Don’t Be Convinced, Women Can Also Own Diving Watches

In the hot summer and hot sun, this time is the best time to go to the seaside to enjoy the cool sea water. At this time, isn’t it a great pleasure to have a glass of draught beer. Yes, many women want to show their best appearance on the beach. At this moment, any jewelry seems redundant and inconvenient. The only diving watch is that you can enjoy the sea, the sun and the beach with the wearer. of. Next, the watch house recommends three diving watches for ladies. They have different styles, different brands, and different prices. Buying a watch cannot be forced. Friends who do n’t like can continue to pay attention to the watch house’s models. Like Let’s taste each one.

  Tag Heuer 27mm series WAP1452.BD0837 watch with inlaid dial and bezel


Comment on the watch: Do n’t think that the sports watch is tough and domineering. This Tag Heuer diving watch is a perfect combination of sports and flattering. For those who like sports but do n’t love “girl style” watches, this Thai Can the elegance and elegance of TAG Heuer watches touch the heart? TAGHeuer Aquaracer’s popular sports features have been re-interpreted to make them more supremely feminine, combining sporting characteristics and ultimate femininity. The watch is made of stainless steel and 18k rose gold to create a compact 27mm case. The bezel with a rose gold hue has six lugs. It is a discriminative feature of this series. A circle of brilliant diamonds, Interpretation of elegant beauty, showing elegant, moist and dynamic feminine beauty. The minute and hour hands are fluorescently marked to read the time easily in the dark or underwater. The twelve diamond scales shine with the shaking of the wrist, and a calendar window is provided at 3 o’clock.

  Jianjin’s bracelet design is more ergonomic, highly modern and functional, water-resistant to 200 meters, and strict manufacturing standards and product inspections to provide a reliable guarantee. The return of the Aquaracer women’s watch brings a range of products, ranging from minimalist scale hour-markers to diamond or gold-steel watches with dials or hands inlaid with precious stones. Everything.

Basic Information
Number: WAP1452.BD0837
Brand: Tag Heuer
Series: Diving
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 35,000
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Comment on the watch: Rolex’s green ghost is not only a domineering device on the wrist of a man. When women encounter it, it will reflect a different taste. The green ghost looks more youthful and energetic than the black ghost. The 40 mm table diameter is also domineering for men’s and women’s watches. The refreshing green color brings you a touch of coolness in this hot summer. The classic Oyster case has a luminous big hour mark and a specially designed pit pattern makes it easy for the wearer to operate even when wearing gloves or in the water. The green dial is dotted with three different-shaped time scales. Even in the dark environment, the zero-marked luminous material can still ensure clear reading. The calendar display window is located at three o’clock, and the enlarged date is more readable, which is affectionately called ‘fisheye calendar’. When not getting started, you won’t find this fascinating green.

  The patented exclusive strap extension system on the silver stainless steel bracelet is easy to operate and developed for exclusive diving watches. It is integrated with the strap buckle, and combines reliability, beauty and comfort. When the watch is buckled on the wrist, Rolex’s large crown will appear on the inside of the wrist, highlighting the brand’s eternal quality.

Basic Information
Number: 116610LV-97200 green plate
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 70,000
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Comment on the watch: The hippocampus series, as its name implies, is a diving watch that reminds you of the magnificent sea and the mysterious undersea. Men’s watches are tough and bold, while women’s watches are soft and stylish, elegant and dynamic without losing their vitality. They are specially created for those who advocate an active lifestyle. The watch number is fresh and noble. It is made of 18K red gold with a round case and white belt. The 38.5 mm ladies watch is equipped with a diamond bezel and gorgeous diamonds open the omega hippocampus. journey of. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the mother-of-pearl dial exudes a romantic atmosphere. The 18K gold arched bracket is set with 11 diamond hour markers. The arrow-shaped hands turn the track of time. The small calendar display window is at six o’clock. position.

  Not only is this watch exquisite in appearance, the internal movement is not inferior, fully reflecting the advantages of the Omega 8501 coaxial movement, equipped with a silicon hairspring without a spring balance and a double barrel The two-way automatic winding system can shorten the winding time and also meet the high requirements of technical controllers for the standard of the movement.

Basic Information
Brand: Omega
Series: hippocampus
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
For more watch details, please click: omega / 36851 /

Summary: When you are not touching the watch, everyone is not cold or hot, don’t think that you are not interested in the dive watch. When you see the watch come out of the water, you will find that the power of the dive watch is so Amazing and powerful, it can accompany you to explore the unknown world and the dark mystery. Over time, you will find that watches can bring you more fun and happiness. Although the watch has been worn for a long time, there will always be some scratches, but what does it matter? This is the mark of time, which proves your experience and understanding of the watch. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)