Gucci Launches New ‘gucciviaggio’ Series

October 27, 2012, Shanghai-Gucci is pleased to launch the new ‘Gucci Viaggio’ travel series, which is casual and extremely modern. It is designed by Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci, and has a rich product category. Meet the diverse needs of modern business people traveling around the world. Gucci Viaggio was originally designed for celebrities who often fly in private jets, and it became popular after its launch. Today, the collection has become a must-have for the modern elite traveler with excellent comfort and a stylish look.
系列 The collection has men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, and its style is perfectly between the exquisite modern and the urban yuppie. The new series of ‘Gucci Viaggio’ labels are composed of black, dark green and gray, together with the iconic ribbon stripes are also a black-gray-black combination, highlighting the distinctive personality.
In terms of overall styling, the brand’s classic style is restored, showing the exquisite travel lifestyle advocated by the brand: from outerwear, sweatshirts and knitwear to leather goods and shoes, luggage, handbags, silk accessories and gifts All products have a different ‘high-tech’ appearance, with various multi-functional details, making this series meet the needs of modern business people for comfort, speed and fashion.
The fabric adopts advanced and comfortable non-marking materials, advanced processing technology and special coating materials to make the product texture extremely natural and soft. Combining non-marking waterproof wool, low-stretch cotton, matte nylon, twill and genuine leather, it reflects Gucci’s outstanding aesthetics, first-class quality and timeless classics.
抽 Withdraw from busy work and urban life, and pursue the joy and spiritual freedom of long-distance travel. The new series is designed for vacationers with a light and comfortable design, clear and concise outlines, concise details, but following a rigorous and complex production process, only for the ultimate chic and casual appearance. Urban essential items include long coats, sports coats, casual hooded jackets, vests, windbreakers and flight jackets. The entire series has also introduced detachable and interchangeable jackets under the high requirements for comfort. Other products include cashmere tops, knitted T-shirts, classic shirts, overalls and narrow-leg leather pants.
Each product has excellent breathability and smoothness, which is extremely comfortable, and can be easily folded and stored when going out. In addition, a special storage bag for sportswear and jackets is provided for travelers to carry.
The well-designed accessories series add bright colors to the travel dress, and also show the low-key luxury and excellent handmade skills that Gucci is known for. Light and soft shoes, including men’s and women’s driving shoes, high-top sneakers and women’s ballet shoes, all black design for free matching. Soft-textured travel luggage series, including suit bags, round canvas bags, handbags, backpacks, shirt carrying cases, shoes carrying cases and travel bags, are made of nylon with the GG logo. Handbags and backpacks are otherwise small Available in cowhide. All products fit easily into the bag and can also be used separately as ‘Viaggio’ accessories.
Other accessories also include shawls, blankets, black or dark green hats, along with two travel companions: GG nylon sleeping eye mask and cotton neck protector, to protect your life on the go.
The new ‘Gucci Viaggio’ travel series products can meet the needs of the four seasons, not only reflects the intelligent and dynamic lifestyle of today’s travelers, but also highlights Gucci’s brand essence of blending tradition and innovation.
The ‘Gucci Viaggio’ series will be available in Gucci Global boutiques and official website in November 2012.