High-tech Light Armor Hublot Hublot Big Bang Mp-11

Hublot, known for its maverick style, can be called the alchemist of high-tech innovative materials. The brand’s first 3D carbon fiber technology created in the watchmaking industry has created an extremely light, hard and durable new Big Bang MP-11 watch. Not only has its unique shape never been seen before, the watch movement is also equipped with 7 series The barrel is long lasting for two weeks and the in-line drum time display is housed in a black carbon fiber case, adding a high-tech future.

Hublot uses the military’s 3D carbon fiber technology to create the new Big Bang MP-11. The three-dimensional design is quite eye-catching.

Feature one: inherited the core technology of MP-05
The source of expertise of the new Big Bang MP-11 watch, from the MP-05 ‘La Ferrari’ watch developed in 2013, opens a new chapter for Hublot Art of Fusion. The original relatively complex movement structure was re-deconstructed and re-designed to perfectly inject the elements of the case of the Big Bang series, demonstrating excellent technological aesthetics and powerful performance, which proves the perfection of Hublot in the field of innovative mechanical watchmaking technology and extremely difficult materials Integration.

The HUB9011 movement has 7 serial barrels, which can provide 14 days of ultra-long kinetic energy. The balance wheel on the side of the face plate and the eccentric dial and gear form a harmonious and three-dimensional triangular layout

Feature two: Quickly grasp the key points of MP-11
The Big Bang MP-11 watch has a number of innovative mechanisms, including 7 horizontal in-line barrels in its homemade movement HUB9011, which provides a power reserve of up to two weeks and can be displayed through linear power. Keep track of the energy storage status of the mainspring at any time; Secondly, the power transmission uses the extremely rare vertical 90-degree spiral gear transmission mechanism in the watchmaking industry to allow the mainspring power to be smoothly transmitted to the gear system showing the hours and minutes; The balance wheel design on the face plate side forms a harmonious symmetry with the spiral gear. Its movement frequency is 4Hz, and it has a new patented Index-assembly System.

The case made of 3D carbon fiber is unique in texture and lightweight, and the movement and dial are also made of black PVD or polymer composite material, which makes the black tone of the watch have a unified feeling from the inside to the outside.

Feature 3: Lightweight case with military technology
The Big Bang MP-11 3D carbon fiber all black model uses a smoked black composite material, which makes the black PVD-treated movement and polymer composite watch form a consistent color tone, and echoes the bezel with a futuristic shape. Show the charm of pure black technology. Because 3D carbon fiber has an extremely lightweight and solid three-dimensional structure, including the strap, the entire watch weighs only 90 grams, which is extremely lightweight. This technology was previously owned by the US military. This is the first time it has been used in the watchmaking industry. Bo is a pioneer in using this innovative material. This model also launched a limited edition of 200 fully transparent models and sapphire crystal models. The panoramic perspective can clearly show every detail, and clearly show the complex movement technology of the cylinder shape. In addition, the HUB9011 movement has an ultra-long power reserve, which can be manually wound through a giant grooved crown, or through an electric winder shaped like a pneumatic wrench for racing cars.

Big Bang MP-11

3D carbon fiber material / HUB9011 manual winding movement / eccentric, eccentric minute display / 14-day power reserve display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 45mm / reference price: 560,000 RMB