Release Your Inner Naivety! Swatch’s Fantasy Fairy Tale Journey, Roaming Fantasy Fairyland

In childhood, the happiest thing is to swim in wonderful fairy tales. Years have changed our faces, but we can’t hide the fantasy colors of the fairy tale world in memory. Uncle Depp’s crazy hatter, Queen Blanchet’s Cinderella stepmother, Uncle Hawkeye’s Hansel and Gretel-these days, fairy tales are making a comeback, the magic is undiminished-will never be tiresome It’s a fairy tale! And Swatch, who knows the magical charm of fairy tales, has opened a door to those wonderland. A journey of roaming dreams is about to start!
Long time ago series

Queen of Hearts (GR165) X Cheshire Cat (SUOW125)
   Remember the queen of hearts in Alice’s dreamland? She was just as arrogant as a two-year-old child, but her true temperament and red hearts longing for love were moving. The high weight of her is not everything. When she meets a Cheshire cat that can only disappear out of nothing, she can only stare with a beard and stare. As a child, did you ever think of turning Cheshire cats into your own pet?
   This season, Swatch sealed the queen of Hearts and the smile of the Cheshire Cat on a small screen. Maybe one day you will meet them in a dream and throw them at each other!

Twin Fat Brothers (SUOB129) X Long Nose (GW176)
   When Alice came to the underground world, the twin plump twin brothers were her guides. They are naive and naive, but they speak like riddles and always disagree. The long nose is comparable to their cuteness. Although the long nose may reveal your secrets, his dull eyes may sell him if he is not careful!
   Want to wear striped shirts and bib for twins? Want to see a cute look with a long nose that doesn’t speak?
   Hurry up and take a look in Swatch’s fairyland, there will be a surprise you want!

Bat Night Walk (SUOB130) X Vampire (GB294)
   The night is coming, boo ~ Alice’s wonderland is about to become a nightwalker’s land. The bats hovered in the sky for a day, their eyes flickering in search of food. The mysterious Duke of Vampires also smelled the darkness and was baptized in the moonlight. The white fangs and pale faces made people excited and thrilled in the darkness.
   The night story continues. The iconic bats on Swatch’s Night Watch (SUOB130) and the fangs on the vampire (GB294) seem to be planning a secret operation at night, telling a wonderful inside story …
   A long, long time ago, life is a fairy tale, full of possibilities. You always want more plots, more magic, and experience more different lives in front of and behind the scenes … Follow Swatch’s fairy tales and let the children’s hearts remain untouched. You find the taste of childhood in the world of watches!