Iwc’s Most Classic 4 Major Series 8 Entry-level Watches Recommended

IWC is a paradise for men. It has few ladies watches, and the men’s watches are very rich. In IWC, you can find a watch with a personality and a fashionable and elegant choice. Among the many series, Pilot, Portofino, Ocean and Portuguese series are the most famous. Fortunately, there are no less than 30,000 entry models in the first three series. The price of the Portuguese series is slightly higher, but less than 100,000. It is possible to have it in your pocket.

Among the models introduced below, except the Portuguese series, they use ETA movements, but if you love IWC, then those watches that allow you to own a dream watch at the lowest price are your good news. If all you need is a movement produced by IWC, try Portugal.
Pilot series: IWC watches with the title of ‘Watch Industry Engineer’. Its pilot series has been favored by the Air Forces of various countries since 1930 for its excellent and precise characteristics. Today, the pilot series is divided into Mark 16, large pilots, and Spitfire Wait for a number of small series, of which Mark16 has the lowest price and the best market.
The classic Mark 16 watch design has more flight watch features. The dial diameter is enlarged and the design of the cockpit instruments is simple and clear. The watch is elegant and retro, and its superior antimagnetic protection makes it more accurate.

Left: 325501 Mark 16 black face belt RMB 30,800 in mainland China Learn more & gt; & gt;
Right: 325502 Mark 16 silver face belt RMB 30,800 in the public price Learn more & gt; & gt;
Portofino series: The Portofino series is simple to elegant, and it has always played an important role in the IWC series. The watches in this collection are elegant, restrained, understated and classic. It is this style of restrained modeling that surpasses those fashion watches that are fleeting and enduring.

Left: 356303 Portofino White Noodle Belt Continental Price RMB 26,000 Learn More & gt; & gt;
Right: 356305 Portofino Black Face Belt Continental Price RMB 26,000 Learn More & gt; & gt;
Ocean Series: The Wanchao Diving Watch Series was first introduced in 1967, named ‘Ocean Chronometer’. With its reliable quality, this series of watches is still the best choice for sports watches. The new Marine watch has a built-in chronograph bezel, as well as the pedigree and characteristics of diving and sports watches.

Left: 353807 Marine Automatic Black Face Rubber Belt Continental Price RMB 35,000 Learn More & gt; & gt;
Right: 356802 Marine Automatic White Noodle Rubber Belt Continental Price RMB 35,000 Learn More & gt; & gt;
Portuguese series: The Portuguese series takes ‘nautical’ as the theme, which reflects the men’s desire for adventure and excitement. The entire series of watches are simple and atmospheric, with strong lines, emphasizing the watch’s nautical characteristics-precision, complexity and elegance. Among them, Portugal’s 7th and Portuguese timekeeping are the most famous.

Left: Portugal 7th white noodles belt Continental price RMB 92,000 Learn more & gt; & gt;
Right: Portuguese timing, white noodles, belt, mainland price RMB 58,000 Learn more & gt; & gt;

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