New Rado Hyperchrome Limited Edition Winning Time Limited Edition Watch Shines

RADO has a long history of cooperation with the world tennis world. Today, this Swiss watchmaker is ingenious and launches new timepieces, further demonstrating the brand’s unwavering dedication to tennis. And support. The new RADO HyperChrome Limited Edition Winning Time Limited Edition watch is ready to pay tribute to tennis. Add style to your wrist, both inside and outside the arena. This outstanding masterpiece is limited to 999 pieces worldwide.

 Inspired by tennis, this new watch masterpiece is the continuation of the classic style of the first HyperChrome winning moment watch. It retains a consistent classic fashion design and dynamic style, while adopting new color matching, it also contains a lot of ingenuity and new ideas in the details. The deep blue dial carries three sub-dials: a small seconds dial, a chronograph minute disc, and a chronograph hour disc. Inspired by the match point of a tennis match, the continuously running second hand disc is marked at 00, 15 and 40, and the chronograph minute hand disc is marked at 30. These numbers happen to reflect the scoring of a tennis match. The mesh design of the chronograph hour dial complements the watch’s tennis theme.

 The Rado HyperChrome Limited Edition Winning Time Limited Edition watch is engraved with a tachymeter scale on the polished bezel, making the appearance more sporty. The speed measurement function necessary for most sports enthusiasts to buy a watch can be realized by the speed scale and the second hand with a red tip. You can measure the speed based on the duration or the distance based on the speed. The warm metallic luster of plasma high-tech ceramics further enhances the delicate beauty of this watch. The one-piece case and bracelet are matte-toned and stand in stark contrast to the middle link with its shiny polished surface.
Dynamic light

 With the birth of the new HyperChrome series of winning moment limited edition watches, RADO’s signature material, high-tech ceramics, has once again become the focus of attention. In order to achieve the unique and cool metallic luster of the material, the molded white high-tech ceramics are placed in a special plasma furnace. The gas with a temperature of up to 20,000 ° C changes the molecular structure on the surface of high-tech ceramics after activation, making its surface shiny and at the same time possessing all the advantages of high-tech ceramics. In the end, a plasma metallic luster is shined but does not contain Any metal watch. Just like other high-tech ceramic watches of Rado, the HyperChrome limited edition watch has a long-lasting charm in seconds. Its lightness, non-wearing, and hypoallergenic properties make it stand out. A glorious choice for the moment.