Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Presents A Bright Astronomical Night In Beijing

Vacheron Constantin, a Swiss haute maker with a long history of more than 260 years, has not interrupted its long history. In celebration of its extraordinary achievements in exploring the astronomical mechanics and creating astronomical complex watches, it particularly presented its brilliance in Beijing. Astronomy Night, celebrate the grand launch of the new astronomical timepiece.

Vacheron Constantin VIP Dinner

Astronomy is constantly exploring the origin, development and characteristics of the universe, and has always been closely related to watch manufacturing. Watchmaking is dedicated to simulating the non-stop interaction between celestial bodies through precision machinery. The vastness and insignificance, the immensity and the nuances are like a maggot between a giant celestial body and a tiny machine. The watch is like a ‘magic mirror’, which reflects the laws of movement of celestial bodies between square inches and expresses the concept of time.

In the exhibition area, Vacheron Constantin’s astronomical timepieces show the colorful light and shadow in life.

The starry sky above Geneva on the evening of the birth of Vacheron Constantin on September 17, 1755, calculated by the Paris Observatory, shines brightly with the astronomical complex in the exhibition hall.

From the 19th century to the present, Vacheron Constantin has been committed to creating watches equipped with astronomical complications, constantly breaking through the superb skills in astronomical complications, and continuing the legend of the fine watchmaking industry. Since its development, it has become unique in the field of astronomical watch manufacturing. To celebrate the brand’s extraordinary achievements in the field of watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin transformed the Beijing event scene into a dream world. Through the physical exhibition brochures, interactive installations, historical images and a grand astronomical dinner in the exhibition area, the multi-dimensional The mystery of astronomical mechanics and the charm of astronomical watches are reproduced.

Master of Art Copernicus Orb 2460 RT

The horoscope viewing gallery full of astronomical elements presents rich images and masterpieces of watches. Three antique astronomical timepieces highlight the brand’s long history. Vacheron Constantin’s astronomical watches are also presented in space with life-like pictures. On the circular exhibition hall of the astronomical watch, a starry sky map over Geneva on the night of September 17, 1755 was presented, which was calculated by the Paris Observatory based on the time and place of Vacheron Constantin’s birth, which is complicated with the astronomy in the exhibition hall. The functional timepiece shines. Guests can also take the first look at the new Métiers d’ Art master series Copernicus Celestial Spheres Copernicus Celestial Sphere 2460 RT watch.

The performance elements of the four celestial bodies, including the sun, moon, earth, and stars, are spread throughout the exhibition hall.

The performance elements of the four celestial bodies, including the sun, moon, earth and stars, are also spread throughout the exhibition hall. As the most well-known cosmic celestial body of humankind, the astronomical functions of standard time, solar time, stellar time, moon phase, annual calendar and perpetual calendar in the timepiece are influenced by the interaction between them. The brilliant colors representing the four celestial bodies are also projected around the exhibition hall, creating a romantic and far-reaching cosmic atmosphere, artistically expressing the concept contained in astronomical timepieces-the reverberation of astronomical mechanics. In the interactive photography space with the four celestial bodies as the background, guests can also leave a unique and unforgettable memory.

24 round tables diverge from the center of the dream holographic stage, as if the endless bright light of time and space

The exquisite dining table layout is titled Vast World and presents Vacheron Constantin’s grand astronomical view

The ‘time tunnel’ created by light and shadow and mirroring is like being in the deep blue universe

The event scene was full of light, and a ‘time tunnel’ created by light and shadow and mirroring made guests feel like they were in the deep blue sky. Stepping through the tunnel and entering the banquet area, the magnificent and dreamlike holographic nebula stage came into view, and 24 round tables diverged out from this center, extending with the beautiful curve of the star-shaped track, like the endless bright light in the long river of time and space. . The image of the nebula is projected in the center of the table, scattered around the delicate and colorful ‘Chaos Universe’ meals, with unique creativity.

At the dinner, Ms. Song Yilun, CEO of Vacheron Constantin China delivered a speech

Ms. Song Yilun, Chief Executive Officer of Vacheron Constantin China, and the guests present attended the evening banquet of astronomy

Christian Selmoni, Director of Vacheron Constantin Style and Heritage, invites guests to explore the dazzling universe of the galaxy and share the masterpiece of the brand’s superb skills and arts and crafts

The dinner begins with a clear and pure child’s voice solo. The pure and distant child’s voice contains the reveries of human beings looking at the bright moon and the starry sky, the exploration of the unknown and the imagination of the universe, leading the guests into the endless astronomical world. Christian Selmoni, the director of Vacheron Constantin’s style and history heritage, led guests to experience the Métiers d’ Art master series Copernicus Celestial Spheres Copernicus Sphere 2460 RT watch through the holographic stage. This new masterpiece of astronomical timepieces incorporates exquisite decorative techniques with original time display methods, and pays tribute to mankind’s diligent search for the ‘Heliocentric theory’ of the discovery of the universe. At the end of the banquet, a holographic dance with the theme of the sky in the sky propelled the banquet to the climax. The dancers danced under the curtain of the glamorous and cosmic universe. , Mastery of astronomy and time law makes humans rejoicing. The performance brought the dream of science and technology into perpetual collision, making the moment and ten thousand years here, guests immersed in it and felt the extraordinary charm of time. With the sun, moon, and stars as its tribute, Vacheron Constantin presented a symphony of astronomy and machinery that night.

The clear and pure solo performance of children’s voices contains the reveries of human beings looking at the bright moon and the starry sky, the exploration of the unknown and the imagination of the universe

The dancers danced under the splendid and fascinating universe of stars and galaxies. A holographic dance titled Sky of the World led the guests to experience ‘the vastness of time, the timelessness of time’

After the grand launch, Vacheron Constantin’s astronomical chronometer tour exhibition will appear in Shanghai and continue to Chengdu, Shenzhen and Shenyang. Watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs can come to the scene to experience and explore the brand’s uninterrupted history and superb skills for more than 260 years.

Ms. Song Yunlun, Chief Executive Officer, Vacheron Constantin China

Christian Selmoni and Mr. Liu Rongsong