Rolex Establishes An Exclusive Long-term Global Partnership With The International Sailing Grand Prix, Becoming A Global Partner And Official Timepiece Of The International Sailing Grand Prix

On February 11, 2019, the International Sailing Grand Prix (SailGP) officially announced the establishment of an exclusive long-term global partnership with the well-known Swiss watchmaker Rolex, and Rolex became its official timepiece. The collaboration between the International Sailing Grand Prix and Rolex is a strong alliance. Regarding this cooperation, Sir Russell Kutz, CEO of the event, said with joy: ‘Rolex not only produces the world’s top timers, but also has long been involved in the field of international sports. It is an honor to have a long-term and stable relationship with Rolex.

The first race of the International Sailing Grand Prix will begin at the Sydney Port on February 15 and 16. Six teams including China, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia will drive the unified regatta F50 ( Ship speed exceeded 100 km / h). Rolex timers and clocks will appear at major sites of the event; on the six F50 boats, the Rolex brand logo will also be prominently displayed.

For more than 60 years, Rolex has actively supported sailing and is fortunate to be the driving force behind the most top sailing events, organizations and crews, as well as the elite of sailing, to strive for excellence and excellence. This collaboration further strengthens Rolex’s tradition of supporting the highest standards of sailing events.

Rolex and sailing

劳 In the past sixty years, Rolex has become increasingly close to sailing. This is due to the long-term value of this vibrant sea sport and the indissoluble bond between the brand and Saifan. Today, Rolex is a partner of many well-known yacht clubs, organizations and regattas around the world, which together demonstrate the extraordinary standards and spirit of sailing.

以来 For more than half a century, Rolex has established a deep cooperative relationship with influential yacht clubs around the world, working together to promote the development of this sport and promote it, so that sailing enthusiasts, key players and outstanding captains can communicate with each other. Today, Rolex sponsors nearly 15 major events, spanning the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific Basins. There are two major offshore classics, namely the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and the Rolex Fastnet Race. In addition, the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, which gathers super boats, and the Rolex Giraglia, which runs between Saint-Tropez and Genoa, are also included in the route. Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Yacht Masterpieces specially created for regattas, and Yacht-Master II chronographs equipped with innovative mechanical countdown timers, which not only carry rich traditional and nautical experience, but also have Rolex watchmaking craftsmanship Elegance, performance and innovation. These timepieces are not only awarded to the winners of the regatta as a reward, but also a symbol of Rolex’s long-standing relationship with Sea World.

About International Sailing Grand Prix

The International Sailing Grand Prix (SailGP) aims to redefine sailing. Founded in 2018, the International Sailing Grand Prix is ​​headquartered in London, England and San Francisco, USA. It is a global annual sports league featuring courage, cutting-edge technology and an awe-inspiring competitive spirit. Offshore events specially designed for sailing enthusiasts will be held in some of the most representative seaport cities in the world. The winning team will eventually receive a prize of US $ 1 million. National teams from Australia, China, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States will drive F50 supercharged catamarans of the same specifications, competing fiercely at speeds of more than 50 knots (close to 60 mph / 100 km / h).

The Last One Is The G-shock Seven Lucky God Series Finale, Furutsu Gbd-800slg

Since the end of November 2018, we have successively introduced the various works of the G-SHOCK Seven Lucky Gods series. If your impression has been diluted a bit, the six works introduced previously include representative Ebisu Works such as G-7900SLG-4, Bian Tian Tian BGD-560SLG-4, Hotei Zun DW-5600SLG-7, Pishamen Tian DW-6900SLG-1, Dahei Tian GX-56SLG, and Shouren DW-5700SLG-7, etc After more than a month of release, the last model of the series, GBD-800SLG, which symbolizes Fushou in the Seven Lucky Gods, will also debut soon.

G-SHOCK Seven Lucky God Series of Furutsu GBD-800SLG. Reference price: 1,050 RMB

Flushou is a god with wealth, merits, and longevity in Japanese mythology. Flushou-inspired models use the GBD-800 with Bluetooth connectivity as the base model. The overall design of the watch is green. Lord, the watch body, like the previous six models, is printed with the design by artist Nosaka Nozaka and the design. In addition, the strap is also printed with a pine pattern that symbolizes longevity. The upper and lower straps also have the patterns of fairy cranes and tortoises. The three dots on the buckle are the morals of Fu, Lu and Shou. When you press the luminous button, you should know which English letter will appear on the backlight pattern on the screen, which is the last ‘K’ of the seven letters / symbols of G-SHOCK. If you have already started with the six models, then you can combine them into a full set of ‘G-SHOCK’ backlight patterns.

Turtle pattern printed on the strap

As mentioned earlier, the GBD-800SLG has a Bluetooth connection function. This is a special place compared to other models in the series. The wearer can download the G-SHOCK Connected exclusive app and connect with this watch. As long as you When you walk or run while wearing a watch, the watch can upload these data to the App. You can easily check your steps, exercise time, location, and even calculate how many calories you have consumed, of course. Bluetooth connectivity can do more, including daily automatic time update, setting the world time, and switching between the two places at will.

The three points of the strap buckle represent Fu, Lu, and Shou

As for the hidden highlights of this series-Nozaka Nozaka and the designed outer box packaging, the pattern on the watch box can see Fu Lushou flying in the sky by the crane, and on the ground there are children playing kites and riding BMX. Juvenile, as for the tortoise and pine tree in the lower left corner of the screen, it is a god-for-all-because they also have the meaning of longevity and echo each other, these elements also appear in the details of the watch mentioned above. The beauty of the screen has become one of the reasons why watch fans love this series.

The backlight of the LCD screen is the English letter ‘K’, which represents the last letter of G-SHOCK

Tian Shuo Lover’s Watch Series, Each Section Deeply Affect Each Other And Heartfelt Song

The rotation of time promotes the change of love every minute and second. With the flow of time, various aspects of love are precipitated. At each heartfelt moment of love, every Tzusot watch records every memorable Love and touch. Tissot watch Valentine’s Day watch series, a variety of styles to explain the various aspects of love, exquisite men and women pair each other, convey the deep tacit understanding and tenderness between lovers, witness the love between lovers every minute, provide sports and leisure, workplace Metropolitan, happy party and other styles, so that lovers of different personalities can find the perfect watch that they love.

 Recommended for lovers who love sports, leisure and fashion style, choose ‘TISSOT T-Race Racing Series C01.211 Automatic Chronograph Stopwatch’ and ‘TISSOT T-Race Racing Series Women’s Watch’ to show a bright and lively style, TISSOT T- The Race series watches are based on motor sports. The bright colors and design of the watches make these two watches look dynamic and fully express the theme of speed. The superior speedometer and chronograph performance are addictive and innovative. The material and bright colors make the wearer the envy of everyone.

The splendid love of lovers in sports and leisure: ‘TISSOT T-Race racing series C01.211 automatic chronograph stopwatch’ and ‘TISSOT T-Race racing series women’s watch’

TISSOT T-Race racing series C01.211 automatic chronograph stopwatch, Swiss C01.211 automatic chronograph stopwatch movement, sapphire crystal, rubber strap with button-type folding buckle, quick release silicone strap with tools, safety buckle, Bezel is PVD coated in rose gold, water-resistant to 100 meters

The chic ‘TISSOT Bridgeport British lover automatic men’s and women’s watch’ is a beautiful commemoration of restrained and lasting love, perfect interpretation of low-key love among fashion gentlemen and ladies in the workplace. The sculptural aesthetics meticulously engraved layers of low-key gorgeous and timeless classic artistic style. The chic watch is full of rich artistic flavor, showing touching details and softness in details. It is a modern urban workplace for men and women who love low-key gorgeous style , Providing elegant choices beyond expectations.

Long-time love between men and women in the workplace: ‘TISSOT Bridgeport British lover automatic men and women watch’

 TISSOT Bridgeport British lover automatic men’s watch, Swiss 2892-A2 automatic date movement, sapphire crystal, 316L stainless steel case, black leather strap, waterproof depth 30 meters

High-tech Light Armor Hublot Hublot Big Bang Mp-11

Hublot, known for its maverick style, can be called the alchemist of high-tech innovative materials. The brand’s first 3D carbon fiber technology created in the watchmaking industry has created an extremely light, hard and durable new Big Bang MP-11 watch. Not only has its unique shape never been seen before, the watch movement is also equipped with 7 series The barrel is long lasting for two weeks and the in-line drum time display is housed in a black carbon fiber case, adding a high-tech future.

Hublot uses the military’s 3D carbon fiber technology to create the new Big Bang MP-11. The three-dimensional design is quite eye-catching.

Feature one: inherited the core technology of MP-05
The source of expertise of the new Big Bang MP-11 watch, from the MP-05 ‘La Ferrari’ watch developed in 2013, opens a new chapter for Hublot Art of Fusion. The original relatively complex movement structure was re-deconstructed and re-designed to perfectly inject the elements of the case of the Big Bang series, demonstrating excellent technological aesthetics and powerful performance, which proves the perfection of Hublot in the field of innovative mechanical watchmaking technology and extremely difficult materials Integration.

The HUB9011 movement has 7 serial barrels, which can provide 14 days of ultra-long kinetic energy. The balance wheel on the side of the face plate and the eccentric dial and gear form a harmonious and three-dimensional triangular layout

Feature two: Quickly grasp the key points of MP-11
The Big Bang MP-11 watch has a number of innovative mechanisms, including 7 horizontal in-line barrels in its homemade movement HUB9011, which provides a power reserve of up to two weeks and can be displayed through linear power. Keep track of the energy storage status of the mainspring at any time; Secondly, the power transmission uses the extremely rare vertical 90-degree spiral gear transmission mechanism in the watchmaking industry to allow the mainspring power to be smoothly transmitted to the gear system showing the hours and minutes; The balance wheel design on the face plate side forms a harmonious symmetry with the spiral gear. Its movement frequency is 4Hz, and it has a new patented Index-assembly System.

The case made of 3D carbon fiber is unique in texture and lightweight, and the movement and dial are also made of black PVD or polymer composite material, which makes the black tone of the watch have a unified feeling from the inside to the outside.

Feature 3: Lightweight case with military technology
The Big Bang MP-11 3D carbon fiber all black model uses a smoked black composite material, which makes the black PVD-treated movement and polymer composite watch form a consistent color tone, and echoes the bezel with a futuristic shape. Show the charm of pure black technology. Because 3D carbon fiber has an extremely lightweight and solid three-dimensional structure, including the strap, the entire watch weighs only 90 grams, which is extremely lightweight. This technology was previously owned by the US military. This is the first time it has been used in the watchmaking industry. Bo is a pioneer in using this innovative material. This model also launched a limited edition of 200 fully transparent models and sapphire crystal models. The panoramic perspective can clearly show every detail, and clearly show the complex movement technology of the cylinder shape. In addition, the HUB9011 movement has an ultra-long power reserve, which can be manually wound through a giant grooved crown, or through an electric winder shaped like a pneumatic wrench for racing cars.

Big Bang MP-11

3D carbon fiber material / HUB9011 manual winding movement / eccentric, eccentric minute display / 14-day power reserve display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 45mm / reference price: 560,000 RMB