Precision And Elegant Wind Longines L2.713.8.13.0 Appreciation

Longines is a very elegant watch brand, founded in Saint-Imier, Switzerland in 1832. In 1867, it officially established a factory to produce watches, which has a strong tradition in the application of timekeeping in the aviation, marine, and sports circles. This watch introduced today is from Longines’s signature series, the classic retro series L2.713.8.13.0 watch, let us take a look at this masterpiece together.
The Longines Classic Retro Series L2.713.8.13.0 watch uses 18k rose gold to create a round case. The surface of the case has been polished to present a beautiful and soft metallic color. Rose gold is not only used in high-end watches, more Is its color, more suitable for retro watches.

 The bottom cover of the watch is a flip-type design, which is the traditional pocket watch approach, and also a universal design of early military watch, so it has a strong classicism. The flip-type case back also has more room for artistic decoration.
The design of the dial is the top priority. On the white dial of the Longines L2.713.8.13.0 watch, the classic Breguet needles, highly artistic Arabic numerals and track-type graduations make the watch full of retro feelings.
 As the watch itself, the movement is the key to it. Longines classic retro series L2.713.8.13.0 watch uses Cal.L699.2 movement, this movement is derived from ETA A07 111 movement, the thickness of 7.9 mm is really ‘fat’, it is ‘weight’.
The ETA A07.111 movement has extremely high quality. It is an upgraded version of the ETA 7750. It is a high-quality basic three-hand watch movement with Etachron precision adjustment and a dynamic reserve of 46 hours.
Based on this, Longines has polished carefully. Although it is a single upward chain, it does not need to worry about insufficient kinetic energy because it does not consume much energy.

 The Longines classic vintage series ETA A07 111 watch is made of precious rose gold and uses a classic retro style design to make the watch full of classic taste. In addition, the biggest significance of this watch is that it is a simplified Weims second hand setting watch, eliminating the original complex functions, leaving only the rotatable surface in the center of the dial, enabling it to work with precision navigation instruments.
In addition, the design of the official cover is rare in Longines watches, and the application of high-quality basic movements also makes the watches have reliable quality.
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Black Technology’ Watch Capable Of Resisting Folding Screen

Recently, both Samsung and Huawei have launched their respective folding screen phones. This new form of mobile phone has aroused heated discussions. In particular, Huawei’s Mate X folding screen mobile phone is not only larger and thinner, but also there are basically no gaps in the folds. It is said that Huawei has developed this seamless technology for three full years. In addition, Mate X is a 5G mobile phone with a 55W super fast charge, which can charge the phone to 85% in 30 minutes. In the watch industry, there are also some black technology watches like Huawei Mate X. They are full of innovative spirit, and they are extremely impressive in design or function. HYT: The use of liquid to show the flow of time. Friends who know a little about clocks know that mechanical watches are very afraid of water. Once in the water, it will affect the dial in light, and corrode the movement in heavy. Therefore, many brands are working hard on the case, crown, etc. to prevent death and keep the water out. HYT-H2.0TimeIsFluid uses an exclusive patented micro-fluidic module, but HYT does the opposite. It packs liquid in a watch and even uses it to display time. From the brand’s first watch, the idea of ​​using liquid to display time has been followed, and black technology is full of sense. HYT-H2.0TimeIsFluid has two models, using the exclusive patented miniature fluid module. In the inner tube of the case, we can see two liquids of different colors, which are not compatible with each other. As for what these two liquids are, it is a trade secret. Among them, the red or black liquid displays the hour, and the minutes and seconds are displayed by two interleaved dials. The watch uses a manual winding movement created by Audemars Piguet movement factory APRP, with a power reserve of eight days. Comment: In today’s fashion of analog mechanical watches, creative display methods are commendable. This watch can be regarded as a new interpretation of the water clock timing thousands of years ago in modern times. Although it is just a watch, it integrates the knowledge of different disciplines and is regarded as the product of ‘interdisciplinary’. This kind of creativity and technology that is born out of tradition and breaks through the routine requires courage, but also strength. Vacheron Constantin: ‘Core Jump’ is about to change and want to talk about innovation. Vacheron Constantin This year’s watch should not be forgotten anyway, it has almost blown the circle of watch fans. This is the Traditionnelle inherited series dual core rate perpetual calendar watch . The biggest innovation of this watch is that it has two vibration frequencies and can be switched freely. One of the two vibration frequencies is a high frequency of 5 Hz, which is 36,000 vibrations per hour, and the other is a low frequency of 1.2 Hz, which is 8640 vibrations per hour. The watch has two high-frequency and low-frequency vibration frequencies and can be switched in low-frequency mode as required. The watch’s ‘standby’ time has reached 65 days before. The high-frequency mode has a power reserve of 4 days. As long as the button at 8 o’clock is pressed, the vibration frequency can be switched at any time as needed. In addition, the watch also uses the perpetual calendar structure. All the power of the watch comes from a barrel, which shows that Vacheron Constantin’s deep skill in driving complex watches. This watch is made of platinum and has a diameter of 42 mm. It uses the 3610 manual winding movement produced by Vacheron Constantin. Many watch friends are concerned about whether the time of the watch is accurate in low frequency mode. I understand that even in low frequency mode, the time difference of its time is ten seconds. Comment: A traditional big name of Vacheron Constantin, I can launch such a functionally innovative watch, which I did not expect. This shows that there is no contradiction between tradition and innovation. It is hoped that Vacheron Constantin will continue to maintain its ‘leading position’ in the field of fine watchmaking, and will bring us more such innovations in the future. Montblanc: ‘Changing face’ soon brings up the high-end line of Montblanc , and many people first think of Minerva. This is a high-end movement factory with a history of more than 160 years. Iterative watches is a work that pays tribute to the tradition of fine watchmaking at Minerva. It can ‘change face’ at any time, like a folding screen. On the left side of the watch is a sliding button similar to a three-question slider. Under normal conditions, at 6 o’clock you will see a slowly rotating northern hemisphere, surrounded by a 24-hour scale and day and night display. At 12 o’clock, the watch is a constantly rotating balance wheel. The watch ‘changes its face’ before and after the contrast. Once the button is pressed, it seems to become magic. The 24-hour scale at 6 o’clock and the day and night display instantly turn into a vast starry sky, and the balance wheel at 12 o’clock will also be upgraded to a Montblanc patented external frame The tourbillon is so cool that it has no friends. The entire ‘face changing’ process requires 320 or so parts to operate at the same time. Think about how complicated it is. The number of watch parts also reached 718. This watch is oversized with a diameter of 50 mm. The case is made of white gold and is limited to eight pieces. Comment: Someone always dismisses Montblanc watches when they think of them. Pens are Montblanc’s strengths. In fact, since Montblanc has made great efforts in the field of watches and clocks, and owns Minerva as a high-end movement factory, its watchmaking strength has been quite strong. Changing watches are a good example. With such a complex and innovative structure, you are welcome to ask, how many so-called professional watchmaking brands can do it? Armin Strom: In the past few years, a variety of new materials have emerged, including sapphire. This material is mostly used for table mirrors, and a few powerful manufacturers also use it as watch cases. Compared with stainless steel and precious metal case, sapphire case is not only harder but also more difficult to process. Dual Time Resonance Sapphire uses a sapphire case Armin strom to present a sapphire watch with dual movements and resonance- Dual Time Resonance Sapphire . The watch is oval in shape and the case is made of sapphire. The blue hand-engraved dial is left-right symmetrical, with the second time zone displayed. The front of the watch is hollowed out, so it looks more transparent and mechanical. The oval watch with symmetrical layout is equipped with two movements, so it is equipped with two speed regulating mechanisms. They are independent mechanisms connected by a resonant clutch spring. Resonance is mainly based on the principle that moving objects cause surrounding vibrations. For example, when the first object vibrates, another object with a resonance frequency similar to the first object receives these vibrations, absorbs energy from the first object and starts to vibrate at the same frequency in a sympathetic manner. Resonance can make the travel time more stable, while also reducing external interference. Claude Greisler, technical director of Armin Strom, even said that the effort involved in calculating and verifying the resonance clutch spring far exceeds the traditional complex functions of tourbillon and perpetual calendar. Comment: Even among senior cousins, Armin Strom is a relatively unfamiliar name. But it doesn’t matter, although the popularity may not be enough, but the spirit of innovation is very qualified. The sapphire, double movement, and full gold resonance technology make the watch a lot of highlights. Urwerk: There are always some brands that are ‘strange and weird’ on behalf of alternative reading. Urwerk is one of them, and its watches never seem to be ‘normal’. Those who like it are intoxicated, and those who don’t like it will not look at it again. The UR-111C has a different shape and is very individual. This time, the UR-111C is also an abnormal watch. It has its own distinctive features in winding and reading. The crown of the watch has been removed. The case is a cylindrical roller, which can be wound by turning the roller with your thumb. The lower end of the case shows the hours on the left and the minutes on the middle and right. The difference is that in the middle is the straight-back minute display in the middle, and the scrolling minute display on the right. The upper side of the case is made of seconds by lithography and electroforming technology, which displays the situation every five seconds, such as 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds … and so on. Due to the extremely complicated construction of the case, the movement is embedded into the case from the side. Comment: In fact, from the perspective of the function of the watch, this watch does not have too complicated functions, but due to the use of a unique, extremely difficult and innovative way of time display and exceptionally precise mechanical structure, The price is not cheap, reaching 130,000 Swiss francs. Even if you like it, there will not be too many people who can take it home. Ressence: Let the dial move Type 3 is the world’s first oil-filled mechanical watch. Ressence recently launched its upgraded version Type 3W . From the appearance point of view, many people will mistake this for an electronic watch. In fact, it is an out-of-the-box mechanical watch. The basic movement comes from ETA2824. Of course, this is not an ordinary work using the ETA2824 movement. Ressence added an exclusive patented Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS), which is translated into Chinese, which means the orbital convex system. To keep the watch functioning, Ressence subtly separates the mechanical movement from the oil. The lower area is a modified ETA2824 movement, the upper area is sealed, and the inside is a ROCS display module immersed in 35.7 milliliters of oil. Because the magnetic transmission is equipped with a dual-zone structure, there is no direct connection between the movement and ROSC. Ressence uses magnetic drive to keep these modules tightly connected. Reflected in the appearance of the watch, we will see a distinctive display. The oil and the mirror are extremely close in terms of refraction of light. The eye looks very easy to create the illusion, thinking that the dial and the mirror are almost coincident. We can also do it ourselves, let the dial rotate and read the time in an interesting way. The watch does not have a crown, winding and time adjustment are performed by means of the case back. Comment: Recently, more and more brands can ‘produce’ movements, but there are still very few creative enough brands. The Type 3W uses the ETA2824 movement, which is so ordinary that it can no longer be ordinary. It brings us an unforgettable watch. It has a taste of decay and magic, and also provides us with another idea. I believe that people who like this watch, basically no one will pay attention to its movement. Fun and fun, that’s enough. Athens: The Freak series of Athens that takes you to enjoy Freak has been the focus of attention from the very beginning. This watch does not have the hour and minute hands, not even the dial. The time is displayed by the movement parts. Especially special, but the price is too expensive. The new Freak X retains the essence of this series, but the price is greatly reduced to less than 170,000, which is the entry-level model of the Freak series. It’s called Freak X because X stands for all unknown or mutable elements. It is also a flying Carussell watch, and the movement parts are clearly visible on the front of the watch. The central bridge represents the minute hand, and one gear of the movement displays the hour. In terms of adjustment, it uses the traditional crown, which is a major difference from previous generations of Freak watches. There are four models of watches, made of titanium, rose gold and other materials, equipped with UN-230 automatic movement, power reserve 72 hours. Comment: As the ‘simple version’ of the Freak family, although the watch has shrunk in price, the design and function have not shrunk. Strong product recognition and unique display methods are its biggest cost. Can this watch become a big hit in Athens? let us wait and see.