Ready For Action! Richard Mille Rm 25-01 Strom Tourbillon Chronograph

Speaking of the tough guy on the screen in Hollywood, I believe that many people will immediately think of Sylvester Stallone who has played classic roles such as Rocky and Blue Wave, even now he is old At the age of 72, he is still active in front of the screen. In recent years, there have been works such as the Trilogy of Blood Bath Missions that should prove his prowess.

In addition to his strong and fierce physique and martial arts skills, Silvestro Strong is actually an indicator of watch trends. For example, an Italian military watch brand has gained popularity by wearing it in movies. , Strom was wearing the RM 032 Chronograph Divers of RICHARD MILLE in the third episode, which once again attracted the attention of the market and watch fans. At that time, the RM 032 was not only the eye-catching red rubber strap, but also the brand’s rare round-shell diving watch. In the movie, he accompanied Stron to kill his opponents uphill and down the sea, leaving a very deep impression. .
As a brand friend of RICHARD MILLE, the requirements and preferences of Stron for watches have become more complete with the cooperation between the two parties. For example, the brand recently created a RM 25-01 tourbillon chronograph tailored for Stallone, with a rough and practical adventure character. If time can jump back to the era of Blue Wave movies, I believe that Stallone will definitely not Do not hesitate to choose this watch as a good partner for his death. The design of RM 25-01 can be regarded as the successor to RM 032. For example, the round case is their common feature, but in the functional part, RM 032 is a relatively simple diving watch, and RM 25-01 is for outdoor use. Born for adventure, and in the functional part, RM 25-01 also has a tourbillon device, and the overall complexity is even higher.

In order to pursue wearing comfort, RM 25-01 uses titanium alloy and TPT® carbon fiber material, especially the latter is the crystallization of the process developed by RICHARD MILLE, which is both lightweight and rugged.

Feature one: the brand’s unique lightweight material
In order to keep action superstars such as Strom from wearing heavy or inconvenient, even though the case diameter is nearly 51mm, the actual wearing feeling is relatively light, because RICHARD MILLE uses TPT® carbon fiber and titanium Material for the case, usually the first impression of these two materials is ‘light’, while their hardness and protection are superior. Titanium metal is commonly used in sports watches, so I won’t go into details here, but TPT® carbon fiber material is an entry point to understand the RICHARD MILLE watchmaking process. This material is developed exclusively by the brand. During the production process, carbon fiber Separate multiple layers of parallel fibers, soak the carbon fiber filaments in the resin, and then use a machine to arrange the fiber filaments into carbon fiber ‘layers’, each of which will have a 45-degree angle to each other (finally creating a unique pattern on the case ), Then the carbon fiber layer is heated under pressure (up to 120 ° C). After such a complicated process, the light and strong TPT® carbon fiber is completed.

Despite the high complexity of the tourbillon and the timing function, the brand has effectively reduced the inertia of the movement parts and saved power consumption by 50% by making movement parts in titanium alloy and improving the structure of the barrel. The power reserve of the watch is raised to the level of 70 hours

Feature two: Outdoor sports watches can also have high complex functions
Sports watches are usually not too deep in functionality. This is because of practicality, complex functions may not withstand severe hand movements, etc., but such common sense is not suitable for RICHARD MILLE One of the keys to the brand’s position in the peak market is that the watches they make can take both complexity and stability into account (even professional athletes can wear complex watches for combat, right? For ordinary wearers, it is more than enough). The display function of the RM 25-01 itself is quite exciting, including the basic hour, minute and small seconds indicators, with a low-key tourbillon device (only the small second hand connected to the tourbillon axis can be seen on the face side, the tourbillon must be You can see the whole picture by turning to the case back), plus the timing function that is a natural pair with the sports watch; the operation of the timing function of the supplementary watch is to start / pause by pressing the case 8 and 11 With zeroing and other actions. In addition, the RM 25-01 also has some rare time display functions, including a clockwork torque display in the 2 o’clock direction and a crown function display in the 4 o’clock direction, allowing the wearer to fully understand the state of the watch and protect the stable operation of the movement parts.

The bezel that can be disassembled and reloaded has the function of a compass. The wearer does not need to worry about losing his or her direction when he has a watch in his hands when adventures in the field.

Feature 3: Reliable survival aids in the wild
In addition to its functionality, RM 25-01 is more special in its ‘combination skills’. In response to its adventures in the wild, RICHARD MILLE has specially designed two sets of replaceable bezels. There is substantial help in identifying the direction outdoors, as long as the wearer points the bezel to the bayonet seat on the front of the case, the bezel can be easily loaded. One group has a three-layer structure. The lower two layers of bezels are made of DLC titanium. The lower layer is a fixed bezel. The second layer of bezels can be rotated in addition to a compass. As for the upper layer, It is a TPT® carbon fiber cover. The mirror on the reverse side can reflect the compass information. In addition, in order to prevent the compass and movement components from interfering with each other, RICHARD MILLE also applies an anti-magnetic coating on the sapphire mirror surface to make the two stable. Each performs its role. Another set of rotatable bezels is relatively simple. It is also made of TPT® carbon fiber and titanium composite material. The surface is printed with a 24-hour scale and a 360 ° azimuth scale. According to these scales, the pointer and the sun correspond to each other. You can know the current location and direction without additional calculations. If you leave the electronic products in the field with no electricity and no signal, RM 25-01 will be a very reliable and easy-to-use survival aid.

The water-filled pill sealed container and the spirit level are respectively set at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock in the case. RICHARD MILLE integrates equipment with different uses into a watch, becoming the most trusted partner of the wearer outdoors.

Feature 4: Additional functions for professional degree
In addition to the crown and the timekeeping button, people with sharp eyes may notice that there are two rare devices on the right case of the RM 25-01. In fact, this is also an additional feature that RICHARD MILLE has thoughtfully set around the adventure spindle, such as 4 o’clock It is a small spirit level, which can be used with the compass function of the bezel to ensure more accurate direction indication. In addition, the device at 2 o’clock is even more unique. It is a sealed container made of titanium alloy. ? The answer is that there may be water purification tablets that have been seen in movies. In extreme cases, water purification tablets can ensure that the wearer can get clean water for a short period of time; although this mechanism is not always necessary, once it is sent, In hand, it will be an important key to life. With these professional additional features, it is not enough, RICHARD MILLE has equipped the camouflage rubber strap for the RM 25-01. The natural tough guy style is complete in this place-not only the appearance is matched, but the soft strap of the rubber strap when actually worn It also helps to improve the comfort when wearing.

RM 25-01 Strom Tourbillon Chronograph

TPT® carbon fiber, titanium alloy / manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / tourbillon device / chronograph function / 24-hour display / crown function display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof Meter / Table diameter 50.85mm / Limited to 20 pieces only