In Addition To Qu Yuan, Another Story Of Dragon Boat Festival Origin Blancpain Blancpain Tribute To Dragon Totem

In the eyes of most people, Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet who jumped more than 2,000 years ago, has made China’s Dragon Boat Festival and its customs. In fact, the widely commemorated Qu Yuanyi said that it is just one of many statements about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival. Another very credible legend about the Dragon Boat Festival is closely related to the ‘dragon’, a symbol of Chinese culture.
Dragon totem

   China is called ‘the kingdom of the dragon’, and we Chinese also call ourselves ‘the descendants of the dragon.’ For five thousand years, the descendants of Yan and Huang worshiped the ‘Dragon’ and worshipped them as gods and beasts. ‘Dragon’ has penetrated into all aspects of Chinese society and has become a cultural cohesion and accumulation. And the fifth day of May is the day when the tribe advocating the ‘dragon’ culture in the ancient Wuyue area commemorates the dragon and held a totem sacrifice-this saying comes from the famous Chinese scholar Mr. Wen Yiduo’s ‘The Dragon Boat Test’. Various customs of the Dragon Boat Festival are also related to the ‘dragon’. Washing dragon water, racing dragon boats, and even the folk customs of ‘colorful silk tied arms’ are also the remains of the custom of ‘dragon’ in Wuyue area. It can be seen that the Chinese have a special ‘Chonglong’ feeling, which is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness and majesty, but also a symbol of power, majesty and status.
BLANCPAIN Damascus gold engraving watch

   Blancpain, the leading Swiss watchmaker, presented the ‘Dragon’ on the dial vividly, paying tribute to the great Chinese culture. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao described the ‘dragon’ as a hero: ‘Fang Jinchun is deep, the dragon rides changing, and the Jewish people are aspirational. They are all heroes.’ The square-inch dial must be very complicated and superb craftsmanship, so the watch with ‘Dragon’ pattern is worthy of the ‘Dragon and Phoenix in the watch’, and the person who has the courage to wear this sacred and extraordinary beast on his wrist is also ‘Many heroes.’
BLANCPAIN Damascus gold engraving watch

   The Damascus gold-inlaid craftsmanship that came out in the 16th century BC, the symbol of the Chinese national spirit ‘Dragon’-the mysterious and peerless craftsmanship and sacredness, in the hands of the oldest watchmaking brand Blancpain, transformed into this BLANCPAIN Blancpain Damascus gold carving Craft watch. The combination of these two, in this beautiful timepiece, precipitates the infinite weight of time. This private haute couture watch features a 15B manual winding movement with 117 parts. 40-hour power reserve, water-resistant to 30 meters. Diameter 45MM, titanium dial with gold inlay, using exquisite Damascus gold setting technology. In Damascus, gold is embedded in metal. First, use a flat chisel mold to heat the surface of the metal utensil, and then use a file to cut a trapezoidal groove in the metal at an inclination angle of 30 degrees. Then insert the gold wire into the groove, and beat and compact. Because it is made of 24K pure gold, it is extremely ductile and can fit the inner edge of the groove closely. Finally, the metal surface is polished. The dial base is not made of steel, but 2 degrees titanium. This material has the same properties as steel, is extremely hard, and can be fine processed in a small range.

Blancpain China Dragon Limited Edition Carrousel Watch

   In addition to the ‘dragon’ on the dial, the ‘dragon’ on the back can be regarded as a low-profile worship. The “Dragon” totem pattern on the rotor of the back of this Blancpain China Dragon Limited Edition Caruso watch is carved in K gold, luxurious and mysterious. And this Caruso watch is both Caruso and Tourbillon. The watch critic Mr. Zhong Yonglin praised the BLANCPAIN 1-minute coaxial car Russell watch as a great masterpiece beyond the tourbillon. It is a landmark event in the history of world watches. After that, it was made into the only contemporary watch from the Palace Museum. The Forbidden City is a world-famous museum of ancient culture and art. Many of its cultural relics are unique and invaluable national treasures. It is a palace of Chinese culture with many stars and records the development history of Chinese civilization. The dial of this watch follows the design of the carnival yin and yang of Qiankun. 43.5mm red gold case, Cal.225 automatic Carloso movement, 262 parts, 100 hours power reserve. The back of the case is numbered in a limited edition. The quantity of 50 pieces in the world is even more precious.
Blancpain Villeret Series World’s First Chinese Annual Calendar Red Gold Edition

Chinese Calendar Rotor
   If we have to talk about ‘the dragon in the watch’, Blancpain’s world’s first Chinese calendar is an extraordinary timepiece with both practical value and far-reaching significance. It uses the timekeeping principle that has been ingrained in China for thousands of years, and highlights the mysterious beauty of Chinese traditional timekeeping. The layout of the chronograph dial is exquisite, and the hour, minute and standard calendars are jumping on the dial. It also integrates important timing elements in the traditional Chinese calendar, such as twelve hours (24 hours), the lunar date, the lunar month (in combination with the leap month display), The zodiac year even includes five elements and ten heavenly stems. The twelve zodiac signs correspond to the twelve Earthly Branches, which are matched in sequence with the Ten Heavenly Stems to form sixty basic units or sixty stems, commonly known as ‘sixty Jiazi’, which constitute the core content of Chinese seasonal culture- Traditional Chinese, this watch provides “relevant data” at any time on the wrist, without having to bother turning the old yellow calendar. The Chinese almanac is equipped with a new self-winding movement of 3638. The movement consists of 464 parts set with 39 gems and a power reserve of 7 days. The watch is complex in craftsmanship and exquisite in technology. It perfectly presents many time elements without periodic patterns on the dial. The watch uses a 45 mm diameter platinum case, the crown is decorated with a convex round cut ruby, and 5 hidden adjustment buttons under the Blancpain patented design under the lugs, while adjusting to ensure that the side of the watch is simple and smooth. Line beauty. Year of the Dragon Chinese Calendar is limited to 20 pieces in platinum.