Exploring Endless Secrets Girard Perregaux Box New World Watch

Baselworld is extremely exciting every year, because you can’t foresee the masterpieces that these brands will present, even if you foresee the beginning and the end. This is why Baselworld is honorably called the ‘Oscar’ feast. Only its excellent works and novel ideas can sustain its much-known fame and light. Next, please follow the watch house to enjoy this Girard Perregaux Miracle Box series of New World watches.

GP Girard Perregaux once again exerted extraordinary creativity to create magical masterpieces.

The dial is full of magical mysteries, exuding a retro charm.

  I do not know when to start, the dial has become another platform for watchmakers to show their talents, and the magical world of whimsy is opened for us. GP Girard-Perregaux repeats the traditional glory of the Cabinets of Curiosities. Inspired by the treasures from the Renaissance Europe, it perfectly displays the Chamber of Wonders series of watches inspired by the Miracle Treasure Box.

Elegant shell, slim hands, showing elegant temperament.

The delicate carvings on the dial are the result of the wisdom of the watchmaker.

  The gorgeous GP03300 movement born in the watchmaking factory echoes the long-standing tradition of Girard-Perregaux watches, as well as absolute precision and high reliability. The main floor and bridge are chamfered, with charming round patterns and Geneva ripples.

The crown is also carefully carved with the GP logo.

The lugs connect the case and the strap very naturally.

High-quality belt, comfortable and beautiful to wear.

  It is completed with 205 components, provides a power reserve of more than 46 hours, and the movement vibrates 28,000 times per hour. With a diameter of 25.60 mm (11½ francs) and a thickness of 4.20 mm, it can be perfectly matched with a delicate and elegant rose gold case, all developed and completed in the watch factory. The perfect and harmonious design, combined with a polished arc bezel, enhances its thinness.

The main floor and bridge are chamfered, with charming round patterns and Geneva ripples.

The movement vibrates 28,000 times per hour.
Viewed from the side, the case exhibits a metallic sheen.

Summary: At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the site of the Basel Watch Fair to bring you the freshest and most current watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2015, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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