Poison Division Takes You Around Shenzhen Clock And Watch Fair

This year’s Shenzhen Clock & Watch Exhibition has begun. As usual, it will be held in two exhibition halls of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the 1st and 9th. The exhibition time 2019.6.20-6.23 What are the good things of Shenzhen Clock & Watch Exhibition this year? Today the poison division will take you around. If you are interested, you might as well fly around and take a look. If you miss it, you have to wait another year ~ First, introduce the domestic watch event, China (Shenzhen) International Watch Exhibition ‘Shenzhen Clock & Watch Fair’ (CWCF)-Created in 1988, it has been held for 29 consecutive years, this year is the 30th. The original intention of the exhibition was to exchange trade between domestic and foreign watches and clocks. With the maturity of the market and the development of the Internet, the Shenzhen watch and clock exhibition is no longer limited to trade. With the integration of various new models, cultural exchange becomes more important. Poison divisions also went shopping for one day last year and received a lot of goods at the exhibition. What to see this year? May wish to take a minute to look at the following six major features of the exhibition: 1. Local major brands gather, Fiyta, Beijing, Xinghuang and more than 30 brands 2. Master watch gathering AHCI Independent Watch Association 3. China Blu-ray Cup Watch Design Competition Exhibition 4,800 pieces of domestic watch exhibition museum 5, Watch culture and coffee exchange meeting 6, the most complete spare parts supplier display & sales; The next is the pictures taken on the scene, the first day, crowded Just take some tidbits. Entering the hall, the large-scale exhibition venue of the brand is first seen in front of the brand: Beijing Renault Watch Fiydaruibao Marvel Co-branded watch brand manufacturers did not see much new product release, relatively few highlights, and did not put much energy. Next is the spare parts supply and cultural exchange meeting on the left and right sides. Let’s talk about my favorite time museum first. The Time Museum has created a dedicated watch area. The collection of 800 nostalgic domestic watches collected by three watch collectors from Ma Xushu in Shenzhen, Zhu Wei in Wuxi, and Chen Chuanping in Beijing is from Beijing Watch Factory, Tianjin Watch Factory, Shanghai Watch Factory, Liaoning. Watch factory, Nanjing watch factory, Guangzhou watch factory, Shenzhen watch factory and other local historical watch collections are eye-opening, among them are rare treasures. In the early 29 diamond-free version of the navy watch, various Shanghai watches, military-grade portable 8-day clocks, and the three old seniors learned from the scene at the Northeast Watch Factory and listened to their stories about how each watch was obtained. They are so high in their hearts. Among them, Chen Lao described how his first old Shanghai Chunlei was obtained: in the 1950s and 1960s, to buy a watch was not only to have money, but also to have a watch supply roll to be eligible to buy. So many things were grotesque at the time, and luck was needed to buy a watch. At that time, he was working in the factory workshop. There were more than eighty people in his workshop. One year, two bicycles and two watches were rolled down. Everyone grabbed a lottery to see who could get this rare supply. Chen Lao had long wanted to buy a watch for himself, and he yelled excitedly to get it. As a result, his luck was really good. He picked up the bicycle roll, and later exchanged with his colleagues who got the watch roll to get the first watch in his life. Look at the development of the national watch now, in fact, don’t despise him, they are also constantly improving. No country can develop as fast as we, and in just a few decades it can become a major watch and clock country. In addition, in terms of design, since 2017, the Blu-ray Cup Watch Design Competition held every year, you can see the innovative works of Chinese watchmakers and designers, and see the proud expressions of several young watchmakers when they introduce their works. In the future, we will rely on this passionate machinery enthusiast. Ma Xushu’s columnar three-dimensional tourbillon time and culture week. In the past two years, the cultural symposium held by the Chronometer Hall invited everyone in the watch industry to discuss exchanges. Hear the masters’collision of tradition, present and future thinking. . For example, “Clock Craftsmanship and Independence” held this afternoon, Mr. Chang Wei invited appraisal expert Yang Junhua, Hong Kong antique collector Yang Xiuhuang, founder of Huazhong Game Chen Jian, and Gao Bin (from left to right) to discuss their respective experiences. At the same time, Yang Lao also showed two antique pocket watches that he brought to the scene. Among them, the eight on the right were specially customized for the Chinese market. Both at the time and now have reached the top level of craftsmanship. Turn back to see the situation of the spare parts exhibition area, or Big Brother Borg put it in the most conspicuous position. There are not many new products this year, mainly the addition of special pliers with back cover and tweezers with suction function. Last year, the poison division wrote an article by Bergeon Borg tool maker, and watch it like it. PS: It’s a sure thing that the set of the new table above has passed 100,000 .. Let’s take a look at the hero. It is also a big manufacturer of watch repair accessories. Its cost performance is relatively higher than that of Borg. If you go this year, You must check in at the exhibition. The gifts from his family are very good ~ I also let foreigners demonstrate how to use various tools on the spot. In fact, the poisonist wanted to buy the chair this time. It was too comfortable to sit on. Unfortunately, a chair would cost 5k +. Think about it Endure ~ Of course there are several major domestic dealers selling various tools on the spot, so you don’t have to worry about not buying, you can order even if you can’t buy it, only the rich Swiss table is yours. Next is the part manufacturing machine supplier. Every time I go, I will find that the level of mechanization is getting higher and higher. In addition to the higher accuracy of the machine this year, automatic VR recognition has been added. As long as the part is put on, it will automatically recognize the operation, which is very tall. In addition to the supply of spare parts, the twelve-scale watch repair shop also provides watch emergency room services, which can solve simple watch problems on-site for free. The report of the poisonous division of ‘Dragon and Turtle Show Ball Instrument’ produced by independent watchmaker Xu Jiabao is over, and the watch friends who are still interested may wish to watch it in person. Every year when the domestic watch industry is in full swing, every watchmaker and watch enthusiast deserves a visit to the pilgrimage to have a harvest.