. If you have already started with the six models, then you can combine them into a full set of ‘G-SHOCK’ backlight patterns.

Turtle pattern printed on the strap

As mentioned earlier, the GBD-800SLG has a Bluetooth connection function. This is a special place compared to other models in the series. The wearer can download the G-SHOCK Connected exclusive app and connect with this watch. As long as you When you walk or run while wearing a watch, the watch can upload these data to the App. You can easily check your steps, exercise time, location, and even calculate how many calories you have consumed, of course. Bluetooth connectivity can do more, including daily automatic time update, setting the world time, and switching between the two places at will.

The three points of the strap buckle represent Fu, Lu, and Shou

As for the hidden highlights of this series-Nozaka Nozaka and the designed outer box packaging, the pattern on the watch box can see Fu Lushou flying in the sky by the crane, and on the ground there are children playing kites and riding BMX. Juvenile, as for the tortoise and pine tree in the lower left corner of the screen, it is a god-for-all-because they also have the meaning of longevity and echo each other, these elements also appear in the details of the watch mentioned above. The beauty of the screen has become one of the reasons why watch fans love this series.

The backlight of the LCD screen is the English letter ‘K’, which represents the last letter of G-SHOCK