Burcher Plavier Launches New Scubatec Diving Watch

Carl F. Bucherer launched the ScubaTec diving watch, the latest member of the Plavier series, with a dynamic and stylish appearance, accurate and reliable performance, and a perfect continuation of Bucherer’s professional watchmaking technology. Whether deep diving or in daily life, it is a good companion on your wrist.

Deep diving into the sea and exploring the mysterious abyss are the dreams of many people; even if they are adventurous, they must also be assisted by professional equipment; Swiss watchmaker Bucherer Plavi ScubaTec diving watch is not afraid of harsh environmental challenges, Realize your ambition to explore the deep sea.

Explore the deep sea, perfect equipment

The main feature of the Plavi ScubaTec diving watch is that its clear dial perfectly matches the precise functions: the 44.6mm stainless steel case contains a CFB 1950.1 automatic movement certified by the COSC Swiss Official Observatory, and the accuracy is unquestionable; The lap can only be rotated counterclockwise to avoid accidental touch or incorrect operation, ensuring accurate calculation of the snorkeling time and ensuring the safety of the diver. The dial is large in size, and the three-handed layout is convenient for reading time; the hands and scales are coated with Super-LumiNova, which will bloom bright blue light in the dark environment, and the diver can still read the time clearly in the murky water bottom; the black dial is 4 mm thick The sapphire crystal is strictly protected. The case is equipped with a helium exhaust valve. The gas will be automatically discharged when diving and watering to avoid damage to the case.

Stunning appearance and originality

The unique design of the Plavi ScubaTec diving watch echoes the functions of its professional diving watch: the colored blue scale of the first 15 minutes of the bezel and the blue groove of the crown are as fascinating as the blue sea; another design feature There are two three-dimensional devil fish carvings on the back of the case; polished and matte finish on the stainless steel chain belt emits a pleasing metallic luster, echoing the sparkling waves of the sea surface; the ceramic blue exclusively developed by Bucherer

The bezel is matched with stainless steel and two ceramic colors for a unique and unique aesthetic; the bracelet is equipped with an extension device that can independently adjust the length of the bracelet, which is comfortable and durable whether it is worn on the sleeves of the wetsuit or worn on the wrist.

Whether you dive deep into the sea, go out for a long journey or go to work, the Plavi ScubaTec diving watch will make you look good.

Technical parameters of the ScubaTec dive watch

Model: 00.10632.23.33.21

Movement: CFB 1950.1 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory, diameter 26.2 mm, thickness 4.6 or 4.8 mm, 25 or 26 stones, power reserve 38 hours

Features: date, hour, minute, second

壳 Case: stainless steel, stainless steel with ceramic bezel, automatic helium valve, screw-in crown, double-sided anti-refractive sapphire crystal, waterproof depth 500 meters, diameter 44.6 mm, thickness 13.45 mm

Band: stainless steel, stainless steel diving buckle

Other models:

00.10632.23.33.01: rubber strap

00.10632.23.23.01: White dial, rubber strap

00.10632.23.23.21: White dial, stainless steel bracelet

00.10632.24.23.01: 18K rose gold with ceramic bezel, white dial, rubber strap

00.10632.24.23.21: 18K rose gold with ceramic bezel, white dial, stainless steel with 18K rose gold bracelet

00.10632.24.53.01: 18K rose gold with ceramic bezel, blue dial, rubber strap

00.10632.24.53.21: 18K rose gold with ceramic bezel, blue dial, stainless steel with 18K rose gold bracelet