New Panerai Navigation Instruments Reproduce The Classics Of The Maritime World With The Beautiful Lines Of Eilean

The new Panerai marine instrument, with the beautiful lines of EILEAN, reproduces the classic sailing boat Eilean built in 1936. Not only is Panerai’s representative in the classic sailing industry, it also inspires a variety of models. Panerai limited edition marine instruments: barometers, hygrometers, thermometers and wall clocks are exclusively available at Panerai stores.

 Eilean was built at a time when Panerai was supplying the Italian Navy with the first prototype of a Panerai watch. Eilean is the late work of the legendary designer William Fife III in the shipbuilding industry. It comes from the high-end classic sailing ship in his hands, and there are still many ships sailing on the sea. Panerai purchased Eilean in 2007, and after a long and precise restoration project, it was able to return Eilean to its former glory, the world’s most important classic and classic sailing tour event-the ‘Penerai Classic Sailing Challenge’ Showcases every year. Eilean is known for its beautiful waterline radians. It is not only a transcendental example of pure and aesthetic design, but also a symbol of infinite passion for the ocean. The restored Eilean is equipped with a number of marine instruments specially designed by Panerai to return to the sea, and these marine instruments are also the inspiration for many new models.

 The new barometer, hygrometer, thermometer and wall clock are also made of AISI 316L stainless steel, as are the original equipment onboard the Eilean. AISI 316L stainless steel is a low carbon alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. The four instruments are 14 cm in length and width. They have a black dial, which is extremely simple in design. It improves readability to the highest level and displays air pressure, relative humidity, temperature, and time. These four instruments used to be indispensable to every sailor. Even if most modern marine instruments have been replaced by electronic instruments, they are still invaluable treasures for navigators who were obsessed with the atmosphere of the old sailing era.


 The barometer was invented by the Italian physicist EvangelistaTorricelli in 1643 and provides accurate air pressure data for weather forecasting: high air pressure represents clear weather, and low air pressure warns of bad weather. Panerai’s barometer is stored in a metal box called a ‘barometer’. The barometer is compressed by the pressure of different degrees, and expands and contracts with the pressure, and transmits the change to the pointer.


 The function of the hygrometer is to display the humidity in the air, which has helped navigators assess rainfall or fog conditions for more than two centuries. When the hygrometer first came out, its use was very different from today. The first hygrometer appeared in the 14th century to eliminate disputes between wool merchants and buyers, because the price of wool is determined by weight, and different humidity every day will affect the weight of wool, and it will become heavy when wet. Lightens when dry.


 A thermometer is an instrument that measures temperature. The first person in the world to turn a thermometer into actual readings was the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius. He measured the temperature with a mercury thermometer in 1742 and divided the temperature from the freezing point to the boiling point into 100 parts. This method of calculating temperature Become a universal temperature scale for future generations. Panerai’s thermometer measures temperature with two metals with different thermal expansion coefficients: a spiral-shaped metal sheet will bend due to different temperatures, and one end of the metal sheet is connected to a temperature pointer, which shows the temperature change at the angle of the pointer rotation.

wall clock

 Time is an extremely important data for navigators of the past, because time helps to calculate longitude and thus grasp the position and course of the ship. Voyagers needed precise timepieces when they went out to sea, and this demand later led to the birth of nautical astronomical clocks. Nautical astronomical clocks are precision instruments that can still function properly in harsh environments. Although Panerai’s new wall clock was born in the era when the wall clock was retired, it is still an exquisite practical tool. Its unique brand clock face echoes the classic design of Panerai watches.

Commodity Is Valuable Memory Is Hard To Find Recommend Four Watches In Memory

Remembrance is like a gramophone. Some notes may have some noise, some sounds are not clear, the sound has changed, but the eternity is the memory in my mind. What’s in that memory? Bicycles, antenna TVs, sewing machines, sodas, popsicles, Teresa Teng and secretly in love. Of course, there was the luxury dream for watches at the time. Would you like to go back to me and look at the watch with me?

Beijing B058201205S watch

Watch Series: Mechanical Watch
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 32 mm
Domestic public price: 1680
Watch details:
 Summary: Every time we see a luxury item we like, the beautiful words in our heads are basically filled with the smell of banknotes. At that moment, we confused our senses, as if the light from the glittering objects became a pair of jade hands Waiting for us to obey the credit card. So we are busy and tireless, and one day we will feel this fatigue is meaningless. In fact, sometimes it is wise to choose a watch with a lower price, but with a heritage quality characteristic.

The Pioneer Of Extraordinary Watches Do Not Forget The Original Heart Of Watchmaking Breguet And His Friends

Mechanical watch, a legendary object showing modern mechanical technology. Once upon a time, it was exquisitely shaped and varied. It was an essential tool for daily life. Nowadays, it means more to people than just counting time. It is more about a small watch behind which countless Human wisdom and creativity enable it to achieve many unexpected functions in every square inch. Although the influence of materials and other factors makes mechanical watches unable to be absolutely accurate, the watchmakers are devoting their wisdom to narrowing the error step by step, for example: ‘offsetting’ the gravity of the watch for the watch The flywheel is an astonishing work that highlights the highest level of craftsmanship in mechanical watches. With this alone, quartz and electronic watches on modern assembly lines are already out of reach.

A sophisticated and sophisticated Breguet watch

Origin of the title of ‘Table King’

Breguet Tourbillon

   Since the beginning of 1775, Breguet has begun its development of watchmaking. For more than 200 years, Breguet has invented more than 70% of the industry’s technology. Its most representative is the most complicated watch industry today. Invention of three complex functions: tourbillon, perpetual calendar and three-question gong. They represent the top traditional technology of watchmaking technology. When the mechanical watchmaking industry was squeezed by quartz watches, the hands of the older generation of watchmaking craftsmen turned the tide and showed the watchmaking technology that shocked the world, turning the mechanical watch industry into security.

Breguet questionnaire

   ‘Any mechanical watch of this brand in the world, whether it is wound manually or automatically, has at least two technologies, inventions, patents, and devices from Breguet. If you take the part that belongs to Breguet, there is no wrist The watch can operate normally. Every mechanical watch has the shadow of Breguet, so Breguet is the purest brand of fine watchmaker. ‘From this sentence, it is not difficult to see the importance of Breguet to the entire watch industry. So when it comes to mechanical watches, naturally it has to be linked to Breguet.

Tourbillon representing the most complicated process of mechanical watches

Breguet, a family with extraordinary beginnings and brilliant achievements

The first Breguet: Abraham Louis Breguet

   Without the rendering of myths and legends, the history of the Baodi family still exudes an extraordinary atmosphere. From the beginning of the time of the king of table watches, Abraham Louis Breguet, his family has already taken the legendary steps. The talented first-generation Breguet, coupled with the efforts of the day after tomorrow, quickly achieved world-renowned results. His design and manufacture of watches and clocks, diversified products, regardless of watches, marine astronomical clocks and clocks, unique design ingenuity, making him in the watch The altar is known as the most outstanding person. Automatic watches, bell springs, watch shock-proof devices, keyless winding, questionnaires, Breguet blue steel hands, and other practical functions of watches are all created by the originator of this brand. He is known as the ‘father of modern watchmaking’ in the watch industry.

Beautiful Breguet blue steel hands

   Today, Breguet’s endless pursuit of new technology has not only been passed on to its descendants, but has also become the DNA of the Breguet brand. Although the offspring’s development direction is different, they all contribute to the merits of the Breguet family. Clermont-Ferrand, a not-so-famous city in south-central France, in addition to a few religious churches, the Michelin Museum located near the train station is also a good place. Above the exhibition hall transformed from the old factory building, A French main war fighter from the Breguet family hangs during it. Of course, this treasure is not another treasure, but a masterpiece of their children and grandchildren. In fact, among the many patents of Breguet, there were many other non-tabulation inventions such as astronomical telescope eyepieces. It shows the outstanding contribution of the Breguet family to the world.
Breguet celebrity friends
   Regardless of the first generation or the offspring, they are also attracted by many celebrities. These celebrities come from different fields and have witnessed Breguet’s development in different ways. Here are some of the famous big coffees introduced by the author!

Religious and political legend Charles Maurice de Talleyrand
   French bishop Tarryland was a French legend from the 18th to 19th centuries. He had been the French Foreign Minister for many years and was a loyal supporter of Breguet timepieces. He introduced many noble customers to Baodi and forged a deep friendship with the original Baodi. This guy particularly appreciates the elegant style and superior quality of Breguet’s work. The relationship between the two is extremely close, so Breguet can use the postal services of the (France) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the predecessor of the diplomatic pouch) to send business letters and even timepiece products when needed. Even at a banquet, in order to prove the practicality of the Breguet shockproof watch, he did not hesitate to throw his pocket watch on the ground as an example. This shows that the big coffee’s trust in Breguet’s watchmaking.

Napoleon Bonaparte, founder of the First French Empire

    This big coffee believes that everyone is familiar, but what everyone does not know is that Napoleon was also one of the patrons of the original Breguet. His obsession with Breguet can be described as affecting friends and noble relatives around him. In order to represent the dual purpose of his supreme status and practicality of the expedition, the imperial king purchased three representative products No. 38 ‘with insulation escapement’ from Breguet when he was about to leave; No. 178 spring-loaded travel clock with calendar (the opening of this type of timepiece); No. 216 perpétuelle self-winding spring watch. It shows how much they value Breguet watches. Even his younger sister is deeply in love with the infinite charm of Breguet watch machinery.

Churchill, British politician, historian, painter, orator, writer, and reporter

   In my impression of historical figures, British iron-handed statesman Winston Churchill is a serious and tough man. However, such a leader who seemed to be rejected thousands of miles away was a customer of Breguet for life. In 1928, he went to Breguet to buy a watch; but he only wore a Breguet timepiece numbered 765 for life. He often sent this watch to Breguet for repair and maintenance. This extraordinary timepiece with minute repeater and flyback seconds was purchased by the Duke of Marlborough in 1890.

The most outstanding pianist of the 19th century Arthur Rubinstein

    Such a great musician would visit the Breguet watch shop while passing through Paris, and he also owns some Breguet works. The 1682 watch he wears, with a date and thermometer function, stands out due to the extremely rare oval case.
   There are still a lot of big coffees who like Breguet watches, so I won’t give them one by one in view of space. Outstanding representatives from different fields, such as music, politics, military, and religion, have chosen Breguet watches, showing its far-reaching influence and exclusive status as the watch king.

There is a clock called Breguet

Summary: Regardless of innate or late development, Breguet has firmly grasped the pulse of the times. Creating outstanding timepieces that fit the horological functions of the urgent needs of the time was valued by these historical influxes. When people lament Breguet’s glory today, please don’t forget the arduous journey it has taken. Everyone praised Breguet’s brilliant achievements in the first generation, and they did not know the sweat and effort behind these achievements. Mechanical watchmaking and Breguet seem to be like a life and death brothers, a love that is worth everyone to learn. Here, please bear in mind that there is a kind of clock and clock called Baodi.

When The Elegant Artistic Spirit Of Time Meets The Sporty Style

2012 leaves us with too many expectations, predictions about the end of the world, and suspense about the London Olympics. The four-year Olympic year blew a strong wind of sports, extending to all corners of fashion, and also swept the watch industry. When the elegant artistic spirit of time meets the sporty style, what sparks will collide, and the sporty watch gives us the best answer.
Glashütte limited edition watch-‘Observation watch 1911-Julia Assmann’, the movement has a reset device, regardless of whether the crown is pulled out, the vibration system and the movement are continuously running, which can greatly Reduces wear of movement parts.
     Glashütte is proud of its rich 165 years of precision German watchmaking craftsmanship. Glashütte has launched a limited edition watch-‘Observation watch 1911-Julia Assmann’. This extraordinary design, limited to 25 pieces worldwide, is hand-finished in the Glashütte watchmaking factory.
    The Glashütte brand launched 25 limited edition exquisite watches in 2012, named after the ‘watch’, just to commemorate Julia Assman’s watch and Amundsen’s outstanding achievements in the Antarctic. The silver lacquer dial of the observation table 1911 is composed of three layers of independent white lacquer. The third layer is finely textured and silvery. Separate small seconds and power reserve indicators are located at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the dial, respectively, and the large Glashütte-style calendar window is at 6 o’clock. Slim blue polished minute and pear-shaped hour hands, black Arabic numerals are located in the rolled rail-type graduated ring.
    Glashütte Limited Watch 1991-Julia Asman has a round case made of white gold and a brown calfskin strap, which evokes memories of the years of adventure and silhouettes of the explorer Amundsen. The back of the case is engraved with a number marking the limited edition (01/25), and the anti-glare sapphire crystal is engraved with the date of Amundsen’s arrival in the South Pole and the date of its centennial day-December 14, 1911-2011 December 14. In addition, it is engraved with Julius Assmann–Glashüttei / SA (Julia Assmann-Glashütte / Saxony), and “Tribute to R. Amundsen” (tribute to Amundsen).
Blancpain Villeret ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch with sapphire crystal case back with ultra-thin automatic movement
    The dial of this watch is a retro flinqué lacquered surface, with multi-layered transparent blue, illusion of an unparalleled ocean depth effect. Blancpain uses a subtle balance rule to retain pure lines, and combines with Blancpain’s most classic Villeret watch, to introduce you to this classic art method of original touch.
    Villeret ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch case diameter 40 mm, built-in ultra-thin movement 7663Q (a total of 244 parts, 34 gem bearings), with a 3-day power reserve. This new automatic movement powers the hour, minute and central snake-shaped date hands, while the retrograde seconds hand appears at 6 o’clock on the dial. The hidden lug behind the 5 o’clock position can realize the dream of quickly adjusting the date. Through the sapphire crystal case back, we can appreciate the hand-engraved aesthetics of the automatic oscillating weight and the mechanics of oscillation during this series of watches, giving you the ultimate beauty.
     This new Villeret ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch is water-resistant to 30 meters. The alligator leather strap is paired with a soft and comfortable Alzavel lining. The color of the strap echoes the dial and is equipped with a folding buckle to ensure Comfort on the wrist. In addition, a retrograde seconds hand is also provided at 6 o’clock. And behind the 5 o’clock position lugs hidden behind the lugs, you can quickly adjust the date.
Breitling Bentley World Time V8 Chronograph pays tribute to Bentley’s new Continental GT V8 sports car
     The unique metallic red rotating inner ring of the Breitling Bentley World Time V8 Chronograph is dazzling and glamorous with a rich texture. It creates a strong contrast with the black dial and is very sporty. This passionate and dynamic red color complements the red Bentley ‘B’ logo of the Continental GT V8 sports car, symbolizing sport and performance, making it stand out from British cars. The asymmetrical lugs on the stainless steel case have a novel and bold design, which can be paired with the distinguished Speed ​​race stainless steel bracelet or the dynamic GMT world time rubber strap, which exudes the ultimate passion on the wrist.
     The watch is equipped with a high-performance self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and is also equipped with Breitling’s exclusive ’30-second chronograph system’. The invention of Breitling, which was first created in 1926, is amazing. It has a 30-second chronograph hand that can make a circle around the dial. Efficient and easy to read, meeting the timing needs of extreme sports. The Breitling Bentley World Time V8 chronograph watch, like the Bentley V8 engine, is extraordinary and worthy of a high-performance timepiece model.
Gucci new G-Timeless sports watch
    This new G-Timeless Sport ‘Canvas Stripe’ watch changes Gucci’s signature ‘green-red-green’ stripe characteristics with a new blue-red color scheme.
     This watch is decorated with red in white and blue tones. It is equipped with a large size surface (44 mm) and a distinctive stainless steel material and white bezel. It is very suitable for spring and summer wear and can fully reflect its sports aesthetic design. The surface of G-Timeless Sport is bright white, and the details show typical features of Gucci, such as the diamond pattern background and the iconic G-shaped shadow border. Blue and red stripes at 3 o’clock, a calendar plate, and a ‘Gucci Sport’ signature at 12 o’clock.
    The contrasting white and blue cone-shaped hands add rich detail to the watch, while the bright blue hour markers show the atmosphere of the times.
Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA GMT Watch
    At the heart of the Aquamar GMT watch is the Omega 8605/8615 coaxial movement. In 2007, Omega designed and produced the brand’s own coaxial movement around the first practical new escapement system in 250 years-the coaxial escapement. This new movement is the Omega coaxial movement. New member of the family. The coaxial escapement in the movement is used in conjunction with the cardless balance spring, which is very different from the traditional lever escapement system with fast and slow clips. The vibration frequency of the watch can be adjusted by changing the moment of inertia of the balance wheel. This adjustment can be achieved by two 18K gold fine adjustment screws on the balance wheel. This design avoids the interference caused by the contact between the balance spring and the speed clip, thereby ensuring that the coaxial escapement brings long-term stability to the watch. Reduced friction means that the need for lubricants is basically eliminated, so the coaxial movement has a longer maintenance cycle. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT watch is also equipped with a silicon hairspring and enjoys a warranty of up to 4 years.
    The Omega 8605/8615 coaxial movement is the first movement in the Omega family of coaxial movements equipped with GMT complex functions. GMT hands with shiny red arrows make it easy to read another time zone or Greenwich Mean Time. Interestingly, the GMT hand can also be used as a compass orientation: in the northern hemisphere, the watch is placed horizontally, the hour hand and the 24-hour GMT hand are adjusted to the local time, and the hour hand points to the sun. .