A New Interpretation Of Time: Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Moon Blue And Tambour Moon Star Blue Series Launched A New Blue Face Plate

In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Tambour series, Louis Vuitton specially launched Tambour Moon in 2017. Highlights include the concave curved shape of the case and the interchangeable strap. Now Louis Vuitton has launched a new blue dial, elegant and sporty blue for all occasions, unisex.

Tambour Moon Chronographe LV277 Blue stainless steel case, diameter 44 mm, matte blue dial, 3D central pattern inspired by Damier canvas, rose gold readings and small dial, chronograph function with yellow hands, chronograph , Hours, minutes, small seconds, date, LV277 self-winding movement, 50-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal glass, interchangeable strap with patented Louis Vuitton system.
Tambour Moon Blue for men
   As ambassadors for Louis Vuitton, the four men’s models are branded with unique rich blue, with the central pattern inspired by Damier canvas. The first one is equipped with GMT function (the watch is the big picture above). It pays tribute to Louis Vuitton’s travel enthusiasm and invites everyone to embark on an adventure. The case diameter is 41.5 mm, and it is available in stainless steel or stainless steel / rose gold. Its self-winding movement drives the date display at 3 o’clock and the central second time zone hand. The chronograph model provides the ultimate practical function, which is most suitable for daily use, with a 44mm rose gold case for a sportier look. Automatic self-winding high-vibration VL277 chronograph movement.

Tambour Moon Tourbillon Volant Blue Tourbillon 18K rose gold case, 42 mm diameter, matte blue dial, 3D central pattern inspired by Damier canvas, rose gold hands, hour readings and V-shaped tourbillon frame, hour, Minutes, flying tourbillon, La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton-made LV81 hand-wound movement, 40-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal glass surface, interchangeable strap with Louis Vuitton patented system.
   The Tambour Moon tourbillon case has a diameter of 42 mm and is equipped with a flying tourbillon, showing the professionalism of Louis Vuitton watches. Driven by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton’s self-made LV81 movement, the tourbillon frame decorated with the Louis Vuitton V character at 6 o’clock rotates once every 60 seconds. In addition to the blue dial, the new Tambour Moon also features dazzling functions such as GMT, chronograph, tourbillon. Yellow is Louis Vuitton’s traditional leather stitching color, which is used here to emphasize extra features, a second time zone, or a chronograph. Like the men’s and women’s models, the new Tambour is equipped with an interchangeable strap of the patented Louis Vuitton system, which allows you to freely change leather, canvas, rubber, and alligator straps without tools.

Tambour Moon Star Petite Seconde Blue & Diamants 28 mm stainless steel case with diamonds and diamonds, lugs set with 46 diamonds, diameter 28 mm, dark blue dial and flanges set with 12 diamonds. Hour reading, 6 o’clock Directions: Rose Gold Star Monogram flower-shaped small seconds, with concave mirror polished gemstones as the background, hours, minutes, small seconds, quartz movement, sapphire crystal, LV carved case back, interchangeable Louis Vuitton patented system Strap.
Tambour Moon Star Blue
   The three new Tambour Moon Star Blues are equipped with rich and bright blue dials, and of course, the exclusive features of Louis Vuitton have not been absent. The rose gold Monogram small seconds hand is located at 6 o’clock on the dial. The Monogram flower here is not only a simple decorative pattern, but also a functional component. It is also one of the characteristics of Louis Vuitton women’s watches. Tambour Moon Star Blue also uses the interchangeable strap of the Louis Vuitton patented system, which allows you to freely change leather, canvas, rubber, and crocodile straps without tools.

Tambour Moon Star Chronographe Blue stainless steel case, diameter 35 mm, dark blue dial, rose gold Star Monogram small seconds at 6 o’clock, and concave mirror polished gemstones as background. Chronograph, hour, Minutes, small seconds, date, quartz movement, sapphire crystal, LV carved case back, interchangeable strap with Louis Vuitton patented system.
   Highlights of the three Tambour Moon Star Blues include a blue dial, a fun feminine Monogram flower small second, and a convenient interchangeable strap. The collection includes a simple stainless steel model with two central hands; a lug and hour readings with diamonds on the 28 mm diameter quartz movement; and two stainless steel chronographs with mirror-polished hour readings and quartz movement – The first is a female model with a diameter of 35 mm, and the second is a male model with a diameter of 39.5 mm.

Tambour Moon Star Chronographe Blue stainless steel case, diameter 39.5 mm, dark blue dial, rose gold Star Monogram small seconds at 6 o’clock, and concave mirror polished gemstones as background. Chronograph, hour, Minutes, small seconds, date, quartz movement, sapphire crystal, LV carved case back, interchangeable strap with Louis Vuitton patented system.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Enamel Plate 5115g Watch

Estimated price: HKD 700-100000
Including commission price: 144,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 126,288 yuan)
[Overall description]
The case diameter is 35 mm and the thickness is 8 mm. Caliber number 3237894, case number 4238163, model number 5115G, sold on August 4, 2005, water-resistant, three-piece case in 18K white gold, polished and matte, screw-in case back, carved crown, watch Crown guard, sapphire crystal, ivory enamel dial, printed radial Roman numerals, minute dials on the outer circle of the dial, small seconds at 6 o’clock, black oxidized gold willow-shaped hands, ‘Nail of Paris’ Bezel, 18K white gold Patek Philippe clasp with case, certificate of origin and brochure.
[Movement configuration]
215 PS movement with Geneva stamp, rhodium-plated, fine polished decoration, 18 rubies, linear lever escapement, Gy romax balance wheel, cold, hot, isochronous and accurate correction in 5 directions, self-compensating without card Degree spring, suspension, signature on dial, case and movement.
[Phase report]
Case 1 (basic brand new); dial 1 (basic brand new), pointer 01 (original); movement 1 * (basic brand new, it is recommended to check the movement, the buyer needs to pay); expert comprehensive evaluation AAA (excellent).
评论 [Review]
Patek Philippe has a solid-color enamel dial (commonly white, black and off-white). In addition to this model, which was manufactured in 5115 in 2005, there is also a newly introduced platinum shell 5116, which is then a Heavenly-class Tudor. Flywheel, three questions 3939. The most famous, rarest and most sought after by collectors is Patek Philippe’s first 2526 (off-white enamel plate) with automatic movement and its successor 3428.

Home Basel Tag Heuer Media Dinner Watch Is Invited To Attend

During the Basel Show, in order to celebrate the 80th birthday of Mr. Jack Heuer, the Watch House website was invited to participate in a warm and connotative birthday dinner hosted by Heuer Watches. The dinner was just over 3 hours. The Watch House will report back to the scene for the first time. I hope everyone can share this warm and beautiful moment with you!
 Because the scene is relatively dim and the flash device is not convenient for this occasion, the quality of the photos is not satisfactory. Please forgive me.

It’s already brightly lit outside the Basel Pavilion

Taxi to the dinner location

The dinner was held here, a very simple and elegant restaurant, the specific name was forgotten.

 Mr. Jack Heuer dinner now tells everyone about his decades of work and unforgettable experience in Heuer. From his words, we deeply felt his deep feelings for Heuer, and expressed his appreciation for Heuer watches when he was about to retire. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the confidence of the brand’s own watchmaking philosophy. Everyone is greatly moved by the spirit of TAG Heuer.
 A limited edition model commemorating the 80th birthday of Mr. Jack Heuer was released at the dinner site as a sign of the successful end of Jack Heuer’s life at TAG Heuer.

Brand Value Brief Comment On The Breguet Tradition Series 7057 Watch

For the Breguet Tradition series, the tradition and innovation are together, inspired by Abraham-Louis Breguet’s subscription watch. The Tradition series looks back on the brand’s tradition, but it is also far away. Looking ahead. Clever configuration and avant-garde style, the dial with extremely complex function display, but the layout is neat and unique. Inheriting the flawless craftsmanship of more than two centuries ago, even the smallest parts are hand-matted. Today, the Watch House brings you a brief review of the 玑 Tradition series 7057 watch. The official model of the watch is 7057BR / R9 / 9W6.

 At the Baselworld 2011 Baselworld, Breguet launched this 7057BR / R9 / 9W6 watch. There are three versions of the 7057 watch: one with an 18K white gold case and a smoke-grey NAC decoration movement. . The other two are in 18K rose gold case, with rose gold decoration movement or smoke gray NAC decoration movement. The surface decoration of this smoky NAC movement is a smoky platinum group precious metal alloy precipitate formed by electroplating.


Another classic model of the Tradition series highlights the technical architecture of this micromechanical masterpiece in an ultra-modern or more traditional form; in fact, its production method is unique because of the arrangement of the two sides of the center plate Almost all the components can be shown-the splint, gears, escapement and the famous ‘old-fashioned’ pare-chute suspension with hand-cut steel.


Tradition series from 7027 to 7067, this 7057 can be said to be the smallest difference from the original 7027, the most obvious difference is that the case diameter has increased by 3 mm. The increase from the original 37 mm to 40 mm is also a change made to meet the trend of popular large diameters.


This watch is made of 18K rose gold with a 40 mm diameter design. There is no change in the pattern from the 7027 watch. What I can notice is the change of the power reserve indicator on the front of the watch. The fixed end of the power reserve indicator hand is fixed below the hour and minute plate, while the fixed end of the power reserve indicator hand of the 7057 watch is moved above the hour and minute plate. This is a change that can be found by observation.


One of the highlights of the watch’s dial is the large balance system. After winding, the first one seen from the front is the rapidly rotating balance wheel. In addition, we can also see that the shock absorber on the balance wheel is neither a KIF shock absorber nor a Gabriel shock absorber, but a A kind of parachute-like shock absorber. This is also a major feature of the watch. It uses a hard suspension, also known as a parachute shock absorber. It is also known as the ‘old-fashioned’ hand-cut steel. pare-chute shock absorber.


The power reserve display on the front is set at eleven o’clock on the dial of the watch, and the pointer display is more clear. The watch is equipped with a manual winding movement, which can provide 50 hours of power when fully wound. reserve. The classic Breguet hour and minute hands at 12 o’clock and the Roman numerals are all silver-white, with a black dial, which is clear and clear when read. There is also a not so obvious change compared to 7027, that is, the tilt angle of the watch’s bezel and movement has become more gentle and looks more tension. 7057 can be said to be a continuation and improvement based on classics As the 7027 watch reappears the classic design of the sun, it is more perfect and more popular.


The movement used in the watch is matt NAC treated. This type of surface treatment can form a carbon gray platinum group precious metal alloy precipitation by electroplating, making this watch quite ornamental. The watch is equipped with a cal.507DR manual winding movement, with a fine-tuning screw device, a Breguet hairspring, vibrating 21,600 times per hour, 24 gem bearings, and a full power reserve that provides 50 hours of power reserve.

 Summary: The design of the watch more reflects a mechanical beauty. At present, the price of this watch in domestic Henry is 217,800 yuan. Friends who are interested can go to the store for more details. (Photo / text watch home Chen Zhongyun)

For more watch details, please click: breguet / 5482 /

Special Thanks: Hengli World Watch Center Co., Ltd. provided shooting at the Financial Street Store
Hengli Financial Street Address: Financial Street Shopping Center, 2 Jinchengfang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Henry’s Financial Street Phone: 010-66220282

Rado Radar Honor Announces Tang Wei As Global Brand Spokesperson

For a long time, Ms. Tang Wei, a famous Chinese actress, has been deeply rooted in the people with her outstanding talents, quiet and restrained elegance, beautiful and attractive images, and the extraordinary qualities of being brave to meet challenges and constantly pursuing breakthroughs. The award-winning Miss Tang Wei coincides with the brand spirit of RADO. Recently, RADO Glory of Switzerland announced the official launch of a three-year endorsement cooperation with Miss Tang Wei.

 RADO officially announced that Tang Wei has become a global brand spokesperson at the launch of the Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches held in Shanghai on May 8. On the day, Miss Wan Wei, who was gentle and beautiful, wore the latest high-tech ceramic watch from Swiss Rado to take a series of exquisite photos, perfectly interpreting the ultimate design of Swiss Rado’s Isa series, Haoxing series, Diamond Pa series, and really thin series. And extreme craftsmanship. Miss Tang Wei will also participate in the shooting of RADO’s global print advertisements. Her extraordinary and charming image will appear in the brand’s new advertisements and in-store promotional images.

 At the press conference, Mr. Matthias Breschan, RADO Global President, announced the glorious joining of Miss Tang Wei: ‘We are very proud to announce that Miss Tang Wei has officially joined the RADO spokesperson family. She is not only rich in artistic talent, but also She has the tireless quality of pursuing success. We appreciate her very much and believe that this valuable quality can perfectly explain the spirit of the brand conveyed by Swiss Rado. We are very happy that she can be a member of the Swiss Rado family. ‘

 Ms. Tang Wei, spokesperson for the new brand of Rado, said: ‘I am very impressed with this new Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches. She is not only beautifully designed to adjust the time to the touch, but also very comfortable to wear. Since then, I have always admired the brand spirit of Rado, which is daring to challenge, forge ahead, surpass itself, and look to the future. I am very happy to join the Swiss radar family. ‘

RADO Swiss radar-‘If you can imagine, you can create. If you can create, you can achieve’

 RADO is a world-renowned watch brand, known for its innovative design and revolutionary use of materials, designed to create the world’s most wear-resistant watch. Since its establishment in Linno, Switzerland, Rado has always been a pioneering spirit. Today, it still adheres to the brand philosophy of ‘if you can imagine, you can create. If you can create, you can achieve.’ Swiss radar is also one of the earliest luxury watch brands that entered China and advertised in China. It has a unique understanding and special feelings about the Chinese market and Chinese consumers. It has continuously made breakthroughs in materials and technology and is committed to innovation. Create future history with pioneering spirit.

RADO, the global spokesperson for Rado

 Tang Wei is one of the most watched actresses in China. In 2007 Tang Wei made his debut on the big screen. Over the years, her superb acting skills have won unanimous recognition at home and abroad, and she has won more than 30 international awards, including the 47th Korean Baeksang Art Award ‘Best Film Actress’ (2011), the 12th Busan Film Critics Award “Best Actress” (2011), 22nd Shanghai Film Critics Award “Best Actress” (2013) and 5th China Film Directors Association “Actress of the Year” (2014). As one of China’s best actresses, Tang Wei is recognized for his outstanding creative talents, deep acting skills and rich character creations. Creative cells and talent for acting are deeply rooted in her bone marrow: her father is a painter and her mother is a Yue opera actor. Tang Wei studied in the director’s department of the Central Academy of Drama, followed his own heart, and successfully transformed into an outstanding film and television actor.

Tissot’s 160th Anniversary Antique Watch Exhibition

Since the founding of the factory in 1853, Tissot has been at the forefront of the times. This year is the 160th anniversary of the brand. Looking back on this glorious journey of more than a century and a half, it is not difficult to find that Tissot has left the trail of the pioneers in many fields-the world’s first antimagnetic watch and the world’s first plastic composite Movement watch, the world’s first rock watch, mother-of-pearl watch, wooden watch, the world’s first pointer and digital dual display watch, the world’s first high-tech ceramic lithium battery with lithium battery life of more than ten years Watches, and of course the world’s first touch-sensitive T-Touch multi-function watch, which is well-known. Tissot’s footsteps continue to move forward with the times, in pursuit of the next generation of technological innovation in materials, functions, and design, creating a more convenient, stylish, and friendly user experience.

 On the other hand, Tissot watches are also the leaders of fashion trends, not only advancing with the times, introducing charming designs in line with contemporary aesthetics, but also creating a trend of fashion with unique vision. For example, the banana watch in the Art Nouveau period in 1916, the Hermetic clock in the Art Deco period in 1929, and the Carrousel watch in 1968 with the ability to freely change the bezel. Feminism has risen since the 1980s, and as early as 1974, Tissot invited the famous Finnish designer Pekka Piekäinen to create an avant-garde Finnish Silver bracelet watch for women. In 1988, Tissot collaborated with designer Ettore Sottsass to create a unisex unisex style with a new design. In 1999, Tissot took inspiration from fashion and jewellery design, and created a T-Collection women’s watch that was popular among women worldwide. Of course, it must be mentioned that Tissot watches are active on the sports field. MotoGP motorcycle racing, F1 racing, bicycles, rugby, basketball, ice hockey, and Western swords. Tissot watches can be seen in all fields .

 1904 Czars’watch

                   1930 Antimagnétique

 Centenary Centenary 1953

                        Carrousel 1968

 1974 Finnish silver bracelet watch

 1999 T-Collection Women’s Watch

 For 160 years, countless stories and legends, Tissot watches take you into the tunnel of time to explore the mysteries and surprises of watchmaking art