Domineering Professional Diving Timepiece Breitling Launches A New Super Ocean Series Watch

In recent years, diving timepieces have been very popular, and various watchmaking brands have also introduced very sophisticated diving watches for the public to choose from. Among them, the Breitling Super Ocean series is known for its powerful professionalism. Each Super Ocean watch is durable and has become a loyal wrist partner for diving enthusiasts. Let’s enjoy a new Super Ocean series watch together. (Watch model: M17368B71B1S1)

Cool and extraordinary

  Breitling launched the first Superocean watches in 1957, and once it appeared, it set off a huge wave in the diving watch market. This year, Breitling launched a new Super Ocean series watch during the Basel watch exhibition. Each new watch is a severe test brought by fearless water sports.

  The new Super Ocean Series watches are presented in five different sizes: 36mm, 42mm, 44mm, 46mm and 48mm, ensuring that every watch lover will find the ideal diving watch for himself. The above picture is the Super Ocean Series 46, which is suitable for men with thicker wrists. The material of the case is different from other sizes. This model is made of black steel (diamond-like coated steel). The visual effect is more domineering, Brave, dull texture shows the male’s strong posture.

  The atmospheric and stable black diving watch with a ratcheted one-way bezel is securely fixed by the locking device on the left side of the case. It is an essential tool for diving fans.

  The other side of the crown is also made of black steel. The screw-in, double seal design effectively improves the watch’s waterproof performance. The top of the crown is engraved with Breitling’s iconic LOGO.

Black dial

Breitling brand logo at 12 o’clock

  The Super Ocean Watch 46 is equipped with a black or blue dial. This is a black dial in the picture. A practical date display window is set at 3 o’clock. The watch is set with a Super-LumiNova @ 夜光 coating. Beams and hands, the second end of the second hand is marked in orange, and the Arabic numerals are used at the 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock hour markers to ensure that the watch can still read clearly in the dim state.

  The watch is available with either a pin buckle or a folding buckle DiverProll deep rubber strap. The rubber strap can effectively offset the effect of water pressure on the strap.

  The bottom of the watch uses a sealed design to enhance the water resistance of the watch. The Super Ocean Series 46 is water-resistant to 1000 meters. The watch is equipped with Breitling 17-type movement, the diameter of the movement is 25.6mm, and the thickness is 4.6mm. It has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) to ensure that the watch moves accurately and can provide a power reserve of about 38 hours.

  Summary: This new Super Ocean Series 46 watch is very waterproof. It can provide reliable reading for professionals, coupled with its aggressive design, I believe that every man would not want to miss it. Interested Friends may wish to pay more attention to it. Watch price: RMB 34,600

The Coolest Little White Building In London, Pei Can Only Count Tourists

One evening in September, when we arrived at an old building in North London, we were told not to take photos in the middle of the road, because everyone wanted to do that, and there were a lot of people that day. A simple little white building, a common step porch in London, has a handrail for years. Metal railings surrounded a small yard, and young punks were gathering outside. The kids at Abbey Road Studios draw black eyeliner, wear nose loops, ripped jeans, red hair, smoke and do nothing, a few graffiti on the white wall, and look polite. This is Abbey Road Studios, a legendary recording studio. The Beatles recorded many albums here. The last album before the band disbanded was called Abbey Road. The four men walked slowly across the zebra crossing in front of the studio in flared pants and took the album’s sensational cover. In the 1990s, later Betty, then Victoria also sang and danced in the Spice Girls group, nicknamed ‘noble hot girl’, and the clothes were a mess. Several girls took a photo in tribute to The Beatles on the steps in front of the studio door. In 1999, Spice Girls who were popular all over the world took pictures on this step to pay tribute to The Beatles01 The Beatles are no longer a rock band, but a cultural symbol. Even if you are not a music fan, you will hear a lot of their legends and anecdotes: ● The Beatles came to China and was initially called ‘The Beatles’. The Beatles). Music fans turned the tide, and the band’s Chinese name was corrected to ‘The Beatles.’ Today someone would mention something about the Beatles, and they would be trampled into the dust of contempt chains. The Beatles ● In the 1960s, The Beatles was invincible in the United States. In the history of rock and roll, the ‘British Invasion (U.S.)’ trend has the Beatles writing. In 1964, the band toured several hotels in the northern United States, and the sleeping sheets were bought by two thoughtful TV producers. They cut the sheets into 164,000 1-inch pieces and sold them to crazy fans for $ 1 each. Today you can still see ‘The Beatles Cloth’ on eBay, attach the certificate signed by the hotel manager, and sell it with news reports of that year. The price has risen to more than one hundred dollars. ● To this day, fans all over the world still imitate The Beatles to take pictures on the zebra crossing on Abbey Road. Every fan of The Beatles wants to take a picture on Abbey Road. Today this road has a camera installed. You just have to come and walk around and put on a few more shapes. Go home and download the videos and photos of Abbey Road. ● After the band disbanded, the four split up to make their own music. One of the lead singers, Paul McCartney, has a daughter named Stella McCartney, and later became a top fashion designer. The brand once joined Kering Group. Stella anti-fur, anti-pollution, known as ‘fashion vegetarian’, gentleman character, punk temperament into the blood. When Paul McCartney and daughter Stella McCartney were teenagers, I was also an avid Western music fan. The first The Beatles album I listened to was ‘The Yellow Submarine.’ Yellow Submarine listened to their other works, always felt weird and obscure, but there are a few songs that deeply moved me, such as ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Come Together’. It’s not cool to like popular works, but this is my real feeling, and it has not weakened my interest in this band and this kind of culture. Looking at the music review later, some people said that because of the differences in the era and production technology, today’s Chinese may feel that the sound of The Beatles’ songs is a bit ‘flat.’ Today in the Western music world, thanks to their national strength, Americans have created the most amazing sales figures. The influence of black people in American music is comparable to that of basketball. However, similar to the fashion industry, American pop music often has an over-commercial taste of fast food. Taylor Swift, American Academy of Music-Grammy Awards has been working hard to protect the diversity of music types. Classical and spiritual songs are not very interesting to young people. They also select and award awards every year. Lace gossip such as ‘Bad Madness Beyonce’ disappeared. Compared with the United States, British literature, music, fashion, and movies have all maintained their own personality without overcompromising commercialization. British pop culture is not weak either. When Victoria and Beckham first started dating, Spices Girls were getting red, but their songs are usually classified as POP pops, which are disdained by rock fans. Spice Girls029 has been a bit chilly in the month, Agatha Christie, Queen Mother West, 84 Charing Cross … These fascinating London tones are getting stronger every day. As for the music on the streets of London, that is part of the life of the old-school Londoners, and has nothing to do with the singer’s face value, number of fans, and gossip. Because of the close relationship between the Vacheron Constantin brand and Abbey Road Studios, we have the opportunity to enter this legendary building this September and spend a few days ‘only related to music’. The entrance to the studio is a bit narrow, with many classic photos hanging on the wall, including black and white Sophia Roland, and a poster of The Lord of the Rings. They all have a connection with the studio. Security personnel gathered, some rooms could not be entered, and only a few places were allowed to take pictures. Abbey Road Studios For non-music professionals, the architecture, equipment, and displays are strange. It is said that the building was decided to be a recording studio by EMI in the 1920s, because many structures are naturally suitable for perfect effects in music production. In 1931, the recording studio began to operate. Abbey Road Studios is all about music this evening. At SIHH earlier this year, Vacheron Constantin incorporated the design of records and gramophones in the window. Since the fall, you can find new brand image images related to music in Vacheron Constantin’s stores around the world. The concept is called One of Not Many. At Vacheron Constantin’s latest blockbuster party, we met Laurent Perves, Chief Marketing Officer of Vacheron Constantin. He is not responsible for watch technology, but only concentrates on conveying the brand spirit of Vacheron Constantin. This time of One of Not Many, it is he who led the creative process. There are four artists in the picture, two of them are music singers. With the theme of music, Vacheron Constantin released a tourbillon watch of the Wu Lu type this evening. And Ms. Isabel Garvey, Managing Director of Abbey Road Studios, talked about the studio’s proud past. Abbey Road Studios and Vacheron Constantin have a close relationship. The Beatles recorded 190 of the 210 songs here, and Adele recorded the theme song ‘Skyfall’ of ‘007 Heaven Breaking Murder’, Pink Floyd also recorded the song here … The room has a history of 87 years, and countless legends were born here in a low profile. In the hearts of devout rock fans, this is really a spiritual space. Vacheron Constantin invited the young singer-songwriter Benjamin Clermonte this night. Born in 1988, he rose to the eager eyes of the predecessors of the British music scene. He is one of four artists in the latest image of Vacheron Constantin. Clermonte was a black man with bulging hair like clouds. He always removes the shirt from the three-piece suit and wears the vest or suit directly against the skin. It seems that this has broken the rules of the traditional British suit and has become his modeling patent. Benjamin Clermonte performed his new song ‘Eternity’ for the first time before the piano. This is also the first work by Vacheron Constantin and Abbey Road Studios. That night he sang four songs, from low narrative to high spirits. The young artist’s eyes were calm but full of stories. He has been a wandering singer in Paris and experienced despair in the trough of life. After singing a few songs, he quietly left the scene. I don’t know how long it took. I found that he was sitting at the ‘The Beatles Table’ and eating desserts quietly. 03 There are thousands of ways to open in London. That morning, we sat in an antique car looking for traces of music. Uncle London, who wore a three-piece suit, opened the door for me and said, ‘We in the UK are not so good at food, but we make cars.’ Uncle Andrew loves antique cars. German cars, he also loves, we are sitting in A red Mercedes-Benz convertible from the 1960s drove slowly in poorly trafficked London. ‘Opening an antique car requires you to have full confidence, because all operations need to be felt by people, not like today’s cars rely on everything.’ Antique cars quickly stirred the enthusiasm of passersby, and people were constantly coming to take pictures The boy riding a bicycle came over a block to talk to the driver, and the people at work also lay on the glass windows of the office and waved to us. Vacheron Constantin’s rose gold automatic models drizzle in the sky, and antique cars drive us to several ‘ordinary places’ in London. The first stop is Berwick Street, which is known for its numerous independent record stores. The Oasis band shot the cover of their album ‘What’s the story’ Morning Glory, one of Oasis’ most successful records and one of the 50 best-selling records in the world. In the cover image of (What’s the story) Morning Glory, two humble men walk across the street in the morning. In fact, the album cover was originally intended to be taken by members of the Oasis band Liam and Neo Gallagher. The two went to the party the night before, and the hangover couldn’t get up the next day. Can only be replaced by the director and DJ. These two mysterious and vague strangers became the most classic album covers in the history of music at the fastest speed. At 23 Heddon Street, rock chameleon David Bowie stood here and raised one foot to shoot the album cover. Today the place has become an outdoor restaurant, and a steady stream of fans come to experience it. The cover of ‘Ziggy Stardust’ was at the Battersea Power Station in London. Pink Floyd filmed the cover of the 1977 album ‘Animals’ when a pink piggy balloon was flying in the sky and was accidentally filmed. During the cover of ‘Animals’ during the 2012 London Olympics, people also specially paid a pink pig balloon over the Battersea Power Station to pay tribute to them. Battersea Power Station London is a city that can be visited again and again, every time from a different perspective, this time, we only care about music. An artist such as Benjamin Clermonte does not need to compete with movie stars for layout, or the influence of passers-by, and to be an outstanding person in his own field, it is enough to have a group of people who know themselves. The British love this kind of professionalism and dedication. Perhaps this is why Vacheron Constantin chose to tell a One of Not Many story in London. / end / Lu Xi’s interview notes Join readers, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]

Poetic And Luxurious Van Cleef & Arpels Aerial Ballet Watch Tasting

Nowadays, the elements of flowing beauty and vivid animals are injected into the watch design, making its design more personalized and creative, so more and more unique designs have been received by more and more people. Follow and agree. This is the case with Van Cleef & Arpels. For many years, it has faithfully presented the elegant and elegant beauty of nature. It has incorporated many vital elements of nature into the design of the watch, making the brand’s timepieces poetic and giving watchmakers a great watch Feel. In 2016, the brand once again took inspiration from watchmaking butterflies to create this beautiful Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Ronde des Papillons aerial ballet watch. The classic and poetic dial is fascinating, and the dazzling design is even more icing on the cake. Below, the editor will take everyone to enjoy this beautiful classic timepiece. (Watch number: Lady Arpels Ronde des Papillons)

Poetic magic watch

Beautiful clouds and butterflies
   Three butterflies appear alternately among the clouds on the disk, indicating the time in minutes, like a relay in the clouds. The last one just entered the cloud, and the next one appeared in another place to take over the task of reporting time. The hourly task of reporting the time falls on the swallow, sweeping from 0 to 12, gradually counting the time scale with wings, jumping from the end of the 12 time mark to the beginning of the 1 time mark (reverse jump), and repeating, explaining The beauty of time.

Lifelike clouds and butterflies

   In addition, the dial has a special display module that can be touched at any time to add vitality to the dial. Just press the button lightly, three butterflies will perform a ballet in the cloud for about ten seconds, and return to the original trajectory at the end, catch up with the time elapsed between dance music, continue to accurately time, add to the watch Don’t be funny.

Combining superb watchmaking skills

   The dial with a soft glowing sky background is made of mother-of-pearl, hand-painted with sky blue. The layered clouds are distinguished by different shades of gray mother-of-pearl. Sculpted body in 18k white gold with black, white and blue painted swallows; three butterflies showing a pleasant gradual change of color, from white to pink, yellow to orange, and from red to bright yellow. The finely processed butterflies and swallows add luster to the watch dial, and the precise processing of details also shows the extraordinary skills of Van Cleef & Arpels design masters.

Watch case display

   The 38mm 18k white gold case with diamonds adds brilliance to the watch. The fusion of high-cold white gold with diamonds that represent eternity highlights the distinct theme of ‘poetic’ and adds to the overall watch experience of the watch.

Watch dial display

   The blue mother-of-pearl circular dial has three special butterfly shifting minute hands and a swallow retrograde hour hand. At the same time, clouds in the sky are used as decoration and shielding elements, making the watch setting more natural and generous, showing elegance, The classic design concept is breathtaking.

Watch crown display

   The crown with inlaid diamonds is also dazzling, and after the sanding process, the operation feels soft. The non-slip texture design makes the watch not slippery when adjusting the watch, which increases the superior operation feeling of the watch.

Watch side display

   The polished side of the case also has a poetic atmosphere, engraved with the brand’s unique English design words, adding a unique charm to the watch, very beautiful.

Watch back cover display

   The design of the case back coincides with the theme of the dial and is decorated with exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting Van Cleef & Arpels’ rigorous requirements for details. The beauty of swallows soaring in the air is engraved on the gold case back by the engraving process. The watch uses a back-through process, and the pendulum is also decorated with three painted lacquered butterflies. The inner sapphire crystal glass is engraved with delicate floating clouds, so that when the pendulum random core rotates on the wrist, the three butterflies also dance in colorful clouds.

Watch strap display

   The watch is equipped with a charcoal shiny alligator leather strap, which is comfortable to wear and soft in texture. The 18k white gold pin buckle connected with diamonds echoes the 18k white gold diamond case, highlighting the overall beauty of the watch.

Watch overall display
Summary: The swallows and butterflies in the clouds, just like the name of the watch, dance in the soft clouds, jumping up the ballet of time, the exquisite and luxurious 18k white gold diamond case, the poetic mother-of-pearl dial, showing the wonderful Chapter. The beautiful design and strict control over the details make this outstanding and poetic classic timepiece.