Imprinting Beauty With Time

From Tissot’s point of view, every woman is a distinct and independent individual. Tissot applied its innate innovation spirit to the design and production of women’s watches and clocks, and took inspiration from the ever-changing style of women’s clothing. With each piece of outstanding timepieces that reflect the focus and care of women, they have achieved Women’s clothing and accessories are part of the historical significance.

Women of the Time Mark

 In 1878, Tissot launched an extraordinary product specially for Russia-18K gold necklace watch that can be opened on both sides, helping Tissot to open the door to overseas markets. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, the rapid development of the feminist movement inspired women’s awareness of awakening. Against this background, in 1911 Tissot created the first ladies’ watch, which foretold and interpreted the long-term impact of women’s watches on the world. Tissot’s respect for women is also reflected in the practical action of refuting the society’s inherent prejudice against women’s lack of technology. Tissot’s first automatic wristwatch for women was an example in 1955. Time lapse to the post-war 1970s, when American feminists insisted on a new world of freedom and equality for women, Tissot decided to provide women with more diversified watch options. Bright colors and metallic textures have fulfilled the definition of beauty and freedom and equality of the new generation of women, and have become the representative of the female spirit in the 1970s. In 1974, Tissot invited the famous designer Pekka Piekäinen to participate in watch design. Pekka Piekäinen used its inspiration for metal structure and three-dimensional graphics to design the watch, and the Tissot Finish silver series was born to praise the women’s perseverance and strength. . In 1988, the Tissot Sottsass series named after the famous Italian designer Ettore Sottsass came out. Its unique neutral style immediately set off a highly sought after trend. By 1998, a Tissot T series designed by a female designer for female consumers also became a classic collection of Tissot women’s watches because it cleverly incorporated the initial letter T of the Tissot into the strap and case of the watch. .

 At the same time, Tissot is good at injecting its innovative genes flowing in the blood into the design of the materials, functions and appearance of women’s watches. Many women’s watches with characteristics of fresh tomorrow are born. These great works have also become that. The imprint of the female spirit of the 19th century in pursuit of freedom, equality, and wisdom. In 1911, Tissot ordered the first ladies’ watch based on the feminine characteristics of the time. Soon after, the brand launched the famous ‘Banana’ watch, which uses a high-grade leather strap full of texture, designed in a pure ‘Art Nouveau style’, and quickly became the favorite of watch connoisseurs. In 1987, Tissot extended its design inspiration into the sea and creatively
The high-quality mother-of-pearl in the deep sea was used in the manufacture of women’s watches, and the first mother-of-pearl watch was born. The world’s first touch-screen watch, the T-touch series, born in 1999, influenced the entire watchmaking industry with more than a dozen touch-screen functions. Soon it launched the T-touch women’s model, which helped women run the mountains with a full set of outdoor touch-screen functions. Polar. The Flower Rose series was launched in 2005. This watch has a special crown design. Just turn the flower-shaped crown set with sparkling gems, and the petals on the watch will slowly unfold … … to this day, it is made for women The tenet of timepieces that keep pace with the time still guides Tissot. The new Huiyi series is a tribute to the exquisite watchmaking technology and feminine aesthetics. It adopts the latest revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement co-developed with ETA. With a power reserve of up to 80 hours, the Tissot Huiyi series is a wonderful testimony of women’s self-discovery and realization in the new era.

 Since the beginning of the 20th century, decorative jewelry has appeared in Paris and has become the object of chasing for the new wealthy people in Europe. In response to this trend, Tissot launched a series of women’s watches with jewelry as an important decorative element. Through 1918 The entire Tissot Diamond Women’s Watch advertisement published in the ‘Dawana Guide’ in 1923 and the ‘World Watch Magazine (RIH)’ in 1923 shows that Tissot closely follows the trend of women’s fashion. In the 1970s, Tissot women’s watch ads had quite a fashion point of view. Combining Tissot watches with different beautiful moments of women, Tissot women’s watches gradually became a must-have to meet women’s different personality and emotional needs.

Style witnesses celebrities and celebrities

 For more than a century, Tissot has an inextricable bond with pioneering women in many eras. Watches are not only accessories and timepiece tools for them, but also a clear banner that declares continuous progress towards beauty and freedom . Time confirms their infinite charm, they make the passing of time a charming beauty.

 Sarah Bernhardt was a famous French stage actor and early film actor. She made her debut in France and then became popular throughout Europe and the Americas. In 1900, Sarah Bernhardt watched a Tissot 18K gold hunter pocket watch while visiting the Swiss Clock Museum at the Paris Expo. This is a pocket watch equipped with a lever escapement for the first time. Tissot’s ingenious watchmaking technology has made this fashion darling irresistible, and finally incorporated it into its pocket. Carmen Miranda is a well-known samba singer, dancer and Broadway stage performer. She started her acting career in Brazil and holds the title of ‘Brazil Bomb’. In 1947, the star who was so popular in the 1940s and 1950s chose to wear a Tissot watch. The luxury jewelry watch she chose was set with an oversized emerald and many diamonds, highlighting her distinctive style -Noble, gorgeous and passionate.

 With innovative and classic charm, Tissot watches have won the love and support of many royal nobles. In 1921, Tissot ordered a watch for the Belgian queen, which was worn by the queen when she visited Brazil with the king. On November 9, 1960, Princess Grace of Monaco visited Switzerland with Prince Rainier. They visited the Tissot factory accompanied by Mr. Petitier and his wife, the President of the Swiss Confederation. Shows the many parts that make up a watch and how to use the retractable plotter.

 At the same time, Tissot’s exquisite traditional timing technology and innovative modern timing design make Tissot watches integrate different cultures and perfectly match various occasions, costumes, styles and atmospheres. On the screen of the international film industry, the stories of many female film and television stars and Tissot watches are widely spread. On the screen, they highlight their extraordinary taste and personality through Tissot watches. One of the protagonists of this story is Hollywood movie star, social activist and special envoy of the United Nations High Refugee Agency, Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie loves Tissot watches’ superb traditional watchmaking skills and innovative modern watchmaking techniques. She brings Tissot watches to her screen works, which is highlighted by Tissot watches. His different personalities and tastes have created classic characters on the screen.

Angelina Jolie wears Tissot watch to show resolute female personality on screen

 In the contemporary world, Tissot’s association with beauty is reflected in inviting three women with outstanding performance in their respective fields as Tissot’s global image ambassadors. They come from different countries and interpret their own personal style and attitude towards life in the same way as Tissot. As the first female driver to win the Indy Car Race, American Indy racer Danica Patrick’s spirit of tenacity, transcendence and transcendence of females coincides with the spirit advocated by the Tissot brand. In 2005, Daniela Patrick became the global ambassador for Tissot. Tissot highly appreciated her performance both inside and outside the arena and her bold pursuit of dreams and achievements.

 In the same year, Tissot became associated with Xu Xiyuan, the most well-known Asian actress, singer and host. She constantly demanded and courageously made breakthroughs in her self. This is also the spirit and philosophy Tissot conveyed to all women. The famous Bollywood actress and model Deepika Padukone’s association with Tissot began in 2007. As one of India’s hottest actresses, Deepika Padukone is passionate about bringing her Tissot accompanies on different occasions and in different moods, and Debiga evaluates the similarities between her own personality and the Tissot brand: ‘We are all adventurous, sophisticated, elegant, yet approachable.’

 Daniela Patrick and Tissot cool before the race

 Xu Xiyuan wears Tissot watch to show the elegant charm of urban women

 In more than 160 years of development history, Tissot has witnessed the change of times, and also witnessed the change of female spirit and beautiful style. Today, this kind of innovation dedicated to traditional timepieces has prompted Tissot to continue to make breakthroughs and explorations. Tissot is accompanying more modern female wearers to accurately record minutes and seconds, while also recording the immortal legend of Tissot and every woman.