Athens Manager Dual Time Zone Watch Your Must-have

In a fast-changing society, if you know how to control the distribution of time, you can master your career success. The manager’s dual time zone watch is a watch created by the Athens watch for advanced managers. The diamond-set bezel and quick-adjust button are made of high-tech ceramics, which is not easy to wear and has unlimited creativity. The watch is equipped with a patented dual time zone quick-adjustment device. You can quickly adjust the hour hand to another time zone by pressing the ceramic button next to the watch; and the window at the nine o’clock position can display the 24-hour standard ‘hometown’ Local time ‘is a must-have for senior managers. The bezel of the latest ‘Manager’s Dual Time Zone Women’s Watch’ is set with sparkling diamonds. Like its predecessors, the snow-white ceramic outer ring is used to add elegance. The eyes are bright!

Dual time zone manager men’s and women’s watch diamond style

Executive Dual Time Diamond Watch
Case: stainless steel
Bezel: Diamonds
Table diameter: 43mm
Movement: UN-24 automatic movement
Kinetic energy: 42 hours
Water resistance: 100 meters
Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass and case back
Strap: Alligator leather strap.

Twin Pairs Perfect Speed ​​dating Roger Dubuis Valentine’s Day Watch Collection

Every time I walk on the street, I will often see young lovers holding hands and wearing couples of the same style and same color. They look so sweet. However, at a certain age, it seems that love for couples is too affectionate, and it is difficult to see it again in the adult world. In fact, tanning sweetness can be both understated and tasteful. Western Valentine’s Day is near, haven’t you thought of giving a gift to the other half? ROGER DUBUIS, a top watchmaking brand from Geneva, Switzerland, specially selects its prestigious Excalibur King’s Sword series pairing watch, including a more affordable stainless steel style and a more noble rose gold style, Couples’ wrists intertwined in a low-key manner, reminding each other’s minds in seconds.
Famous couple’s small three-needle automatic movement under the brand
   ROGER DUBUIS is famous for its exquisite home-made movements, and each of them has passed the strict Geneva code inspection. It is the only professional watchmaker in the world with a full range of watches with the Geneva Seal. ROGER DUBUIS is not only praised by watch collectors for its top-level complex functions such as dual flying tourbillons and flying tourbillons. Its small three-pin style is also loved by tasters for its precision, durability and avant-garde bold design. In fact, the small three-pin automatic movement of ROGER DUBUIS also has couples, that is, the smaller RD821 and the slightly larger RD680.
RD680 small three-needle self-winding movement

   The RD821 consists of 172 extremely precise parts. In addition to the central hour and minute indication function, the continuous small seconds dial is located at the traditional 6 o’clock direction, and the power reserve is 48 hours. Each part is polished and decorated by hand. Every detail, including Geneva ripple and chamfering, is quite in place. The RD620, interwoven with 184 parts, is the same as a small three-needle movement. The biggest difference between the RD620 and the former is that it uses a micro-automatic dial and sets the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. The large and small self-made movements of the same door, as well as a couple combination of a man and a woman, also make ROGER DUBUIS’s men’s and women’s watches shine from the inside out.
The most romantic Valentine’s Day compliment both inside and outside
   If you talk about ROGER DUBUIS’s most branded DNA watch series, watch fans must think of the Excalibur King’s Sword series, which is also an indispensable style for entry ROGER DUBUIS. This series is divided into the small size Excalibur36 series and the larger size Excalibur42 series, and the small three-hand model is equipped with RD821 and RD680 automatic winding movements respectively, for couples who are addicted to love, Excalibur does not hesitate to watch The most romantic Valentine’s Day compliment for exchanging tokens, waiting for a lifetime commitment.
RD821 small three-needle automatic winding movement
   Excalibur draws inspiration from the theme of medieval European warriors, and through these extraordinary top-level watches, creates a legendary image that can fight well in the world of warriors. Therefore, the wide round case and grooved bezel , Sancha lugs, and sturdy crown protection, intertwining the common features of Excalibur watches; extremely dynamic shapes, three-dimensional sharp corners, and tension design, all mark this series of watches Create a new structure for the top watchmaking field, challenge the watchmaking industry’s traditional definition of excellence, reliability and precision, and continue to advance the standards of high-end watches.
   For Western Valentine’s Day in 2015, ROGER DUBUIS launched the first Excalibur couple watch in stainless steel. The same bright silver stainless steel case is equipped with radial hairline dials, supplemented by slender Roman numerals. The style is made in one go. The small size of 36 mm is more suitable for women’s slender wrists. The 42 mm style not only fits the trend of contemporary watches, but also allows men to show domineering and taste. It is worth mentioning that the stainless steel Excalibur Primary Three For men and women, the price is about 40,000 to 500,000 yuan, which is the most affordable price for entry ROGER DUBUIS. If the budget is higher, consider the pink gold version of the Excalibur three-pin, the case is made of the honorable and moist 18K rose gold, with a slight contrast to the silver faceplate.
   With a three-pointed lug fixed strap, highly discernible grooved bezel, and long Roman numerals, the Excalibur King’s Sword series is perfectly intertwined with ROGER DUBUIS. This series is based on the European Warrior spirit of the Middle Ages. The 36 mm model is worn with a slim fit, which is more fitted to a slim wrist. The bright stainless steel case and bezel are supplemented by solar radiation. The rhodium-plated dial and black alligator leather strap are elegant and charming.
Excalibur 36 automatic watch

Model: DBEX0460 / DBEX0461
Case: 36 mm, stainless steel / 18K rose gold
Dial: Solar radiation pattern rhodium-plated dial
Function: hours, minutes, small seconds
Strap: black alligator strap / brown alligator strap
Buckle: Adjustable stainless steel folding clasp / 18K rose gold folding clasp
Movement: RD 821 automatic winding movement
Water resistance: 30 meters
Geneva Quality Seal
   With a three-pointed lug fixed strap, highly discernible grooved bezel, and long Roman numerals, the Excalibur King’s Sword series is perfectly intertwined with ROGER DUBUIS. This series is inspired by the European Warrior spirit of the Middle Ages. The 36 mm model is worn with a slim body shape, which is more fitted to the slim wrist. The noble rose gold case is supplemented by the solar radiation pattern rhodium-plated dial. , With a brown alligator strap, add a little more noble.
Excalibur 42 automatic watch

Model: DBEX0354 / DBEX0351
Case: 42 mm, steel / 18K rose gold
Dial: silver dial
Function: hours, minutes, small seconds
Strap: Black alligator strap
Clasp: Adjustable stainless steel folding clasp / adjustable 18K rose gold folding clasp
Movement: RD620 automatic winding movement
Water resistance: 30 meters
Geneva Quality Seal
   The wide round case, grooved bezel, three-pointed lugs, and sturdy crown protection interweave the impressive DNA of the Excalibur series. This classic Excalibur 42 automatic watch The stainless steel case with silver dial is in one go in visual color matching. It is located on the small second dial that is slightly concave at 9 o’clock. It is decorated with a timeless circular pattern. Every detail is worthy of repeated taste. It is simple and practical. The function tells the beauty of simplicity.