Carved And Carved Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 Automatic Navy Blue Dial Automatic Winding Watch

Roger Dubuis hopes to provide aestheticians with an exclusive Excalibur 42 watch with a precious dial. In addition to bold lines, distinctive personality, and indifferent design,
Also paired with pure and allegorical rare minerals. The precious materials used have been baptized over time, making the watch unique. The Excalibur 42
The self-winding navy blue carved dial, the white gold case and the black handmade leather strap highlight the perfection!

   This watch is made of white gold and has a round case with a diameter of 42 mm. The case design also uses the classic design of the Excalibur series, with a circular arc groove bezel. The large rough lines, navy blue dial and large black transfer Arabic numerals have a more urban feel, and the overall visual impact is extremely strong.

   Black crocodile leather strap, hand-stitched white silk thread, fine texture treatment. Complementing the body of the watch, it is more classic.

   This dial is paired with white gold hands, and is engraved with Roman numerals and black minute circles, highlighting the elegance and simplicity of this heroic timekeeping partner. This Excalibur
The RD622 movement in the 42 watch is an automatic winding movement composed of 179 hand-finished parts. It is equipped with the iconic miniature rotor that is manufactured by the watch factory to ensure high performance and the beautifully shaped Roger
Dubuis specializes in splints, springs and levers.

  The Excalibur 42 Automatic series has always been fashionable and unforgettable. This watch continues the series’ 42mm dial and rough large lines. The combination of navy blue dial and white gold adds a retro solemnity to the stylish appearance!

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Tissot ‘meida Series’ Necklace Wall Watch Introduction

Adhering to the spirit of innovation, incorporating various popular elements and fashionable decoration into its watchmaking process, and designing high-quality products for different occasions, Tissot launched the ‘Meida series’ necklace hanging watch. This is a necklace watch specially created for modern ladies. The timepiece is integrated into the jewelry design, and the watch is transformed into a necklace-like elegant decoration, which shows the fashion sense of Tissot designers. This wall watch uses the very individual design to show the unique creativity of the watchmaker. The entire dial is set on a delicate aluminum decorative plate, like a pearl lying in a mussel. The designer painted a free golden retro pattern on the other side of the decorative plate, depicting the beauty of a phoenix-like nipple. Above the decorative plate is a stylish black silicone rope with a necklace buckle that can be hung on the chest for free interpretation of fashion.

The Peak Challenge Passion Staged Blancpain Release New Congratulations

The 2012 Blancpain-Lamborghini Super Trofeo Summit Shanghai competition was staged on the Shanghai International Circuit on October 27th. This race also continued after two successful races in Ordos, Inner Mongolia and Zhaoqing, Guangdong. Smoothly moved to Shanghai. After the end of this station, the annual finals will also be staged here on November 10-11, another peak matchup. The Super Trofeo Summit is jointly organized by the famous Swiss watch brand Blancpain and the Italian top sports car brand Lamborghini. It has been held in Europe for four consecutive years. This year is also the first time that two brands have brought this event to Asia. A total of 18 teams from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan participated in the Super Trofeo Summit. It provides a unique competitive platform for Asian amateurs. As a Swiss watch brand with a history of 277 years, Blancpain grandly released the L-evolution series chronograph at this competition to show its enthusiasm for this top event. The L-evolution series of watches are inspired by car races. While advancing the traditional art of watchmaking, it also gives watchmakers the ability to continue to innovate and combine the best Swiss watchmaking technology with fashion style.

L-evolution series watch adopts 43.5mm dial, which has both sports and high-tech style. The appearance has noble and elegant lines like athletes. The numbers 3 and 9 are presented on the black dial with a grand atmosphere.