The Countdown Function Just Comes In Handy. Panerai 佩纳海 Pam00956

PANERAI Panerai’s love of sailing and sailing is not unfamiliar to everyone. Such enthusiasm has stirred up a movement called P. 9100 / R in 2013. The movement has a countdown function As well as changing the speedometer in kilometers from the ordinary chronograph to the speed scale in knots, the sailing races are clearly set out. From now on, brands will launch new works on the theme of sailing or regattas from time to time. Recently, Pei On the topic of the Panerai Atlantic Classic Yacht Race, Naha launched its new work Luminor Regatta Transat Classique (PAM00956).

To celebrate the upcoming 2019 Panerai Classical Atlantic Regatta, Panerai launches Luminor Regatta Transat Classique, a new work with a countdown to the regatta (PAM00956)

The Panerai Atlantic Classic Yacht Race will be held in January 2019. As the title unit, the brand has also sent its own Bermuda Brig Eilean to participate in the race. The feature of this race is to gather a classic sailing boat The race schedule starts from Lanzarote, Spain, and ends at St. Kitts in the Caribbean Sea. This means that these vessels need to cross the Atlantic Ocean to complete the race. The total route is about 3,000 yen. Xiao Pei’s Eilean is obviously no stranger. It has crossed the Atlantic nearly 40 times since it was shipped from the factory in 1936. It can be said that it is an experienced veteran. In short, in order to help Eilean cheer up, and at the same time help the Atlantic Classic Yacht Race to gain momentum, so the birth of Luminor Regatta Transat Classique.

The model is based on the blue symbolizing the ocean, and the time stamp part is painted with white luminous paint to outline the clean and vast impression of the ocean.

This watch is similar to other Panerai watches equipped with the P. 9100 / R movement. It includes the same crown protection as the Luminor series, as well as the binocular dial structure. The most eye-catching differences are in For color adjustments, the brand chose blue as the main tone this time, including the face plate and rubber band, which all represent the clear blue of the sea water. In addition, the luminous paint on the hour markers and hands also changed to clean white. As for two The chronograph minute and second hands still use blue and orange, and the countdown scale close to 12 o’clock is also orange. As for the setting of the countdown function, the handle is in the 4 o’clock direction, so the chronograph button of the watch is even on the left side of the case. This is different from the ordinary chronograph.

The back of the table is engraved with the sailing course and event logo, highlighting the unique collection value of its limited edition of 150

The case back is also the reason why PAM00956 is limited to 150. The solid back on this back is engraved with the elements of the 2019 Panerai Atlantic Classic Sailing Course and the logo. In addition, the words engraved on the case back can also be seen The model uses titanium to make the case, and it has 100 meters of water resistance. As for the back of the watch, the P. 9100 / R movement feature is not added here, including its dual barrel power output for three days, and Equipped with a second hand reset device, allowing the watch to be zero distance from the standard time when adjusting the time.

Luminor Regatta Transat Classique

PAM00956 / Titanium material / P.9100 / R self-winding movement / Hour, minute, small seconds display / Flyback chronograph function / Countdown function / Sapphire crystal surface / Water resistance 100 meters / Diameter 47mm / Limit 150 Only / Reference price: 121,000 RMB