Bvlgari Bvlgari And Save The Children Release “Stop.Think.Give.” Photographic Works

‘STOP.THINK.GIVE.’ Photography portfolio presents celebrity portraits taken by the world-renowned photographer FabrizioFerri for the Bulgari ‘SaveTheChildren’ charity project. Naomi Watts, Azerbaijan AdrienBrody, LauraDern, MarciaGayHarden, AlexanderLudwig, CamillaBelle, etc. Numerous celebrities attended the show, showing their strong support for this charity project.

  On February 17, 2015, BVLGARI Bulgari and the well-known non-profit organization SavetheChildren celebrated the long-term cooperative relationship between the two parties and raised significant achievements of up to 35 million US dollars, especially in the 87th session. At the opening of the Academy Awards, a collection of photographs of ‘STOP.THINK.GIVE.’ Was released in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA.

  Bulgari Brand Ambassador and Hollywood Actress Naomi Watts, Bulgari Brand Ambassador and Famous Actor Adrien Brody, Shortlisted for Outstanding Supporting Actress in Out of the Wild LauraDern, Hollywood actor Jeremy Piven, American actor and model Ashley Greene, actor Marcia GayHarden, Card CamillaBelle, Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, and Milena Canonero, who won the Oscar for the best costume design for the Budapest Hotel ) And dozens of celebrities and fashion celebrities attended the grand press conference, demonstrating their strong support for the Bulgari ‘SaveTheChildren’ charity project.

  Since joining hands with Save the Children in 2009, Bulgari has continued to support Save the Children’s global child-focused projects for six consecutive years, and has designed rings and necklaces for Save the Children and donated some of its sales proceeds. Save the Children has so far supported US $ 35 million in funding. Such a high amount of charity project funding is unprecedented in the world’s luxury brands.

  From 2009 to the present, FabrizioFerri has carefully photographed many celebrities wearing Bulgari STC rings and necklaces (each celebrity appearing in Ferri’s photography is free of charge), capturing his subjects with a strong personal style against ‘STOP .THINK.GIVE. ‘And a call to help for charity. This photographic collection contains portrait photos of more than 250 celebrities supporting the Bulgari SaveTheChild project, including Naomi Watts, Adrian Brody, Jeremy Piven, Camilla • Baylor, Ashley Greene, Katherine Winnick, Alexander Ludwig and many more. At the cocktail party, they also wore Bulgari STC charity edition necklaces or rings and appeared on the red carpet.

  Bulgari brand ambassadors Naomi Watts and Adrian Brody attended the STOP.THINK.GIVE press conference, and both expressed their determination and commitment to participate in this charity project.

  Naomi Watts said, ‘Bulgari donates 35 million US dollars to support the cause of child rescue worldwide, which is very exciting and impressive. I am very grateful to be able to do my part for this cause. with pleasure.’

  Adrian Brody said: ‘This charity project helps children not only through money, but also through kindness, guidance and patience. This is very important, especially now. I am very grateful for the charity work of Save the Children And thank Bulgari for giving me the opportunity to contribute to it. ‘

  Bulgari STC rings and necklaces are available in Bulgari stores around the world, and part of the sales of each will be used to support the ‘SaveTheChildren’ charity. Today, Bulgari’s SaveTheChildren charity assistance program has covered 23 countries on five continents, which has greatly improved the lives of disadvantaged children in these places. The Bulgari STC ring and pendant are like a bond, bringing buyers, the Bulgari brand, Save the Children, celebrities who support the cause, aid workers around the world, and the children that this project will help. Linked together.
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