Professional Design Cartier Chinese Tank Watch

18K rose gold material / 437MC hand-finished movement / hour and minute display / polished sapphire arc crown / table diameter 37.2mm × 30.6mm / sapphire crystal mirror surface, sapphire crystal transparent case back / Waterproof 30 meters /
Known as ‘the jeweler of the king, the jeweler of the jeweler’, Cartier can be said that everyone knows her in the fashion world. Even friends who simply love watches probably know her origin. After all, it is known as The first ‘wrist’ watch, Cartier santos, is impressive in a classic and classic style. As a matter of fact, Cartier is different from other brands in the watch industry since it started with jewelry. For a long time, they have continuously produced quality watches. (Referred to as CPCP). The output of this series is very small, and the work is more refined than the ordinary Cartier. Compared with professional watchmaking factories, it is inferior to that of other famous watchmakers.
overall appearance
Why is it called a Chinese tank? The first time I saw this watch, I blurted out without thinking, and settled down to appreciate it. It was found that the square shape seemed to symbolize the more moderate and conservative personality of the Chinese; the front of the case was like a Chinese archway. The lugs are round and imitate the beams and pillars of a Chinese-style wooden building. They look quite solid and clear; if a regular square watch uses a curved mirror, it is mostly curved up and down or left and right, while the sapphire crystal of the Chinese tank The mirror surface is quite ingenious. It is arc-shaped when viewed from the crown, and arc-shaped when viewed from the lugs. The high-hardness mirror surface protruding from the surrounding case at the same time protects the polished rose gold from contact with hard objects and scratches. Sapphire crystal is not easy to process, which also means higher cost; the crown part is not only good-looking, but you can also see that it is equipped with a waterproof rubber ring near the case, which is rare. The style notices such practical details, CPCP is really notorious!
Faceplate and hands

A few days ago on the website, everyone was discussing several materials of watch face plates. Generally speaking, most of them are made of brass, and other processing is applied on it. However, as a member of the unique collection of Paris, the Chinese tank How can it be so ordinary? She uses 18K gold as a base and is coated with a layer of bright silver. The ripples radiating outward from the center, the light and shadow changes with different angles create a variety of different expressions; classical Roman numerals and deep blue The Breguet-style blue-steel hands complement each other, revealing timeless thoughts and ancient feelings in addition to elegance and restraint. Note that there is a row of small CARTIER characters on the V at 7 o’clock. These small characters need to be printed at a higher cost. The counterfeits are not easy to make. They are special anti-counterfeiting designs. In addition, Paris under the Logo Not just casually printed, this means that this model is a member of the unique collection of Paris, next time you see Cartier’s watch, you can identify her ‘noble’ degree!
Movement technology

The 437MC manual refining movement covered with Cartier’s double C logo on the machine board is changed from Piaget’s 430P movement. Friends who are very knowledgeable about the movement may ask: What is the difference from Cartier 430MC movement? If you open the yearbook and take a closer look, you will find that the 437MC is only installed in the unique collections of Paris, while the 430MC is installed in the general model; the former is more refined than the latter, and the most obvious is the addition of the balance bridge Blue Steel’s C-type Logo spinner fully reflects Cartier’s brand characteristics. It may be a deliberate design. The escapement wheel bridge does not completely cover the escapement wheel. For the owner, the biggest benefit of this treatment is that not only can you appreciate the rhythm of the balance wheel, but you can also clearly see the horse and the escapement. The fun of capturing and escaping between the wheels is undeniable!