Swiss Plum Watch Flagship Store Was Born In Beijing Qianmen Street

[April 17, 2012, Beijing] Swiss watch brand TITONI was established in 1919, and it is one of the rare independent family watch companies. For more than 90 years, it has combined the exquisite craftsmanship and design of three generations of watchmaking, and has been committed to displaying classic design watches to customers around the world. It has become an internationally renowned brand. Today, TITONI’s flagship store in Beijing officially stands in a long history. It used to open in Qianmen Street, which belonged to Emperor Royal Road. At the same time, the brand also invited the singer and actress Red Star Cai Zhuoyan (A Sa) to open the new store, so that the atmosphere of Qianmen Street suddenly boiled!
Proud tradition passed down from generation to generation
  Swiss Plum Blossom flagship store in Beijing’s Qianmen Avenue. The interior decoration of the store is mainly olive green to strengthen the brand image. The requirements for the establishment of the flagship store of Swiss plum watches are higher than that of general specialty stores, which are the highest standards in terms of sales area, decoration and service. The new store focuses on elegance and magnificence, in order to allow customers to purchase their favorite watches in an elegant and comfortable environment, and enjoy the noble shopping pleasure.
  In addition to the watch section, the Swiss Plum Blossom Beijing flagship store also features a brand gallery full of art. In the three-dimensional photo frames on both sides, all the brand’s watch series are displayed; and the historical showcase in the middle also displays the treasures of great historical value; including the watchmaker qualification certificate obtained by the company founder in 1912 and historical classics Watches, etc., are like being in a museum, allowing customers to appreciate this popular brand from an artistic perspective. In addition, the Beijing flagship store has set up the largest repair service center in Asia, providing customers with meticulous service. Through the transparent large glass of the repair service center, customers can also personally feel the rigor and focus of the watch technician, and have added confidence to the Swiss plum watch.
  At the event, Mr. Matthias Messmer (Dr. Meng Muxuan), the director of international public relations of Swiss Plum Watches, was also proud of the establishment of the flagship store here. He said in his speech: ‘Swiss Plum Watches is very honored to be from ancient Now the vibrant commercial centers are opening flagship stores. ‘He also mentioned:’ This is a very important project after our flagship stores in Shanghai, Chongqing and Hong Kong, the purpose is to bring consumers a 360-degree Brand experience and thoughtful shopping. ‘
A Sa shares watch experience
  The climax of the whole event was of course the bright appearance of Ah Sa. The well-dressed Ah Sa shared with the audience and media from across the country the experience of dressing and choosing watch watches. A Sa wearing a pink belt and a dazzling diamond watch that day said: ‘In addition to showing the time, I am also my best companion with different outfits.’ In addition, A Sa has always demanded watches, When choosing a watch, we must pay attention to the history, craftsmanship and materials of the brand. After sharing, Ah Sa and Dr. Meng Muxuan completed a simple and grand opening ceremony, which officially opened the flagship store in Beijing.