Rolex Establishes An Exclusive Long-term Global Partnership With The International Sailing Grand Prix, Becoming A Global Partner And Official Timepiece Of The International Sailing Grand Prix

On February 11, 2019, the International Sailing Grand Prix (SailGP) officially announced the establishment of an exclusive long-term global partnership with the well-known Swiss watchmaker Rolex, and Rolex became its official timepiece. The collaboration between the International Sailing Grand Prix and Rolex is a strong alliance. Regarding this cooperation, Sir Russell Kutz, CEO of the event, said with joy: ‘Rolex not only produces the world’s top timers, but also has long been involved in the field of international sports. It is an honor to have a long-term and stable relationship with Rolex.

The first race of the International Sailing Grand Prix will begin at the Sydney Port on February 15 and 16. Six teams including China, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia will drive the unified regatta F50 ( Ship speed exceeded 100 km / h). Rolex timers and clocks will appear at major sites of the event; on the six F50 boats, the Rolex brand logo will also be prominently displayed.

For more than 60 years, Rolex has actively supported sailing and is fortunate to be the driving force behind the most top sailing events, organizations and crews, as well as the elite of sailing, to strive for excellence and excellence. This collaboration further strengthens Rolex’s tradition of supporting the highest standards of sailing events.

Rolex and sailing

劳 In the past sixty years, Rolex has become increasingly close to sailing. This is due to the long-term value of this vibrant sea sport and the indissoluble bond between the brand and Saifan. Today, Rolex is a partner of many well-known yacht clubs, organizations and regattas around the world, which together demonstrate the extraordinary standards and spirit of sailing.

以来 For more than half a century, Rolex has established a deep cooperative relationship with influential yacht clubs around the world, working together to promote the development of this sport and promote it, so that sailing enthusiasts, key players and outstanding captains can communicate with each other. Today, Rolex sponsors nearly 15 major events, spanning the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific Basins. There are two major offshore classics, namely the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and the Rolex Fastnet Race. In addition, the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, which gathers super boats, and the Rolex Giraglia, which runs between Saint-Tropez and Genoa, are also included in the route. Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Yacht Masterpieces specially created for regattas, and Yacht-Master II chronographs equipped with innovative mechanical countdown timers, which not only carry rich traditional and nautical experience, but also have Rolex watchmaking craftsmanship Elegance, performance and innovation. These timepieces are not only awarded to the winners of the regatta as a reward, but also a symbol of Rolex’s long-standing relationship with Sea World.

About International Sailing Grand Prix

The International Sailing Grand Prix (SailGP) aims to redefine sailing. Founded in 2018, the International Sailing Grand Prix is ​​headquartered in London, England and San Francisco, USA. It is a global annual sports league featuring courage, cutting-edge technology and an awe-inspiring competitive spirit. Offshore events specially designed for sailing enthusiasts will be held in some of the most representative seaport cities in the world. The winning team will eventually receive a prize of US $ 1 million. National teams from Australia, China, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States will drive F50 supercharged catamarans of the same specifications, competing fiercely at speeds of more than 50 knots (close to 60 mph / 100 km / h).