Snowflake Pointer: The Legend Of Diving Across The Fiftieth Anniversary

In 1969, square hour markers and angular hands made their debut on the Tudor product list. Today, the hands have gone through half a century and become the legendary symbol of the brand-the Tudor snowflake hands.

   In 1969


   In 1969, the Tudor Submariner series debuted with a new look. Snow flake hands appear for the first time, making diving watches more legible. Submariner launched two new models-7016 and 7021, which started the second generation of Tudor diving watches. The surface is equipped with an oversized square hour marker, replacing the original rose logo with a shield. Furthermore, the innovative design of the snowflake hands is easy to identify, which has become a major feature of Tudor watches.
   Carried forward in the 1970s


   In the mid-1970s, model 7016 was replaced by model 9401/0. The new watch uses a higher-performance ETA 2776 movement. Its stop-second function allows it to adjust the time more accurately. The 1976 version shown here has a blue dial and snowflake hands.

   Over the years, navies and other important military organizations around the world have equipped the army elite with Tudor Submariner, and it has been widely praised. This model of the 9401 watch introduced in 1977 is an example.
   2012 Reappearance

Tudor Bay
   The Biwan series came out stunningly, in order to trace the glorious history of the Tudor diving watch, the iconic snowflake hands returned to the field of vision, and once again became the focus of watch industry. Since then, the snowflake pointer has become standard in the Biwan series.

Tudor Leader Submersible
   In the same year, the masterpiece of the Tudor function watch, the leading model, was also dazzlingly born. As a professional diving watch, in addition to the helium-exhaust valve, blue light scale and rubber strap, the snowflake hands, which are widely praised by collectors, also appear on the watch, and the hour and minute hands can be seen at a glance.
   2019 crosses half a century
   At the 50th anniversary of the snowflake hands, Tudor’s new 2019 watches are even more glorious, and the classic hands on each watch are even more dazzling.

Tudor Biwan Bronze
   Bronze materials are often new, while classic designs remain the same. In addition to the snowflake hands, the unprotected winding crown with direct perforation design continues the typical characteristics of the first generation of Tudor diving watches.

Tudor Biwan Chronograph Gold Steel
   Boldly combine the tradition of the diving watch of the Biwan series with the essence of racing chronograph. The gold steel material also takes into consideration sports fashion and retro elegance. There is no limit to cross-border mixing.

Tudor Biwan P01
   Tudor diving watches have withstood the harsh environmental test and are favored by the navies of many countries. Its snowflake hands and prototype watch design are from the late 1960s, filled with historical smoke.

Tudor Biwan 32/36/41 gold steel
   This year, a new color of gold and steel is introduced, which perfectly combines the professional performance, ruggedness and wearability of the Biwan series watches, as well as its unique elegance and versatility.
A snowflake pointer
Spanning half a century
Writing timelessness in Tudor classics