Nostalgic Elements Tasting Junya Series Stainless Steel Quartz Ladies Watch

Tissot watches have developed to this day, and with their continuous innovation in the field, they have finally become one of the immortal brands in the watch industry. And Tissot’s Junya series embellishes proper nostalgic elements in a very fashionable watchmaking process, and puts on a retro-designed coat for cutting-edge modern craftsmanship. Today, the watch home brings you a Tissot Junya series ladies watch, the official model: T063.

   The classic design details and subtle retro decoration of the Junya series watch, at the same time, the subtle twist-lock-like decoration and the curved simple case further enhance the overall classic feel.

Case diameter 33 mm

   The stainless steel case has a diameter of 33 mm, which is very compact. The white dial and the indication method of the big three hands are simple and easy to read. The classic round case made of 316L stainless steel is connected to the black leather strap. The overall appearance is quite satisfactory, and it gives a professional sense of wearing.

Stainless steel gear-shaped crown

   The stainless steel gear-shaped crown feels comfortable, and the polished crown is engraved with the capital letter ‘T’ of the brand Tissot.

Black leather strap

   Black leather strap, fine workmanship, clear texture, uniform and regular edge pressing.

Stainless steel case thickness 7.3 mm

   The bezel is also polished, with a sharp bevel and a full three-dimensional feel. The stainless steel case has a thickness of 7.3 millimeters, and the brushed and polished sides are more delicate to produce a stronger look and feel, which is very good-looking.

The lugs are not long but slim

   The lugs are not long, but they are very slender. They are polished on the front side and brushed on the sides to make them look layered. It is also more comfortable to wear and has a strong fit.

Tissot engraved on the buckle

   The stainless steel folding clasp is simple and convenient to carry. The clasp is engraved with a Tissot ‘T’.

Easy to read white dial

   The white dial is easy to read. Foreign aid transfers the black minute scale, and the hour is displayed with 10 trapezoidal hour markers and Arabic numerals 6 and 12. The sword-shaped large minute and hour hands are combined with a slim second hand to make it clear and clear when reading. A date display window at 3 o’clock adds to the practicality of this watch.

Equipped with ETA F05.111 quartz movement

   Stainless steel dense bottom design. Equipped with ETA F05.111 quartz movement, the battery replacement time of a general quartz watch is more than 2 to 3 years. It is durable and accurate. This watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, which belongs to the daily waterproof range.

Summary: This Tissot Junya series ladies watch is elegant and stylish, with simple and practical functions. The advantage of the quartz movement is that you don’t need to worry about it stopping even if you don’t wear it. It can accurately indicate the time at any time. It is durable and suitable for various occasions.