Small Romance Between Couples, How Many Have You Completed?

How long haven’t you confessed to your lover?
Or, have n’t they confessed to TA?
The whole city is already full of warm sweet smell,
Let Swatch record for you
A must-have romantic moment for couples!

Sweet funny together
One look, one smile, one action,
It is the most advanced conversation between couples.
You do n’t need to say anything to understand TA’s careful thinking,
Show off your 100% sweetness!

Pet together
When a loyal and kind puppy meets a coquettish kitten
Let you feel the sweet crit.
The details on the wrist are tacit, only you and I know.

Challenge new skills together
Skateboarding, surfing …
I found you different in extreme sports,
But let us know each other more and more.

Traveling the world together
Feel this gorgeous world side by side,
Admire the breathtaking views.
The delicate dial of stainless steel sets off the emotional firmness,
Every place you go will be recorded by Swatch.

DIY together
DIY a leather goods for him, a jewelry box for her,
More and more couples like to give gifts as gifts.
It’s better to DIY a Swatch,
Use TA’s favorite color to ‘watch’ your mind and think of you as soon as you raise your hand!

Go to the amusement park together
People in love are like little children,
And how many sweet stories happen in amusement parks,
Roller coaster, haunted house, carousel …
Bring TA together and release yourself.

Learn to charge together
When you watch computer work, I return to the sea of ​​books,
Good love makes each other progress,
Together we plan for a better future.

Enjoy life together
Lazy weekend to sleep until noon,
Take a walk to our favorite coffee shop,
Enjoy the warm afternoon sun.

At various parties together
Occasionally put on delicate dresses,
His gentleman, her charming, toned watch with tonal,
Let you show a small romance in the crowd.
Start with Kai Boss
Swatch device 51 metal series mechanical watch,
Improve your party look tonight!

▲ Swatch Global Brand Image Spokesperson Wang Junkai

Use Swatch to ‘watch’ your sweet feelings with TA,
 The play room creates a unique romance.
 Hope you think of me every second,
 I can count on you every second!