How Can An Ordinary Watch Be Worn?

Watches have become decorations nowadays. Fashionistas talk about watch selection: whether it is a domestic watch or an imported watch, it is not expensive. The most important thing is to suit you.
Today, watches have become the favorite accessories and collectibles for fashion and business people. In fact, for ordinary people who like watches, it is not out of reach. This is just like Guofen likes electronic products and photographers like to buy SLR cameras. With their own efforts, the public can also buy some not very expensive. Watch.
A watch for business wear
最 The most important point when choosing a watch is to match your identity and occasion. Whether a civil servant, an entrepreneur, a student, a white-collar worker … you should follow this when buying a watch. For business occasions, formal or uniforms are the mainstay. Watches with simple, thin dials and leather straps are more suitable for them. Of course, there are many young people in the civil service who seek for individuality. They can also choose slightly dynamic chronograph watches or Overly thick double calendar. Watches ranging from 5000 to 10,000 yuan are a good choice.
Tissot Junya Series Rose Gold PVD World Fashion
Retail price: 2550-3550 yuan
Tissot is a Swiss brand that follows the “civilian luxury” route. Like many Swiss brands, Tissot has a more attractive price than any other Swiss watch brand over a century of history.
Fiyta 2012 Aerospace Watch
Retail price: 6800 yuan
Feiyida can be described as the benchmark brand of Chinese watches and extends its business abroad. While interpreting the classic watch culture, it also conveys the cognition of time and the proposition of life.
Master Longines Master Series
The elegance of the Longines is particularly in line with Chinese aesthetic standards. The simple and classic appearance is the highlight of the famous series. The classic round body design, with the embossed decoration of barley grains on the surface, and the blue stainless steel hands reflected on the thin and bright enamel protection layer, create a classic watch that can perfectly show the elegant side of the elegant man. This version of the article / Chongqing Morning Post reporter He Yanxiao Li Minglu
For corporate bosses and some popular watches, I recommend high-end Cartier, IWC, Rolex, Omega, Longines, Oris, TAG Heuer. Of course, if there are special requirements for clocks and watches, you can choose Vacheron Constantin and Blancpain, which are particularly low-key and tasteful top brands. On the one hand, these brands are more familiar to the public and can show their identity; on the other hand, their styles are not too gorgeous and fancy, and they can be used in many places.

Global Art Nouveau Bvlgari Bvlgari’s First Street Art Exhibition

Adhering to the usual bold and innovative spirit, on May 8th, seven Bulgari stores around the world were simultaneously put on art graffiti display windows with bright flowers as the theme, in a new day-long form for consumers around the world Bring a colorful experience. Seven Bulgari flagship stores in Rome, Milan, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong have been reinvented, dressed in spring flowers. As a tribute to Mother’s Day, seven cities welcomed seven local street artists to create flower-themed window art for Bvlgari with their different ideas. As a continuously innovative and trend-setting Bvlgari, this time brings the world’s first art graffiti window display, which can be described as avant-garde novel and extremely original.

Bvlgari Rome flagship store art graffiti window
 This colorful gift to the city’s culture comes from a distinctive brand idea. Bulgari, known as the master of color, has always been the pioneer of the world’s top jewelry design, combining luxury, innovation and enthusiasm. The paintings brought in the form of street art are exhibited simultaneously in seven major cities around the world. The works of each city show the combination of Bulgari’s brand spirit at different levels with the local urban culture. Just like Bulgari jewellery, which has won worldwide acclaim, the works on display this time are also reflected in different cities, shining brightly.

Bvlgari Hong Kong flagship store art graffiti window
 Artists in each city have distinct personality styles, and different interpretations of flower themes through window art. The creators of this art window include artists from seven major cities: WERC in New York, MANGA DESIGN LAB in Tokyo, ANO in Hong Kong, LUCA DE GRADI NOTTE in London, STUART SEMPLE in Paris, DIEGO VERONESI in Milan and LUCAMALEONTE in Rome. Contemporary Italian artist LUCAMALEONTE, who created for the Bulgari flagship store in Rome, is widely known for creating realistic works inspired by nature and ancient art.

Contemporary Italian artist LUCAMALEONTE creates artistic graffiti windows for Bulgari’s Rome flagship store
 Bulgari’s art graffiti window display not only conveys the Italian style, but also expresses its love for life. All creations radiate colorful charm and enthusiasm, which is a tribute to the advent of spring. Feel the beauty of jewelry culture in a city surrounded by flowers. With a deep love for her mother, Bvlgari launched a Mother’s Day event #jewels are eternal flowers (JEWELSNOTFLOWERS) # to mothers, because mothers deserve the best.

Complex Movement, Simple Style: Monsieur De Chanel

At first glance, Chanel’s Monsieur de CHANEL, with its white surface, presents hour, minute, second and other information in a simple configuration. The actual function is like a three-hand watch, which should not be too complex? Do not. Sometimes the simpler the surface, the more profound the connotation.

   Let’s start with style. Although the launch of Monsieur de CHANEL is at the beginning of the year, it is also reasonable to look back at this year’s timepieces at the end of the year. What impressed me was his ‘Monsieur’ status. After all, Chanel has never had a watch for a man before. This is the first model that breaks through the brand’s long-standing practice. It can also be said that it has shaped Chanel like never before. The style of the watch is simple, without adding too much decoration to the dial, even those who do not understand the watch can see it at a glance. At the same time, it is not as popular as the cheap models that rely on simple designs.

The French actor Gaspard Ulliel, who played the leading role in the movie ‘It’s Just the End of the World,’ wore a Chanel Monsieur de CHANEL watch at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.

   As for the matching of Monsieur de CHANEL, in fact, it is suitable for both formal and casual wear. For example, at the Cannes Film Festival, the actor of the movie ‘But it’s the end of the world’ wore this watch in a handsome suit; when he rolled up his sleeves in a shirt, the special dial design can also be used on the black alligator The combination of the belt exudes noble texture and taste. (By the way, the director of ‘But It’s the End of the World’ also won a jury award at the 69th Cannes Film Festival for this film.)

Gaspard Ulliel in a casual shirt wearing Monsieur de CHANEL.

   Although the style is simple, in fact Monsieur de CHANEL is not as ordinary as hours, minutes and seconds. Its retrograde minute hand alone is worthy of appreciation. The design of the retrograde hand of many models is mostly presented at 180 ° and can only be adjusted in one direction. The retrograde minute hand of Monsieur de CHANEL uses a large angle action of 240 °, in addition to having a larger expression space on the dial In addition to improving the visual aesthetics, it is necessary to make the movement completely smooth and avoid unnecessary vibration due to too strong force. It can also be adjusted in two directions, which is not simple. In this regard, Nicolas Beau, the director of Chanel International Watches, once proudly told me.

Chanel’s first men’s watch, with a digital jumping hour and 240 ° retrograde minute hand, is simple and unique.

   Another thing that made Beau feel extremely confident was the digital time jump of Monsieur de CHANEL. This function is presented at 6 o’clock on the dial and framed by the Paris-based Fontaine-shaped outer frame. It is also a representative shape that Chanel has used for a long time. The reason why the numbers are chosen to display hours is because numbers have long been an important element of Chanel, such as ‘No.5’ perfume or the legendary ‘J12’. And since it’s time to jump, of course, it must be at the hour-jump! When the hour changes, there will be a slight vibration, and that power will be transmitted directly to the wearer’s wrist, reminding him: time, will take you through another hour of years.

Calibre 1, Chanel’s first self-made movement, diameter 32 mm, thickness 5.5 mm, with instant jump time, retrograde minute function, 170 components, 30 rubies, double barrels in series, power reserve 72 hours, vibration frequency 28,800 times per hour.

   It is these two designs that impress me with this watch. After all, Monsieur de CHANEL has a very complicated inner world under the seemingly simple appearance. It is equipped with Chanel’s first in-house movement, hence the name ‘Calibre 1.’ From the case back of the sapphire crystal back, you can see the ring bridge, wheel train and balance wheel. Especially the balance wheel, especially the five-pointed star design of Ms. Chanel. The border of the board uses the piping design of the Chanel tweed jacket to express the brand elements in detail. On top of it is a lion, symbolizing authority and power, and also representing the identity of Lady Chanel Leo; according to Beau, this lion It is the exclusive mark of Chanel’s self-made movement. It may also appear on Calibre 2, Calibre 3, Calibre 4 … in the future.

   Honestly, I really like this Monsieur de CHANEL. Not only is it special, but the first men’s watch with homemade movement is indeed a breakthrough for Chanel. Looking at it from the beginning of the Basel watch exhibition to the present, it has taken another year (it is obviously three months). Although I haven’t made a wish to Santa Claus for many years, I still hope that Chanel will launch such a surprising work again next year.

Monsieur de Chanel 18KBeige beige gold / platinum case, diameter 40 mm, thickness 10 mm, digital hour, retrograde minute hand, small second hand, Calibre 1 manual winding movement, power reserve 72 hours, sapphire crystal mirror and rear Case back, waterproof to 30 meters, alligator strap.

Oris Dives Into The Deep Sea With Carlos Coste

The cooperation between Swiss watch brand Oris Oris and free diving champion Carlos Coste originated in 2006. Both parties have great passion and enthusiasm for diving. Since the date of cooperation, Oris and Carlos have launched a number of world-class high-quality diving watches. At present, both parties are looking forward to further in-depth cooperation to develop more new diving watches to meet the ardent expectations of watch lovers and diving lovers.
    As a tribute to Carlos’s feat in 2010, Oris has introduced the Carlos Coste Limited Watch Cenote Series-an excellent diving accessory. Oris also previously introduced the Carlos Coste Diving Limited Edition 2006 and 2007 models. The close collaboration between Oris and Carlos also includes testing and verifying the performance range of dive watches.
    Mr. Ulrich W. Herzog, President of Oris, said: ‘We are very honored to be working with Carlos Coste. He shared our philosophy and philosophy: maintaining the highest professional standards of work and dedication to diving. He is fully in line with us Mission of the company: real watches for real people. ‘
    Carlos Coste added: ‘I have full confidence in the future cooperation with Oris. The Oris brand has always been at the forefront of technology, efficient and precise with its own unique style. It can continue to be a diving lover It is essential to provide high-performance, high-quality diving watches. I look forward to exploring more new areas with Oris in the coming years. ‘