How Can An Ordinary Watch Be Worn?

Watches have become decorations nowadays. Fashionistas talk about watch selection: whether it is a domestic watch or an imported watch, it is not expensive. The most important thing is to suit you.
Today, watches have become the favorite accessories and collectibles for fashion and business people. In fact, for ordinary people who like watches, it is not out of reach. This is just like Guofen likes electronic products and photographers like to buy SLR cameras. With their own efforts, the public can also buy some not very expensive. Watch.
A watch for business wear
最 The most important point when choosing a watch is to match your identity and occasion. Whether a civil servant, an entrepreneur, a student, a white-collar worker … you should follow this when buying a watch. For business occasions, formal or uniforms are the mainstay. Watches with simple, thin dials and leather straps are more suitable for them. Of course, there are many young people in the civil service who seek for individuality. They can also choose slightly dynamic chronograph watches or Overly thick double calendar. Watches ranging from 5000 to 10,000 yuan are a good choice.
Tissot Junya Series Rose Gold PVD World Fashion
Retail price: 2550-3550 yuan
Tissot is a Swiss brand that follows the “civilian luxury” route. Like many Swiss brands, Tissot has a more attractive price than any other Swiss watch brand over a century of history.
Fiyta 2012 Aerospace Watch
Retail price: 6800 yuan
Feiyida can be described as the benchmark brand of Chinese watches and extends its business abroad. While interpreting the classic watch culture, it also conveys the cognition of time and the proposition of life.
Master Longines Master Series
The elegance of the Longines is particularly in line with Chinese aesthetic standards. The simple and classic appearance is the highlight of the famous series. The classic round body design, with the embossed decoration of barley grains on the surface, and the blue stainless steel hands reflected on the thin and bright enamel protection layer, create a classic watch that can perfectly show the elegant side of the elegant man. This version of the article / Chongqing Morning Post reporter He Yanxiao Li Minglu
For corporate bosses and some popular watches, I recommend high-end Cartier, IWC, Rolex, Omega, Longines, Oris, TAG Heuer. Of course, if there are special requirements for clocks and watches, you can choose Vacheron Constantin and Blancpain, which are particularly low-key and tasteful top brands. On the one hand, these brands are more familiar to the public and can show their identity; on the other hand, their styles are not too gorgeous and fancy, and they can be used in many places.