Continuously Breaking New Heights Tasting Richard Mille Rm 67-02 (High Jump) Automatic Winding Watch

Cooperation with the top professionals in other professional fields has also promoted the Swiss independent watchmaking brand RICHARD MILLE to continue to develop along its own trajectory, becoming a synonymous with high precision in the watch industry. This is especially true in fierce sports events, especially for athletes with outstanding performance in competitions. Whether it is sprinting, high jumping or equestrian, the brand has developed relevant professional timepieces to correspond with them to jointly witness the record breaking Brilliant moment. At the start of the 2017 London World Track and Field Championships, RICHARD MILLE created a RM 67-02 High Jump watch for brand friends (also recognized as the king of high jumps) for Mutaz Essa Barshim. As the sporty version of the RM 67-01 watch, it accompanies Mutaz Essa Barshim’s wrist. It is light and sturdy, and he breaks through the next new height with him. (Watch model: RM 67-02 Mutaz Essa Barshim)

Inspiration from the King of High Jumps

Mutaz Essa Barshim wears RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 (high jump) automatic winding watch
   All outstanding athletes have their own secret weapons or unique techniques, and Mutaz Essa Barshim is his light body and grasp of timing. He vacated during the game more like a bird jumping in the air. RICHARD MILLE was attracted by his perfect combination of elegance and athletic performance, and decided to make a thin, breathable watch while maintaining comfort. The unique design of RM 67-01 is selected for lightness and beauty. Based on the joint efforts of Mutaz and the brand’s Swiss watchmaking team, the new RM 67-02 Mutaz Essa Barshim watch came into being.
Light as second skin

   RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 (high jump) self-winding watch and smoother line design make the watch fit the body perfectly and blend with the wearer, just like their second skin, lightweight, slim and full of sportiness The body line of the watch, especially highlights the quality of movement. In addition to the signature features of the RM brand sports watch, this product also combines 4 extensions to strengthen the case structure.
At the same time light, maximum rigidity

   The iconic barrel case is made of RICHARD MILLE’s unique TPT® carbon fiber and TPT® quartz composite materials, which maintains lightness while maintaining superior impact resistance. Although the slim assembly of the bezel / ring / bottom cover is only 7.8 mm, it does not detract from its physical properties and does not affect various sudden situations that may be encountered during high-level exercise. Time companion. The dark red appearance represents the identity of Mutaz Essa Barshim Qatari, making him closer to the brand and showing the uniqueness of the watch.
Watch details

   One side of the watch is a crown of the same material, with a white rubber lining in the middle, and a grade 5 titanium alloy for the outer pattern, which provides first-class operation and adds overall viewing.

   The hollow dial allows the wearer to appreciate the mechanical beauty of the CRMA7 movement while observing the time. The lines of the dial echo the movement and are machined from titanium alloy plates with a thickness of just 0.4 mm. Treated with black DLC and hand painted in the colors of Mutaz Essa Barshim’s Qatar flag. The origin time mark at the edge echoes the two hands at the center, making the time indication clearer and more intuitive. In addition, the time scale and the hour hand are covered with luminous parts, so you can observe the time even in a dark environment.

   The CRMA7 movement can also be viewed from the rear of the watch. It is made of grade 5 titanium alloy. Every detail of the structure is independently and extensively verified to ensure its optimum strength requirements. It is worth mentioning that the entire transmission gear train of the movement uses specially developed gears to provide the best 20 ° pressure angle. The system perfectly transmits the torque to the balance wheel, which provides strong support for excellent precision timing performance and guarantees 50 hours of durable power.

   As the lightest strap of the RICHARD MILLE brand in history, it is called ‘comfort’ strap. It adopts an overall seamless, non-slip design that conforms to ergonomics, perfectly fits all wrist curves, and further enhances comfort. The superior flexibility can better fix the watch between the wearer’s wrist and bring a sense of security.

RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 (High Jump) Automatic Winding Watch

Summary: The unique creation method makes the characteristics that are impossible to achieve on traditional clocks appear in the RICHARD MILLE models. Continue to develop in-depth cooperation with professionals and continue to make breakthroughs in technology to create more cutting-edge charm masterpieces. This watch is the embodiment of the brand’s charm again. More outstanding, lighter and stronger, making it another outstanding sports luxury watch of the brand. It is worth mentioning that this watch is engraved with an independent number and the word ‘Mutaz’ on the bottom of the watch, giving the wearer a unique and distinguished identity and memorable significance.