Citizen Eco-drive Satellite Clock Watch-time Wing Experience Tour

‘In 2011, the performance of Casio and Seiko was unsatisfactory. In comparison, one of the most topical and forward-looking watches in the Japanese watch industry is the limited edition of Citizen. Kinetic satellite timepiece. This expensive watch with a maximum limit of 990 pieces has both eye-catching design and amazing technological innovations. In the western watch industry, it seems that when it is immersed in the glory of old times, the future of the watch industry will Give way completely to the East.

   The first time I commented on the Citizen Solar-powered Satellite Time Watch was after watching its launch conference. Now that this watch is officially released, I am also fortunate to be able to wear one of the finished products and experience it. (Thanks to Citizen dealer Arizona Fine Time). The finished product of this watch impressed me and was extremely faithful to the concept version. It is unclear whether Citizen will actually make too many of this watch, but its decision to issue a limited edition will remain out of demand. As I mentioned before, some statements are endless. Citizen will not only use this special technology in the production of future watches, but also other series of solar-powered satellite clocks with different shades will also be released (maybe next year).

   So what is the light kinetic energy satellite timing technology? An exhaustive discussion can be found in the link above. Basically, Citizen has established a system that can manually synchronize the watch with the GPS satellite connection and make it possible to obtain accurate time anywhere in the world. Earlier watches with the same theme could only be connected to the radio signal of the atomic clock, but you need to be close to the atomic clock mentioned above, and this signal cannot cover the entire world. The concept of Citizen is that no matter where you are, there is a movement that depends on light to obtain accurate time (on this planet).

   This concept sounds great, but it’s not exactly as perfect as it claims. Because there is an important problem-it cannot automatically synchronize with the satellite. To synchronize with the satellite, you need to manually tell the watch that it is ready to receive signals (and you may need to implement it outdoors). I guess this is due to a power problem, and it has no ability to continuously search for signals. I firmly believe that Citizen is already working to solve this problem, and I hope that the concept of solar kinetic satellite timing movement will be improved in future demonstrations. This watch is equipped with a Citizen H990 inner diameter quartz movement.

   Many people are disappointed that the solar-powered satellite timetable cannot be synchronized automatically, which I can understand. I hope the watch is like a mobile phone. No matter where you are, you can always ensure that the time is accurately displayed. This is a simple wish. This day is coming, but we just have to wait a bit. This defect is almost always attributed to the issue of energy consumption. If you have no problem with manually adjusting watch synchronization time, then you should be able to accept this watch.

   The large size of the 48mm wide case reflects its atmospheric characteristics. The case itself is beautiful. As far as I know, Citizen has invented its special method to coat the steel with ceramic coating. Whatever it is, this bright grey case material looks great, especially with all the greens that are embedded. The hemispherical crystal on the dial is very reflective. I originally liked Citizen’s AR coating (especially at this price). A major complaint about the dial is the lack of luminous body. For a sports watch, it is a pity that the dial does not have a backlight or has a shiny surface.

   The case is equipped with a green and black strap, which needs to be cut to a suitable length. I don’t have a cold at this point, but once it is adjusted properly, it will be done once and for all. It is said that a new Citizen original strap will charge you $ 80. The entire watch is equipped with a coated case and the watch itself. Everyone also seems to like the box for this watch. According to personal needs, some of the shortcomings of this watch are either fatal or not so important, but the Citizen Solar-powered satellite clock is still cool and excellent. There is no doubt that signal technology is about to break through, and it shows the absolute advantage of the Japanese in the watch world as a technology backbone. This limited-edition solar-powered satellite timepiece is priced at $ 3,800. ‘