Time Precipitation Craftsman ‘core’ Heritage

In the fast-developing modern city, the emergence of smart devices seems to make ‘electronic screen’ a new timing tool in the Internet era, but … this still does not seem to shake people’s heart ‘ Mechanical ‘plot.
   Oriental Double Lion is one of Japan’s leading ‘mechanical’ watch manufacturers, and it also has a very high popularity in China. In the 1980s, the Oriental Double Lion was a mainstream brand in the Chinese market. Due to the two male lions on the Logo, consumers were referred to as the ‘Double Lion Watch’ for short.

   Starting today, we will explain to you from all dimensions this watch manufacturer known as ‘Japanese mechanical tide’. Don’t be late! Let’s go!
Two or Three Things of the Eastern Double Lions
   Speaking of the history of the Oriental Double Lions, it has to go back to 1901. Mr. Yoshida Sogoro established the Yoshida timepiece shop in Ueno, Tokyo. From the initial sale of imported watches to the formal entry into the watch manufacturing industry, he established factories (Hino, Kamio Workshop), integration and reorganization (Tama timepieces), after nearly half a century of development, the Yoshida timepiece shop officially changed its name to Oriental Double Lion Watch Industry Co., Ltd. in 1950, and started a new journey. To this day, this time-tested watch manufacturer is still one of the important members of the Japanese watch industry.

Extremely simple dial
Two or Three Things of the Eastern Double Lions
   In today’s watch world, mechanical watches are the leaders who must not let down, but as early as the 1970s, the emergence of quartz watches instantly collapsed the mechanical watch industry that has been passed down for more than 400 years. Precision, low price, and small movement make quartz watches have more room to play in the design. Therefore, ‘quartz’ was the darling of that era.

Senior watchmaker repairing watches
   But in the era of ‘no quartz and no watch’, considering the long-term commitment to ‘mechanical’ manufacturing, the Oriental Double Lions resolutely chose to stick to it, sticking to this ‘ruin’ swept by ‘quartz’ ‘,Never give up. In the process, there is a special Oriental Double Lions watch that has an inextricable relationship with China.
‘Double Legendary’ of the Orient Double Lion
   The Chinese economy in the 1980s was far from the same day as it is today. Although quartz watches have been well received around the world, they have been unable to become the mainstream of the Chinese market due to battery supply issues. In contrast, mechanical wristwatches have captured the hearts of consumers in a special social environment and become a memory symbol of the times with its more stable travel time and more convenient and safe maintenance.
   The round dial, three luminous hands and dual calendar display function provide consumers with excellent visibility both day and night, and convenience. The Oriental Shuangshi A716 is a popular single model that has attracted much attention in China in the 1980s. It is equipped with the most classic 46-type movement under the Oriental Double Lion brand, and pursues extreme simplicity in design without leaving any trace of procrastination. This core concept makes it doomed to look unusually ordinary, but at a deeper level it exudes charming charm, a practical beauty, a unique branding of a generation.

Million-selling legendary single A716 (listed in 1983)
   Because of this, since the 1980s, the Oriental Double Lion A716 has accumulated sales in the developing countries led by China exceeding the order of one million, leaving a strong mark in the history of watches.
   Mastering the core movement manufacturing technology, as well as being good at combining market trends and fashion trends, and using appropriate products to meet consumer needs are the lifeblood of the Oriental Shuangshi brand in the watch world. Today, the 100-year-old classic Oriental Shuangshi is brought together. With its unique Japanese design language and stable movement configuration, it has brought endless ‘mechanical surprises’ to consumers. After years of unremitting persistence and star models such as A716 After the advent of the two, the Eastern Double Lions finally reborn in the ‘ruins’.
   Today, the A716, a legendary model that bears too many memories of Chinese consumers, has already withdrawn from the stage of history, but the Oriental Double Lion Watch continues to write its own legend in the Chinese market in a way.
Two or Three Things of the Eastern Double Lions

Orient Star skeleton watch
   Since June 1, 2016, the former Oriental Orion (Beijing) Watch Co., Ltd. has officially merged into Epson (China) Co., Ltd. Epson has always had an inextricable relationship with watchmaking. In 1942, its business originated from the development and manufacture of watches. The provincial, small, and sophisticated technologies developed by Epson in the watchmaking industry have become the cornerstone of Epson’s development. Looking back on Epson’s 40-year development history, in order to print time, the world’s first miniature digital printer was launched; in order to display time, the world’s first quartz watch was launched; in order to manufacture time, an industrial robot was introduced … Future, and manufacturing The watch has infinite origin Epson, will continue to maintain the trend of innovation, hand in hand with the Oriental Double Lion Watch to continue writing a new chapter, let the classic beauty bloom in the East!