Recommended For 6 Popular Big-name Watches Within 60,000 Yuan Without Asking For Expensive

In fact, for most watch buyers, the price is the first factor to consider the watch model, but also the determining factor. Some people will ask, how can I choose the most cost-effective watch with the least money? This time the home of the watch will solve this problem for everyone. The absolute top matching watch recommended within 60,000 yuan, hurry up and see!

Omega Hour Vision 431. watch

Watch Series: Hour Vision
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 53,200
Watch details: CHRONOGRAPH 03.2110.400 / 01.M2110 watch

Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 57,700
Watch details: Primero’s movement, this movement is Zenith’s first patent registered in 1910.

Breitling Super Avenger A1337011 / C792 (Barenia leather strap) watch

Watch Series: Super Avenger
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 48 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 46,600
Watch details: white dial watch

Watch Series: Super Avenger
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 56,300
Watch details: 46,000
Watch details: Zurich series 822 watch

Watch series: zurich
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 36,000
Watch details: nomos / 19304 /
Brief comment on the watch: Finally, the personally-loved NOMOS watch is brought to everyone. It has a distinctive Bauhaus style and is equipped with its own developed movement, which can be described as both internal and external. The Glashütte glow on the dial adds elegance to the masculine German style.

Summary: The above is my recommendation for everyone. In fact, careful selection and analysis in the same price range will allow you to clear away the heavy fog and dig into the purest value of the watch itself. Therefore I hope that this recommendation can bring you better choices and help for preparing the purchase of watches.

The Famous Actor Chen Shu Elegant Appeared In Cartier’s Advanced Leather Goods Exhibition

On the evening of June 6, 2014, the famous actor Chen Shu elegantly appeared at the Cartier Advanced Leather Goods Exhibition site, interpreting the immortal style of French palace-level Cartier with classic shapes. A special black and white Jeanne Toussaint handbag complements the dignified temperament of Chen Shu, while the new Amulette de Cartier necklace, Paris Nouvelle Vague ring and Tank Anglaise watch also shine in their hands.

 The famous actor Chen Shu appeared at the exhibition site with a new Jeanne Toussaint special handbag. His Amulette de Cartier necklace and Tank Anglaise watch added elegance to the overall look. The Paris Nouvelle Vague ring is like a firework blooming between her fingers, People’s eyes light up.

Jeanne Toussaint
Special custom models, whose design inspiration is in the same vein as the Cartier handbags completed by Jean Dusan in the 1930s.
Material: black and white fabric, calfskin

Amulette de Cartier necklace in yellow gold, extra small.

Paris Nouvelle Vague Ring: Rose Gold, Pink Sapphire, Diamond

Richard Miller Tourbillon Bu038 Watson Watch

RM watches have always emphasized the concept of performance, which is the biggest difference between it and other watch products with the highest craftsmanship and quality. This year, RM continued to make great efforts to create new torque-limited crowns and automatic detachment from the oscillating weight, which are quite powerful in terms of sounding, looking and using. There are also major breakthroughs in RM in terms of style. Square tourbillon watches, ultra-thin automatic watches with pearl tourbillons, and tourbillon jewelry watches with colorful gemstones have never been seen before. This change is probably the long-awaited RM plan and it We have been waiting for so long. Richard Mille RM038 Tourbillon BUBBA WATSON watch
Bubba Watson, the brand’s spokesperson, is the world’s first tourbillon watch that can be worn while hitting golf. The case is made of sturdy, lightweight AZ91 magnesium aluminum alloy with a size of 48 × 39.70 × 12.80 mm. The surface is specially treated to prevent hanging injuries and is waterproof to 50 meters
Keywords: ultra-thin comfort, soft landing of high-tech materials, complex creativity, colored gems, ultra-thin comfort
Music effect: Industrial metal
Product style: The performance concept is still emphasized, and the product variety is more abundant, creating the most
Main series: RICHARD MILLE has no series concept
New products: 7
Recommended watch model: RM017 hand-winding tourbillon

The Past And Present Life Of The Speed ​​governing Agency (9)

Of all the inventions that help improve the accuracy of mechanical timepieces, nothing is more important than the speed control mechanism. This article will trace the development and evolution history of speed governing mechanism from its early prototype to the latest material. This article is the ninth part: silicon escapement.

Rolex Calibre 3255

   After entering the third millennium, the watchmakers no longer need to start from scratch. They are faced with a choice in which new direction to take the lever escapement. Patek Philippe created the Advanced Research department and set out to develop a new speed control mechanism based on silicon components. In 2005, the Advanced Research Division released the first major innovation, the Silinvar escape wheel without lubrication. The following year, the Spiromax hairspring was launched. Then came the 2008 Pulsomax escapement. Finally in 2011, the GyromaxSi? Balance wheel became the last puzzle.

Calibre 324 SC movement on Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 5227 watch with Spiromax® silicon spring

   Patek Philippe’s innovation significantly improves the accuracy of the speed without any structural changes to the movement. Patek Philippe’s Pulsomax escapement optimized the geometry of the escapement fork and escape wheel through the application of silicon, but it is still a classic freestyle escapement, except that the raw materials for manufacturing the parts have changed. Perhaps the silicon revolution should be led by a brand that strictly adheres to tradition, so that everything is possible. In fact, this research is indeed a joint project of Rolex, Swatch Group (via Breguet) and the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microelectronics Technology Research (CSEM).

Truly new concept

Rolex Syloxi hairspring

   Since then, silicon has steadily expanded in the watchmaking industry, starting with hairsprings and escapement wheels / forks. Since 2014, even Rolex has begun fitting Sylox hairsprings (and another patented alloy, Parachrom hairsprings) for women’s watches. However, none of these systems using silicon as an alternative material changes the basic nature of the escapement. Speaking of a truly new structure, the first thing that comes to mind is the constant-power escapement, which was developed by Girard-Perregaux from the concept of Nicolas Dehon (in 1998 Nicolas Dehon was patented while working for Rolex). The feature of this mechanism is to adjust the two escapement wheels, the lever connected to the silicon flexible piece, and the traditional balance with hairspring by using the elasticity and regular deformation of the ultra-fine silicon flexible piece. This kind of mechanism is difficult to control, and if it is to be put into industrial production, it still needs to be simplified.

Girard Perregaux Constant Power Escapement

   Other brands have launched silicon-based solutions. In 2016, Parmigiani launched the Senfine concept movement, which includes a new escapement mechanism that can significantly reduce energy consumption and increase power reserve from days or weeks to months. The specific method is to abandon the mechanical coupling energy consumption factor in the traditional speed governing mechanism and replace it with a zero friction flexible joint system. The invention was attributed to a Geneva engineer named Pierre Genequand, who began working on the idea after retiring from the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) in 2004. This unconventional, zero-friction escapement is still under development, and it is the silicon material that makes it possible.

Zenith Defy Lab movement

   In September 2017, Zenith used DefyLab watches to show the brand’s vision for the future. DefyLab replaces the hairspring balance with a new monolithic oscillator made of monocrystalline silicon. Approximately 30 parts of the standard adjustment mechanism were replaced by monolithic monolithic elements that were only 0.5 mm thick. The design of the gear train also seems to be inspired by the TAHEuer Mikrogirder watch (both mechanisms are designed by the same person). Except for the single-crystal silicon escapement that does not require lubrication, the rest of the movement is in a classic configuration with a vibration frequency of up to 108,000 times / hour (15 Hz). High vibration frequency and silicon material means that the movement is not affected by acceleration, gravity or magnetic fields.

High frequency

TAG Heuer Mikrogirder watch

   Watchmakers followed the example of Bulova Accutron watches to create a similar high-frequency system, but replaced the power source with a mechanical mechanism. In a way, maybe this is the idea of ​​TAGHeuer. In 2012, the brand launched the Mikrogirder dual-frequency chronograph and described it as ‘reshaping the mechanical speed regulation mechanism’. Brand-new fine-tuning system-consisting of a connecting beam and excitation beam system and a linear oscillator (different from traditional spiral hairsprings), synchronously vibrates at a small angle, which greatly improves accuracy and performance. The timing accuracy reaches 1/2000 seconds.

Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph Movement

   In fact, strictly speaking, the meter escapement adjusted for long-term reliability is also a speed-regulating component. Broadly speaking, this is the research direction of Seiko SpringDrive movement. The concept of combining waves and high frequencies has been around since 2012, when DeBethune launched a new speed control mechanism called ‘Résonique’. At a given frequency, the magnetic escapement enters resonance and then maintains a constant frequency. In theory, the results are absolutely accurate. The system is still in the prototype stage, but this independent brand has opened up new directions for the watchmaking industry. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

Hot Steel Watch

In 1976, Patek Philippe released the first sports watch in the 137-year history of the Swiss brand, namely Patek Philippe Nautilus. The word Nautilus comes from the English name ‘Nautilus’. Nautilus is the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine (USS Nautilus SSN-571). The shape of the Nautilus adopts the iconic design. The porthole shape of the classic Patek Philippe sports watch shows the most popular design among many steel watches. (Watch model: Ref. 5726 / 1A-014)

Classic beauty and charm

  As the Nautilus series evolved, Patek Philippe incorporated more technology into it. In 1996, Patek Philippe invented the annual calendar mechanism, registered a patent, and launched the first annual calendar Ref.5035. This watch was awarded the Swiss best watch of the year. Subsequently, in 2010, Patek Philippe was included in the Nautilus men’s watch Ingeniously blending the spirit of sports with precision technology, it adopts the annual calendar, moon phase display and 24-hour display. This Ref. 5726 / A stainless steel watch joins this model, enriching the original leather strap and stainless steel bracelet styles. Today, Patek Philippe reinterprets and shines at this year’s Basel watch fair.



  The watch is made of stainless steel, and the case and bezel are polished and satin-finished, forming a sharp contrast. The case is elegant and dynamic, with a water resistance of 120 meters. The iconic case design inspired by portholes is eye-catching. The diameter is 40.5 mm and the thickness is 11.3 mm.

  The watch features an elegant chic gradient blue dial inspired by the dial colors of the original 1976 Nautilus watch. The dial is decorated with horizontal horizontal embossed pattern and subtle design with blue gradient to black. Different sights present a unique scene, eye-catching and delicate, perfectly set off the delicate luster of stainless steel, three-dimensional platinum hour markers and hour and minute hands Covered with a fluorescent coating to ensure that the watch can still be read clearly in the dim state, the center is equipped with a slim large second hand.

  The day and month display windows are located side by side at 12 o’clock, and the date window is located at 6 o’clock. The 24-hour display on the lower part of the dial simplifies the calendar adjustment process. The date needs to be adjusted only once a year on March 1. The sub-dial is also equipped with an extremely accurate moon phase display, with only one day error every 122 years.

  The side crown is also made of stainless steel, and the body is decorated with a non-slip texture to ensure that the wearer can accurately time it. The Patek Philippe Calatrava classic icon is engraved on it, giving the watch brand its unique characteristics.

  The stainless steel bracelet is also polished and satin-finished, with a folding clasp for safety and reliability.

  The transparent caseback design clearly observes the movement of the movement. The watch is equipped with Caliber324S QA LU 24H / 303 self-winding movement. This movement consists of 347 parts. This movement includes the annual calendar device patented by Patek Philippe in 1996. It is equipped with a 21K gold oscillating weight and can provide up to 45 hours with full strings Power reserve.

  Summary: If you are interested in this Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Nautilus, you may wish to pay more attention to it, the key is to start first. Watch official website price: RMB 336,200

A Tribute To The Legend, A Gift Of Glory, Zenith Released El Primero Revival Limited Edition

Zenith re-engraved the classics, grandly released the ELPRIMERO limited three-piece set, presented the 50th anniversary celebration of the ElPrimero high-frequency chronograph, and continued the legendary journey of the brand. To commemorate the extraordinary history of this outstanding watch for half a century, Zenith launched three precious metal neutral watches in platinum, rose gold and gold. Each model is limited to 50 pieces worldwide and has a warranty period of 50 years.

ZENITH ELPRIMEROREVIVAL limited model (model: 65.A386.400.69.C815)

Immortal legend continues classic
  Since its birth in 1969, ElPrimero has been writing legends for Zenith. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary, this precise and excellent automatic chronograph will retain glory in brilliant white, rose and gold colors while retaining its original features. Its revolutionary mechanism can measure tenths of a second, together with its highly recognizable dial, make a legend of the generation. 36,000 vibrations per hour, integrated column wheel structure; central rotor mounted on ball bearings and a power reserve of more than 50 hours (a real feat for such a high-frequency movement), making it ElPrimero’s signature for half a century. To pay tribute to the classics, Zenith introduced 50 original models and reissued them with a 50-year warranty, continuing the extraordinary legend of ElPrimero.

  In addition to material changes, this anniversary set faithfully reproduces the original features of the 1969 ElPrimero: a 38-mm stainless steel case, a curved glass with magnifying effect, a three-color timer, tachymeter scale, hands and hour markers. This watch uses the ‘counter-time’ process, which completely reproduces the shape of the lugs and mushroom-shaped adjustment buttons. To perfectly recreate this outstanding watch, every component is laser scanned. In addition, Zenith also displayed ingenuity on the case: the original solid case back now shows the movement of the movement without obstruction, and the brand logo on the crown has also been updated. At the same time, the ‘Power Engine’ of this model is equipped with the current version of the ElPrimero column wheel chronograph movement, displaying the hours, minutes and small seconds, chronograph, speedometer and date display functions are in white paint Face dial between 4 and 5 o’clock. The straps continue to use brown or black leather straps, depending on the model-the models in the picture are rubber-lined crocodile leather and equipped with the same buckle as the case material. The set also includes a bright red travel bag from the 1969 version, a microfiber cloth adorned with drawings of the ElPrimero chronograph movement on one side, and a photo of the original user manual printed on the other side.

Technical specifications
Model: 65.A386.400.69.C815
Suggested retail price: RMB 154,500
Reprint of the first El Primero model launched in 1969
38 mm diameter case reprinted as is
El Primero star-speed self-winding column wheel chronograph
Platinum style: limited edition of 50 pieces 50-year warranty
El Primero Star Speed ​​400 Automatic
Movement: 13 ¼ law minutes (diameter: 30 mm)
Movement thickness: 6.6 mm
Number of components: 278
Number of jewels: 31
Vibration frequency: 36 000 vibrations / hour (5 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 50 hours
Finishing: Pendulum with ‘Geneva Ornamentation’
Center hour, minute display, small seconds at 9 o’clock
-Center chronograph hands
-12-hour counter at 6 o’clock
-30-minute counter at 3 o’clock
Speed ​​scale date display at 4:30
Case, dial and hands
Diameter: 38 mm
Happy diameter: 33.05 mm
Thickness: 12.60 mm
Table mirror: curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Case back: clear sapphire crystal
Material: Platinum
Water resistance: 10 ATM (100 meters)
Dial: white lacquered dial with 3 different color chronographs
Hour markers: rhodium-plated facet with Super-LumiNova SLN C3 fluorescent coating
Hands: Rhodium-plated facet with Super-LumiNova SLN C3 fluorescent coating
Strap and buckle
Black alligator strap with protective rubber lining
Platinum pin buckle

Baucher Lay Launches A New Watch For The Aliga Twotone

The brand new Aliga TwoTone watch continues the spirit of pursuing classics and perfection, and has been carefully designed with contrasting two-tone dials and top-quality materials to create pleasing visual enjoyment.

 The contoured rectangular case of the Bucherer-Alligar TwoTone watch wins the essence of the Alligar series, and the beautiful arcs and straight stripes match it, reminiscent of the beautiful figure of a woman, exuding endless beauty, and both The charm of precious wrist jewelry. The silver dial has a slightly deep and wide elegant stripe in the center, which neatly forms simple light-colored straight bars on both sides.

 The dial is equipped with rose gold hour markers, and the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions are in rose gold with Roman numerals. Together with the exquisite rose gold hour and minute hands, they complement each other with the central stripe, which is more elegant. The Aliga TwoTone watch symbolizes the perfect feminine beauty, with meticulous detail processing, both internal and external, perfect at all times.

Real Shot 2017sihh Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diving Watch

Audemars Piguet is one of the first watch factories to set up color plates and color labels in the watch industry. From the previous ‘Bumblebee’, ‘Volcano’ to ‘Golden Avenue’, they are all in the watch altar. Popular models, long lasting. This year, Audemars Piguet has once again made a change to the Royal Oak, further developing the previous color plates and color labels. A new color scheme is introduced on the Royal Oak offshore dive watch.

   The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver was first introduced in 2010, when a series of models were introduced, including ceramic and forged carbon models. Last year, Audemars Piguet introduced the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph. I still remember last year’s offshore timings because of the launch of 5 color models, known as ‘Offshore Chronograph 5 Tigers’. With great success. This year, Audemars Piguet will obviously bring the success of the ‘5 Tiger Generals’ to the hot-selling offshore standard diving watches all year round, and concentrate the color wheel, color label and ribbon on this year’s new offshore diving watches.

   The new offshore dive watch is basically the same as the previous model. It also uses a 42mm case, and this time it is a stainless steel model. Still use the built-in rotating bezel with lock (located at 10 o’clock in the case). Continue to use Audemars Piguet Royal Oak’s signature ‘Waffle Plaid’ dial. The new changes of the new Royal Oak offshore diving watch are the introduction of 5 new color combinations, including yellow and blue combinations (with two combinations), green and blue combinations, orange and blue combinations, white and blue Color combination. All new models use colored tape, which echoes the main colors of the panel.

   As far as we know, the new Royal Oak offshore dive watch sells for $ 19,900, and the white version costs $ 19,000.
   For more updates on 2017 SIHH, please stay tuned for Watch House 2017 Geneva Fine Watch Salon Live Feature:

Iwc’s Most Classic 4 Major Series 8 Entry-level Watches Recommended

IWC is a paradise for men. It has few ladies watches, and the men’s watches are very rich. In IWC, you can find a watch with a personality and a fashionable and elegant choice. Among the many series, Pilot, Portofino, Ocean and Portuguese series are the most famous. Fortunately, there are no less than 30,000 entry models in the first three series. The price of the Portuguese series is slightly higher, but less than 100,000. It is possible to have it in your pocket.

Among the models introduced below, except the Portuguese series, they use ETA movements, but if you love IWC, then those watches that allow you to own a dream watch at the lowest price are your good news. If all you need is a movement produced by IWC, try Portugal.
Pilot series: IWC watches with the title of ‘Watch Industry Engineer’. Its pilot series has been favored by the Air Forces of various countries since 1930 for its excellent and precise characteristics. Today, the pilot series is divided into Mark 16, large pilots, and Spitfire Wait for a number of small series, of which Mark16 has the lowest price and the best market.
The classic Mark 16 watch design has more flight watch features. The dial diameter is enlarged and the design of the cockpit instruments is simple and clear. The watch is elegant and retro, and its superior antimagnetic protection makes it more accurate.

Left: 325501 Mark 16 black face belt RMB 30,800 in mainland China Learn more & gt; & gt;
Right: 325502 Mark 16 silver face belt RMB 30,800 in the public price Learn more & gt; & gt;
Portofino series: The Portofino series is simple to elegant, and it has always played an important role in the IWC series. The watches in this collection are elegant, restrained, understated and classic. It is this style of restrained modeling that surpasses those fashion watches that are fleeting and enduring.

Left: 356303 Portofino White Noodle Belt Continental Price RMB 26,000 Learn More & gt; & gt;
Right: 356305 Portofino Black Face Belt Continental Price RMB 26,000 Learn More & gt; & gt;
Ocean Series: The Wanchao Diving Watch Series was first introduced in 1967, named ‘Ocean Chronometer’. With its reliable quality, this series of watches is still the best choice for sports watches. The new Marine watch has a built-in chronograph bezel, as well as the pedigree and characteristics of diving and sports watches.

Left: 353807 Marine Automatic Black Face Rubber Belt Continental Price RMB 35,000 Learn More & gt; & gt;
Right: 356802 Marine Automatic White Noodle Rubber Belt Continental Price RMB 35,000 Learn More & gt; & gt;
Portuguese series: The Portuguese series takes ‘nautical’ as the theme, which reflects the men’s desire for adventure and excitement. The entire series of watches are simple and atmospheric, with strong lines, emphasizing the watch’s nautical characteristics-precision, complexity and elegance. Among them, Portugal’s 7th and Portuguese timekeeping are the most famous.

Left: Portugal 7th white noodles belt Continental price RMB 92,000 Learn more & gt; & gt;
Right: Portuguese timing, white noodles, belt, mainland price RMB 58,000 Learn more & gt; & gt;

& gt; & gt; Click to view & lt; & lt;

& gt; & gt; Click to view & lt; & lt;

The Most Cost-effective Luxury Mechanical Watches Within 10,000 Yuan Recommended

Just entered the bezel and want to buy a watch. What brand of watch do you buy? What price watch do you buy? What functional watch do you buy? If you haven’t figured out these problems yourself, then listen to me recommend a few models for you. Just enter the bezel, you don’t need to buy those top luxury watches, and you would rather miss them than buy them wrong. Today, these watches recommended by the Watch House for you are all within 10,000 yuan, very cost-effective.

Emilion Heritage 08.1128.G. watch

Watch Series: Heritage Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details: emile / 40522 /
Watch comments: Emilon, as one of the oldest winning brands in history, its watchmaking technology should not be underestimated. Today the first to bring to you is the Emilion Heritage line of watches. The Emilon Heritage line of watches is designed with classic trends in mind, and the models are simple and capable. The main reason for pushing this today is that its price is only 7,900 yuan. As a luxury watch brand positioned as a high-end, such a classic and simple mechanical watch, this price is undoubtedly the best reflection of cost performance.

Longines HYDROCONQUEST L3.642.4.56.6 watch

Watch Series: Sports Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 9600
Watch details: longines / 7110 /
Watch reviews: Needless to say, Longines is a watch brand that many people are familiar with, and the promotion is quite in place. Today, the Microwave Concas diving series watch recommended for everyone, not only this brand. There is also the 300-meter water release function of the watch. In order to achieve the 300-meter water release effect, it is not just as simple as twisting a few screws. Each seal of the watch needs to be specially strengthened. Therefore, I still highly recommend Longines’ Concas watches in diving watches within 10,000 yuan.

Radar CENTRIX R30939125 watch

Watch Series: Crystal Collection
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 9700
Watch details: rado / 20295 /
Watch comments: Although everyone knows that radar is a ceramic watch that is not easy to wear, this watch will be recommended for everyone today, but it is made of classic stainless steel, with a brown leather strap. This Radar Crystal Series watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, which hides a healthy core under its elegant appearance.

Summary: In fact, just entering the bezel, buying a cost-effective watch is the best choice. There is no need to do it in one step. After one step, as you learn more about the watch, you find that the watch you bought is not at all As I imagined, and the style of another brand watch is more suitable for myself, then there may not be enough funds to buy it, of course, the tyrants can ignore it.