Master’s Finale Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Limited Chronograph

If the avant-garde avant-garde product design and excellent watchmaking quality are the charm of TAG Heuer attracting many enthusiasts. As a brand leader, Jack William Heuer has given this century-old brand an indescribable soul world.
Mr Jack Heuer
Innovative thinking always leads the world
     Jack Heuer, initially unwilling to get involved in the watchmaking industry, finally entered the company as an engineer out of family responsibility. Since then, TAG Heuer has begun development. In addition to the continuation of the TAG Heuer brand spirit, Jack’s innovative thinking in the field of watches and clocks has created countless industry firsts. One of the most prestigious is the birth of ‘Carrera’, a watch series designed to pay tribute to the most difficult road endurance Carrera Pan Americana. The unique dial and simple appearance derived from the racing car have made Carrera a great success and kicked off the TAG Heuer brand’s stride innovation.
    And its precise timing and shock resistance and waterproof effect, has become a must-have for countless racers to collect. The first to wear this watch were the legendary drivers of the Ferrari team, including Carlos Reutemann, Clay Regazzoni, Jacky Ickx, Niki Laudar and so on. Other celebrities of the 1970s, including Jo Siffert, Ronnie Peterson, Emerson Fittipaldi, Denis Hulme and John Surtees, also wore the series.
Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Limited Chronograph
Speed ​​Pioneer in the Watch Industry
     In the 1970s, in order to show the brand style of TAG Heuer’s fusion of sports and charm, Jack entered into a nine-year partnership with the F1 Ferrari team. At the same time, Ferrari printed the TAG Heuer logo on all F1, GT cars and driver uniforms, and drivers began to wear TAG Heuer watches. Thanks to such a close connection, Jack met all Ferrari drivers and the company’s founder Enzo Ferrari, which also made TAG Heuer the first brand to establish a partnership with the entire F1 team. Unexpected effects, TAG Heuer quickly formed a strong influence in the market, and with the release of the racing movie ‘Le Mans’, eventually became famous.
The caseback is engraved with the autograph of Mr. Jack Heuer and the emblem of the 15th century Heuer family
The pivotal industry ‘living fossil’
     After a series of evolution, TAG Heuer was eventually included in the world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH. The first and so far only TAG Heuer President Jean-Christophe Babin realized that the passion for innovation was the core competitiveness of this century-old Swiss watchmaking brand, and decided to seek the assistance of Jack and convince him Back to work in the company. Jack is currently the emeritus chairman of the company named after him. In 2007, in order to commemorate its glorious history in the watch industry, JIC, a jewelry information center in New York, awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Jewelry Award.
    Now 80 years old, Jack Heuer has launched his finale at this year’s Baselworld: Carrera Calibre 17 Jack Heuer’s 80th birthday limited chronograph. The caseback is engraved with his autograph and the shield emblem of the 15th century TAG Heuer family, which aims to tell the spirit of the brand’s unremitting development for more than 150 years, and it also symbolizes TAG Heuer’s continued drive for the future.

Cartier Tank Asymmetric Watch

This tank asymmetrical watch is the latest work of Cartier’s Paris Private Collection, numbered 150 pieces. 18K yellow gold dial, decorated with silver plaid, with flower petals in the middle. The crown is decorated with pearls and set with a faceted sapphire.
‘Cartier Paris-Private Collection’ is a limited edition timepiece specially designed by Cartier for high-end watch enthusiasts and collectors. Each of these products has flawless and exquisite features.
‘Paris Cartier-Private Collection’ has not only high artistic value, but also can be regarded as a masterpiece in the watchmaking industry. This asymmetric tank watch is the latest in Cartier’s private collection in Paris, numbered 150 pieces.
18K yellow gold dial, decorated with silver plaid, with petal-shaped carving in the middle. The crown is decorated with pearls and set with a faceted sapphire. The twelve o’clock on the dial is marked with Roman numerals and the words CartierParis. The special thing is that the asymmetrical hour display shows that the owner can see the sword-shaped blue steel pointer gliding over the ore glass mirror from a different angle. In addition, the black large checkered crocodile leather full leather strap with traditional handmade thick stitching is even more refined. The sapphire crystal clasp adds a touch of elegance. It must be mentioned that the manual-wound mechanical 9770MC movement is exclusively produced by Cartier.

Helping Chinese Football Set Off The Green Tide Tag Heuer Officially Became The Official Timekeeper And Official Watch Of The Chinese Football Association Super League

TAG Heuer, the Swiss pioneer watch brand, has officially become China’s top football event-the Chinese Football Association Super League (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese Super League) official timekeeping and official watches to witness the event Exciting moments, ignite the craze of Chinese football, and pass the pioneering spirit of # DontCrackUnderPressure # (Fearless Challenge, Achieve Yourself) to every young person who loves football. This will be an unprecedented cooperation. From now on, China’s most influential football games will officially enter TAG Heuer time!

 A record 5.33 million season spectators and a cumulative audience of 400 million seasons. As the highest-level professional football league in China, the Super League has surpassed people’s expectations for more than ten years and inspired generations of young people. Football dream. On the football field, it is not only a showdown of speed, but also a showdown of physical strength, mind and willpower, and the desire for success. TAG Heuer has always been committed to supporting football. Following the 2014 football star Cristiano Ronaldo became the new brand ambassador of TAG Heuer, he opened a partnership with the German Football League in 2015, officially became the Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2016, the United States Football Association and After the American Professional Referee Association (PRO) official timekeeping and official watches, the pioneering spirit of TAG Heuer and the competitive spirit of the Super League collided again, becoming the first luxury partner in the history of the Super League, which will create unprecedented value.

 To celebrate this historic collaboration, the press conference deliberately selected the landmark building of Beijing-the National Stadium Bird’s Nest. TAG Heuer, General Manager of TAG Heuer Greater China, Mr Pan Jinji, together with Mr. Lin Xiaohua, the full-time executive committee member of the China Football Association, Mr. Ma Chengquan, Chairman of the China Super League Co., Ltd., and Mr. Shao Jiayi, a famous Chinese football player, gathered in Beijing to witness this glorious moment.

 Mr. Pan Jinji said: ‘We are honored that the Chinese Football Association Super League has selected TAG Heuer as the official timepiece and official watch. The cooperation between TAG Heuer and the Chinese Super League will bring our brand to a broader platform. More young viewers feel the core spirit of TAG Heuer TAG Heuer # DontCrackUnderPressure # (without fear of challenge and self-defense). Chinese football carries countless passions and dreams, with infinite possibilities. We look forward to TAG Heuer and Super League The cooperation of the league has injected pioneering spirit and innovative practices into Chinese football, inspired young people’s enthusiasm for football, and helped the future development of Chinese football and education. ‘

 Mr. Ma Chengquan, Chairman of China Super League Co., Ltd. said, ‘We are very pleased to launch this cooperation with TAG Heuer. Since its establishment in 2004, China Super League has gradually become the most important sporting event in Chinese football. It is a team spirit of passion, hard work and achievement of dreams. As TAG Heuer, an internationally renowned brand that perfectly integrates sports performance and technological innovation, our cooperation will definitely have a different spark. ‘

TAG Heuer collides with passion for football
 Swiss pioneer watch brand TAG Heuer has always adhered to a spirit of competitive sports in its DNA. Among the many brands of cross-border cooperation and sports leagues, football is one of the most widely participated and most powerful sports. TAG Heuer has always been committed to supporting the cause of football, which includes some of the top events and legendary stars in the international football community. TAG Heuer collides with the passion of football, making the carnival more intense!

TAG Heuer and legendary superstar
 In 2014, football star Cristiano Ronaldo became the new brand ambassador for TAG Heuer.
 Cristiano Ronaldo, the forward of Real Madrid and the captain of the Portuguese national team, officially joined TAG Heuer’s star team. His rich game experience, strong physical fitness, comprehensive and outstanding technology not only enabled him to play for Manchester United, Real Madrid and other giant clubs, but also earned him the best scorer in the Premier League, the best scorer in the Champions League, Personal honors such as Mr. England Footballer, Mr. World Football, Golden Globe Award, European Golden Boot Award.
 Cristiano Ronaldo said: ‘TAG Heuer is far ahead of other brands in the past 154 years. No other luxury watch brand has such close cooperation with the world-renowned sports prosperity. Such cooperation is not only charming but also Very unique, we share the same goal: change the status quo, push the limits, create new elephants. It is a great honor to be part of such a leading and innovative legend. ‘It is just this way that Cristiano Ronaldo not only possesses extraordinary technology, but also Constantly challenge yourself and improve yourself, which fits perfectly with the sportsmanship in TAG Heuer.
 Born on the island of Madeira, Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo has shown a love of football since childhood, and soon became a little-known star in the local national club. Powerhouse Lisbon Athletic team fancy and was selected into its youth team. After five years of rigorous and systematic training in the Alcochete training camp in Lisbon, known as the ‘Football DreamWorks’, it delivered a satisfactory league debut with 25 goals and 3 goals. . In the summer of 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo, who emerged sharply, joined Manchester United and put on the No. 7 jersey that has always belonged to the legendary superstar. His real outbreak was after the 2006 World Cup in Germany, and in 2008 he won the Golden Globe Award, FIFA World Footballer, and the European Golden Boot Award. In the summer of 2009, another giant team Real Madrid threw an olive branch to Cristiano Ronaldo, eventually signing a high transfer fee and becoming the highest paid player in the world. After joining Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has become more mature and more skilled, and in January 2014, he pushed Ribery and Messi to win the second Golden Globe award in their careers.
 The cooperation with Ronaldo marks the official entry of football into the sports field TAG Heuer is involved in.
TAG Heuer and Bundesliga German Football League
 When competitive football and Pioneer Watch collided again passionately, TAG Heuer, a highly athletic gene, set its sights on Bundesliga German Football League A.
 In 2015, Jean-Claude Biver, the CEO of TAG Heuer and the president of LVMH’s watch division, and Jean-Claude Biver announced the official opening of the partnership. This famous German national competition (including a total of 36 teams in Bundesliga and Bundesliga) will use TAG Heuer as the official timer in the future. TAG Heuer will also become the first official timer and official in the history of Bundesliga. Specify the watch.
 Jean Claude Beaver said: ‘The Bundesliga is one of the most powerful and extensive platforms you can imagine. With sponsorship, we have the opportunity to pursue a different perspective and embrace the infinite possibilities of the future, especially It’s digital. We’re preparing for the future. ‘
 Consistent with the pioneering spirit of watchmaking, this is a unique and future-oriented cooperation, which offers unlimited new possibilities. From stadium billboards to traditional event broadcast methods, to the Internet and social media … TAG Heuer and Bundesliga will break the boundaries and break the rules, and jointly use a new digital media to create a new world in the sports field and create a full Creative, cutting-edge partnerships.
TAG Heuer and American football
 In 2016, TAG Heuer announced that it has officially become the official timekeeper and official watch of the Major League Soccer (MLS), the United States Football Association and the United States Professional Referees Association (PRO). This milestone long-term partnership will be officially launched on March 6, 2016, the first game of the 21st MLS, once again establishing TAG Heuer’s official timing supremacy in world football.
 The cooperation also includes the Professional Referees Association (PRO). The association manages referees and assistant referees for the United States and Canadian Professional Football League. In all MLS events, PRO referees will wear TAG Heuer’s latest Connected smart watch. Once launched, this watch has become a favorite of athletes. Each MLS referee will also wear a referee uniform printed with the TAG Heuer logo. In addition, TAG Heuer will also provide substitute cards for sideline use, and the brand logo is also clearly visible.
 Through this cooperation, TAG Heuer has established closer relationships with the growing numbers of fans of the Major League Soccer and the United States Football Association, further enhancing its position as a global premium watch brand, and igniting the passion of the stadium!