Richard Miller Rm 022 ‘heavy Aircraft’ Dual Time Zone Tourbillon Watch Asian Edition

At the 2015 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asia Advanced Watch Show, Richard Mille is about to exhibit the Asian version of the new RM 022 ‘Heavy Aircraft’ dual time zone tourbillon watch with NTPT Technology) Carbon fiber manufacturing.
 The RM 022 inherits the space and supersonic elements that have inspired the brand since 2001. It is Richard Mille’s first watch that combines a dual time zone and a titanium alloy orthocrystalline titanium aluminum carbon nanofiber hybrid material.

 The RM 022 uses a manually wound tourbillon movement with time, minute and dual time zone functions. The power reserve indicator (70 hours) is set between 11:00 and 12:00 on the dial, and the torque indicator can show the internal tension of the mainspring. There is also a function selector to select the operation mode of the watch, including normal conditions, winding and time adjustment modes. The dial’s dual time zone display is manufactured using extremely sophisticated technology, but is simple to use and easy to operate. Digital hour markers are engraved on the transparent sapphire crystal glass in the center of the watch. The glass dial rotates continuously, and the hour markers will only appear when turning to the light 3 o’clock position. This dual time zone design is easy to operate. You can adjust the time zone by pressing the delicate button at 9 o’clock. Each time you press it, the dial will rotate for one more hour.

 The Asian version of the RM 022 case is made of NTPT carbon fiber with a 5N red gold main case. This new carbon fiber is the exclusive material of Richard Mille. It consists of more than 600 layers of fiber, each layer is only 30 microns thick. After being woven into a thin layer of carbon fiber, it is then compressed and heated to give it strength and toughness beyond imagination. Featured materials combined with a tourbillon movement with extraordinary timing performance, the Asian version of the RM 022 ‘heavy flying machine’ tourbillon dual time zone watch has become the perfect crystallization of new design and cutting-edge technology, witnessing the top level and tradition in the 21st century altarpiece A subtle blend of ideas.
 The well-designed Asian version of the RM 022 watch is limited to 8 pieces worldwide and will be available at Richard Mille stores in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

Panorama Restores Giant Sundial For Galileo Museum

The Museo Galileo Museum is located in Palazzo Castellani, Florence, next to Piazza della Signoria and Uffizi Gallery. Visitors and local tourists pass by daily. Now You can enjoy it together with the museum’s giant sundial. Four years ago, Florence watch brand Panerai entered into a partnership with a cultural institution dedicated to protecting Galileo’s heritage, and the giant sundial was restored with the assistance of Panerai.

 Panerai’s strong support not only restored the magnificent works completed in 2007 and designed by Luis e Schnabel and Filippo Camerota, but also shot the complex operation principles of the sundial into short films for display on the Galileo Museum website.

 Panerai has sponsored the Galileo Museum since 2012. In the same year, it assisted the museum to create interactive content in the exhibition area entitled ‘Measurement of Galileo and Time’, allowing visitors to learn about the research and development of this great Tuscan mathematician, scientist and astronomer. The discovery laid the foundation for contemporary timepiece machinery. One of the rooms in the exhibition area exhibits the Panerai Jupiter: this exquisite and complex planetarium, centered on the earth, displays the current position and trajectory of the current sun, moon and Jupiter, and presents four orbiting Jupiters discovered by Galileo Satellite. The two parties have continued their partnership, and Panerai has promised to fund the Galileo Museum every year to support its preservation and promotion of Galileo’s outstanding heritage projects.
Galileo Museum Sundial
 The sundial is an ancient time-measuring instrument, consisting of a pan and a needle on the pan, for measuring time. By changing the position of the sun over time, it looks like it is orbiting the earth regularly, and the index projection on the disk also moves with it. People only need to observe the projection to read the time.

 The sundial at the Galileo Museum consists of a dial engraved on the sidewalk and two bronze pillars that symbolize day and night. A copper pillar representing the daytime faces the Arno River in the south. The pillar is engraved with a vertical meridian. The pillar is a ‘lucifer’ devil shaped like a snake and a lizard. The tail is projected on the meridian under the sun, showing the year. The midday position of each period. The copper cylinder representing the night is facing north. The cylinder is engraved with two constellations that can identify polar stars: Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. The wind rose at the bottom of the needle shows geo-location. The ground is paved with marble travertine and brass, with glass and marble constellation symbols, and extends about 15 meters from the entrance of the museum. During the winter solstice and summer solstice, the sun shadow falls on the entrance of the museum and the bottom of the needle. Dali travertine has multiple arcs running through the meridian to display the date, while brass radiation forms a grid with the arcs of the winter and summer solstice to display the hour.

 The meridian is inlaid with four materials, representing different seasons and elements, including marble representing autumn and earth; glass representing winter and water; graystone (pietra grigia) symbolizing spring and wind; and bronze for summer and fire representative.
How Sundial Works
 The large bronze stinger has a glass polyhedron on its tip and its projection shows the time and date. The hour markers from 9 am to 2 pm are engraved on the brass radiation. The date is displayed on the horizontal Dali travertine line, depicting the daily pace of the sun at various times of the year, and accurately showing the moment when the sun enters each star house. The slender projection of the sundial moves with the change of the day and season, indicating the true solar time, that is, the time defined according to the sun’s trajectory, which is different from the standard time displayed by the watch and clock. There is a periodic difference in real solar time, which may differ from standard time by a quarter of an hour or more.

 When daylight saving time is implemented, in addition to the astronomical time difference, observers need to add one hour by themselves. For example, in February, the real needle will be projected near the 12 o’clock mark at noon, but in July, the noon will be around 13.20 daylight saving time. When observing the hours and dates, look at the hourly radiation and calendar arcs that are closest to the projection of the needle. When the sun shadow is not on the hour line, the observer can reasonably calculate half an hour and a quarter of an hour by dividing the space in the center of the two hour lines into half and half. Observers can also accurately calculate the date through the constellation symbol and the scale indicating the beginning of the month on the meridian line.

Rolex Sponsors The 10th Anniversary Of The Shanghai Masters

[October 4, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland] From October 5th to 13th, 2019, this year’s ATP Masters 1000 men’s tennis masters (ATP Masters 1000) will usher in the penultimate event. At that time, the world’s top men’s tennis players will gather in China for a nine-day peak match at the Rolex Shanghai Masters.

   The Shanghai Rolex Masters is one of the most pleasing world-class tennis tournaments. All previous tournaments were held at the Qizhong Tennis Center. When the stadium’s ceiling opens, it looks like a blossoming white magnolia, which perfectly presents the style of Shanghai flowers.

Overview of the Shanghai Rolex Tennis Center in the Rolex Masters Shanghai 2018 © Rolex / JonBuckle

   This year is the eleventh year of the Shanghai Rolex Masters and the tenth anniversary of Rolex becoming its title sponsor.
   Rolex has been associated with tennis more than 40 years ago. In 1978, the brand became the conference timepiece for The Championships, Wimbledon, and since then it has begun a full-scale cooperation with major tennis events worldwide, including support for the four Grand Slam® events , Well-known tournaments and major tennis management agencies around the world.

Overview of the Shanghai Rolex Tennis Center in the Rolex Masters Shanghai 2018 © Rolex / JonBuckle

   In China, Rolex is inextricably bound up with tennis. Since 2005, the brand has been the timepiece for the China Open Tennis Championships. In addition, at the Shiseido WTA Finals in Shenzhen, which will be held at the end of this month, the brand will once again shoulder the heavy responsibility of being a timepiece at the conference.
   In 2011, Rolex invited Li Na, a well-known Chinese tennis girl, to join the brand’s spokesperson. She won the French Open (Roland-Garros) in the same year, becoming the first Asian player to win the title of a tennis Grand Slam singles, setting a glorious record.
   Speaking of Rolex’s participation in Chinese tennis, Li Na said: ‘It is well known that Rolex has always been one of the strong supporters of tennis, especially in China. I have been working with Rolex for 8 years, and for the past 15 years Rolex actively promotes the vigorous development of tennis in China. Thanks to the cooperation between Rolex and the Shanghai Masters, Chinese fans have been fortunate to have witnessed many incredible moments in the past ten years, and I will always be grateful for this.
   Rolex title sponsors the 10th anniversary of the Shanghai Masters
   King’s return

   Tennis legend and Rolex ambassador Roger Federer will appear at the Shanghai Rolex Masters. As one of the greatest players in the history of tennis, Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles, a record that has yet to be broken. In addition, he won the Shanghai Rolex Masters in 2014 and 2017 respectively.

Rolex spokesperson Roger Federer, Shanghai Rolex Masters 2018 © Rolex / Jon Buckle

   The wonderful performance of the Swiss tennis legend on the court has never been restricted by the court, and hard ground is more than easy for him. This is evidenced by his 11 excellent titles in the Australian Open and US Open two hard-ground Grand Slam tournaments.

Rolex spokesperson Roger Federer, Shanghai Rolex Masters 2018 © Rolex / Jon Buckle
   Federer’s skills have been used to the fullest on the colorful hard court at Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Center. This court helps to stimulate the full potential of players, helping them to give full play to their strength, accuracy and stability to compete for the championship. Persistence in precision and stability has been an important cornerstone of Federer’s brilliant career for more than two decades. This coincides with Rolex’s relentless pursuit of long-term excellence.

   Other Rolex endorsements in Shanghai this time include Austrian player Dominic Thiem and Greek player Stefanos Tsitsipas. Both players are expected to sprint towards the title. Dominic Tim is a young player who has performed well recently. He successfully reached the French Open finals this year. With its explosive backhand, he will strive to win the 15th singles title of his career in Shanghai. The tennis rookie Stefanos Sisippas was successfully promoted to the Australian Open semi-final earlier this year, and his wonderful performance in each game is impressive. Brand spokespersons who participated with them also include Kyle Edmund, Taylor Fritz, Karen Khachanov, and Lucas Pouille).

Juan Martin Del Potro, Shanghai Rolex Masters 2018 © Rolex / Jon Buckle

Rolex ambassador Kyle Edmond, Shanghai Rolex Masters 2018 © Rolex / Jon Buckle

Rolex ambassador Dominic Tim, Shanghai Rolex Masters 2018 © Rolex / Jon Buckle

Rolex ambassador Taylor Fritz, Shanghai Rolex Masters 2018 © Rolex / Jon Buckle

Introduction To Patek Philippe Ref.5204 Chronograph Watch

Patek Philippe’s classic chronographs can generally be divided into three categories: pure chronographs, pure chronographs with perpetual calendar, and two-second chronograph hands with perpetual calendar. The launch of the Ref. 5204 perpetual calendar two-second chronograph watch represents the perfect ending of the classic Patek Philippe chronograph series.

The classic Patek Philippe manual winding watch with horizontal clutch and star wheel features three complex functions, highlighting Patek Philippe’s superb watchmaking tradition. Today, its patented chronograph movement joins two of the most popular complication functions, the perpetual calendar function and the two-second follow-up hand function. The movement number of this super complex watch is chr 29-535 PS Q. The perpetual calendar (Q) uses the same configuration as the Ref. 5270 chronograph that debuted a year ago. However, the designers of Patek Philippe have significantly improved the design of the two-second chronograph (R). The new two-second chase-hand separation device reduces moving parts, reduces bearing burden, and improves amplitude stability; its patented equalization device ensures the precise overlap of the chronograph second hand and the chase second hand. This masterpiece of micromechanics is housed in a classic round platinum case, beneath the milky white gold dial. Through the sapphire crystal cover, you can enjoy the movement of the movement. The wearer can also choose to replace the sapphire crystal cover with the full platinum cover that comes with the watch if he is not disappointed with the beauty.

Until the launch of the CH 29-535 PS chronograph movement, Patek Philippe chronographs used 27-70 movements. This movement was purchased externally and was specially manufactured by Nouvelle Lémania according to Patek Philippe’s special technical specifications. The movement has been assembled and finalized in Geneva; in the eyes of many enthusiasts, it was the best and most beautiful chronograph movement in the world.
This movement was once a benchmark for the manufacture of chronographs, and it was not until the launch of Patek Philippe’s magnificent chronograph development plan in the new millennium; in 2005, this plan gave birth to the world’s thinnest two-second chronograph chronograph movement CHR 27- 525 PS reached its peak; in 2006, Patek Philippe launched an automatic winding CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H chronograph movement with an annual calendar; in 2009, the Swiss watchmaker introduced a manually wound star column with a horizontal clutch CH 29-535 PS Chronograph Movement. The completion of the series has won unanimous praise from the watch industry. This laid a solid foundation for the classic chronograph series with a variety of complex functions based on a patented movement. Counting three basic Patek Philippe chronograph movements and the chronograph module of Ref. 5208 triple complication watch, Patek Philippe launched eight chronograph movements in just six years.
八 These eight chronograph movements belong to more than 50 movement series independently developed and manufactured by Patek Philippe. There are 17 basic movements of the watch, including a variety of simple manual and automatic winding movements, with tourbillon, perpetual calendar, annual calendar, minute repeater and astronomical functions.

Sergio Garcia Helps ‘omega Golf Night’ Rio Looks At Omega House

Monday, August 8, 2016, Rio de Janeiro-The ‘Omega Golf Night’ hosted by the famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA was unveiled elegantly at the Omega House in Rio on Monday night. Guests celebrated the Rio Olympics. The return of golf after 112 years away from the Olympic Games is a historical moment that is particularly significant for Omega. Omega will use this as an opportunity to strengthen its global cooperation with golf, while consolidating its glorious role as the official timing of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Sergio Garcia

  Omega House that night praised the great game of golf and invited Omega ambassador Sergio Garcia to help with the golf night. His arrival has attracted several athletes and their families to attend, as well as many celebrities from Rio and Omega distinguished guests, including Brazilian film star Rodrigo Lombardi and KOL’s director of events, Kerry Haier Haigh).

Sergio Garcia helps with ‘Omega Golf Night’

  As in London four years ago, Omega House is once again the ideal place for triumphant Olympic athletes to celebrate victory. Here they can devote themselves to various celebrations with unique style. Garcia himself is also enthusiastic about party gatherings, where he enthusiastically took pictures with many fans at the scene.

Sergio Garcia debuts on the red carpet with the Omega Seamaster 600m

  The evening’s Omega House was golf-themed, with a glamorous look, full of the charm of golf. A turquoise rug from the foyer spreads guests in front of the spectacular overhanging water curtain in the atrium. The ground is strewn with golden golf decorations, and the unique background makes it popular with selfie lovers. A small flag marked ‘No. 19 hole’ is inserted on the bar next to it, where guests can enjoy a drink and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable party time.

Omega House ‘Golf Night’ Scene

  The passion for golf is an important part of the Omega brand DNA. The name of this well-known watch brand is also closely linked to many influential golf events and outstanding players. Omega is also a long-term partner of the PGA Tour and the Ladies European Tour.

Sergio Garcia ‘Fly To Space’ at Omega House

  Immediately before settling on the golf green this week, Sergio Garcia shared with guests the significance of golf’s return to the Olympic Games and his unlimited motivation to compete in Rio. He said: ‘The most important thing for me is that when I leave the stadium, I feel a bit better than before. I look forward to the Olympics helping golf to develop better globally. It was also a precious experience for me, and I think I will never forget this wonderful journey. ‘

 Omega Seamaster 600m

  Of course, Garcia’s biggest dream is to win the Olympic crown. He said: ‘After all, our goal is to win the game here, and for this we need to do our best and do our best. This Olympic Games is a precious opportunity for every golfer. If we can win Olympic medals, then It will be very inspiring. ‘
  Omega Rio Exclusive Club will launch a series of exciting activities in August, and ‘Omega Golf Night’ is one of the highlights. This year is the first time that golf has returned to the Olympic Games since 1904, and many omega celebrities ambassadors will also be on display at this event. High-level athletes participating with Sergio Garcia also include Stacy Lewis from the United States, Feng Shanshan from China, and Charley Hull from the United Kingdom.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 600 Meter Watch Back

  Omega Global President and CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann, spoke kindly to Sergio Garcia at the event, saying, ‘Tonight we are at the Omega House and I think it is a celebration of the return of golf to the Olympics A great way. For many years, Omega has been committed to promoting the development of golf, and the Olympic event is even more significant to us. I believe our celebrity ambassadors will do their best to win medals. I ca n’t wait to see They are swinging the Olympics. ‘

 Mr. An Shiwen, Omega Global President and CEO, and Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia tells the brand’s Olympic history

  Located on Ipanema Beach, the Omega House will host exciting themes every day during the Olympic Games, sharing unforgettable evenings with guests. Designed and inspired by the pillars of the Omega brand culture, it is exclusively open to distinguished guests. Today, Omega House has become a unique and highly sought after party destination in Rio.
VIPs attending ‘Omega Golf Night’:
  Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia; Kelly Haile, director of the professional division of the American Professional High Association; professional golfer Peter Dawson; Brazilian actor Rodrigo Lombardi; Brazilian popular blogger Cris Tamer.