Enthusiasm And Persistence, They Achieve Their Irresistible Charm (Part 2)

Men who hold firm to their ideals often exude an irresistible charm. This charm comes from the persistence that is not easily given up, and the enthusiasm that seems to burn the small universe of life. This time, the uncle specifically brought five men with the same characteristics but different styles to talk about how they are firmly advancing in their respective fields and how to become a charming man in the eyes of everyone after walking along the way. ( Interview, Text SUNNY CHEN / Photography JOSEPH LI Licheng / Makeup BOYI) A 27-year floral career with Alton Entering the field of floral art is purely because the family is engaged in floral arts, but he did not fall in love with floral arts because of his ears. Instead, he was a teacher of floral design with his father and he did not inform him. The design competition went all the way from the preliminaries to the finals and finally won back the championship. At that time, Alton’s talent was seen by everyone, and even at that time he was regarded as a dazzling dark horse successfully rising in the field of floral art. The real main reason that made him decide to go this way of floral art was that floral design opened up a new horizon for him. He knew that flowers have a lot of plasticity and unlimited imagination. He also knew his talent and found in the field of floral design. The space to play has since opened his flower life. He was also invited by the Belgian royal family to participate in the floral design competition and won the championship again. After winning the championship in countless competitions, it further laid down Alton’s resolute intention to carry forward the floral design. Alton has said that the flower art is really not romantic a few times. Whenever he thought he was joking, he repeatedly emphasized that he was serious. He explained that the flower itself was beautiful, but too many people ignored it. In addition to the hardships of the industry, in addition to the basic conditions of appreciation and design, you must have the physical strength to carry heavy objects and the brainpower to continuously calculate in your brain. More importantly, after bearing these, you also need to have a A person who loves flowers and has not been affected by these ‘romantic factors’ and continues to persist is the perfect person who is truly suitable for floral art. The biggest difficulties and challenges encountered, Alton immediately answered without thinking. These two points, imitated and floral design, were not yet accepted by the public. Regarding being imitated, he said with relief, he would be really unhappy at first, but changing his mindset, isn’t this a way to be seen and recognized? And he believes that creativity is a talent that others ca n’t take or learn, and others can only imitate him at best, but when others imitate him, he is already making more exquisite designs in the next step. go ahead. In addition, the floral design is not yet fully accepted by the public. Everyone still has the established impression that a flower is a price. How to form a design style requires so much cost, but consumers forget What is behind the design is how many years of study and experience it took to create a unique bouquet. In this regard, it is also the direction that Alton continues to cultivate, so that the general public can understand that floral design is not only behind It’s just the bloom of the flower itself, but also the vitality given by the designer. Alton’s floral art is unique in that it uses structural design to create a shape that is different from other floral arts. He also said that structural floral art is mainly based on the two majors of architecture and space science to support the principles behind it. Flowers are combined, but at the same time, the differences between aesthetics and floral nature must be taken into account in the same space. And technology is the possibility and creativity needed to extend this goal. Take the Phalaenopsis as an example, it is no longer just a single white or purple, there are even more unexpected black and gold and other unique colors. The affirmative reason is how to combine traditional watchmaking with modern technology to maintain the accuracy, practicality and aesthetics while superimposing various complex functions. Blancpain moon phase watch (model: 6622L-3631-55B) rose gold material / 42mm diameter / Cal.225L automatic movement / energy storage 120 hours / hour, minute, date, moon phase display, carrousel device / Water-resistant to 30 meters When we wore the Blancpain Russell Moon Phase watch for Alton, he said with feeling: ‘The technological reform of floral art is the rise of recent years. The century-old craftsmanship of the watch must also continue Try new technology in some craftsmanship, to make the watch break through the past in classics, and to make the tradition and modernity coexist under the framework. This not only brings out the art itself, but also the light and energy that continue the century-old classic. The bar of Shanghai’s well-known bartender Allen has not yet arrived. The dark and quiet space makes people have more fantasy. When the night is lit, this is a utopia full of laughter and forgetting the tiredness of the day. It is difficult to imagine today He talked eloquently. He was an extremely quiet and introverted boy ten years ago. Now he is the owner of a bar. For him, it is more a transformation of personality and adjustment of himself, Love of this job Make his bar one of the most popular bars in Shanghai. He believes that only practice will not disappoint all the ingredients and consumer expectations, and only continuous practice can be timely fine-tuned and maintained in each cup of classics Level. And for creativity, he even said that he believes that without destruction there is no so-called creativity, and all creativity needs to constantly forget what they have learned in the past, and come back every day to inject new ideas and new things. The soul, in constantly destroying itself, finds the beauty of climbing, so as to find the value of continuous creation, which is also the true spirit of bartending art. He always elaborates in each interview: ‘Well, if you If you do not do your best, you are ashamed of your original intention of choosing this profession. ‘Even in his conception, he thought that as long as he recognized this profession, he would have to do it willingly all his life, and asked him when he was suffering again and again, did his original intention never shake a little? He shook his head decisively. Said that the original intention has never changed, and only the accumulated experience and self-requirement have changed. Since it is decided to do it, it must go all out, otherwise it has no meaning. Such values ​​are also fully reflected in his persistence and innovation in the bartending profession. And in the struggle of his own business management, in order to continue to improve, with the amazing perseverance that he only slept for 2-4 hours a day for ten years, he tried his best to complete the choice of his life. Chronograph (model: 5085FA-3630-63B) rose gold material / diameter 45mm / F185 automatic movement / energy storage 40 hours / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, flyback chronograph / waterproof 300 meters at the help When Allen wore the Blancpain FiftyFathoms Fifty Fathoms series flyback chronograph, he suddenly felt that he had become an operator from a simple bartender all the way. All of them weigh the swinging mentality with a courageous attitude. Only a heart that keeps breaking forward can make all these successes, and only by moving forward can we eliminate those outside voices and insist on our own choice. It’s his attitude as a craftsman. He said that, like this fifty-something worn on his wrist, when the watchmaker created this watch, he must have wanted the person wearing it to be at sea Fearing forward, you can withstand the pressure in the deep sea, and you can control the rhythm of time in the dark, just as the bartender will give wine the possibility to heal the heart, and the watchmaker should give this watch the spirit of going forward. .Samuel, a barista who creates happiness, steams milk in one go, combines milk and coffee, and swings back and forth between the milk steel cup and the cup with skilled techniques. A bright white love is immediately displayed on the coffee liquid. This is a latte specially prepared with Nordic oat milk. When Sven’s tall Samuel brought a cup of coffee, he introduced us this way. Ask him how he entered the industry, Samue l said that in the beginning, I did n’t seriously do this, but when I was returning from Canada five years ago, I was still exploring my future working career, and I came into contact with specialty coffee under a coincidence. I was gradually convinced that this is the work that I want to take seriously in the future, so I stepped into this industry. There is no relatively mature coffee brand behind it. What is needed is to implement the concept of boutique coffee step by step. In the details, too many people who first entered the industry will mistakenly think that all baristas have bright and beautiful titles. But this is not the case behind the gorgeous, coffee itself is a service industry, serving consumers Influencing the way that people around you gradually accept specialty coffee, Samuel admits that it is indeed not as beautiful as originally imagined, especially when consumers are influenced by the marketing methods of big brands for a long time, there will be some misunderstandings or It is a stereotyped idea into this industry. To let consumers contact and even understand the specialty coffee itself, it can only be achieved by relying on it. A little bit of hard work, patience and love are the long-term measures to make this road continue. Persistence is the only rule. Everyone will still wonder, what is the difference between specialty coffee and big brand coffee? Samuel explained that the selection of coffee beans in premium coffee is more sophisticated and cares about the details than the big brand coffee. Just like wine, it is selected from the production environment and year of the production area, and then blended according to the characteristics of the coffee beans or Is to make a single extraction. The other major element is the experience of the barista. From roasting to making a cup of coffee, the taste and style are different from those of the big brand coffee. In the established SOP, fine-tuning or occasionally making a cup of coffee without following the script I hope to bring consumers the original taste of coffee, and then find the most suitable customized coffee in sharing and communicating with the barista. Asked him to visit so many countries to inspect different coffee markets, what are the most impressive to him? Samuel thought and said: As he observes, he believes that the coffee markets of Italy and Copenhagen in northern Europe are the two most contrasting coffee market representatives; coffee for Italy represents the root of tradition and integration into life. I never thought of changing or creating a new style of drinking, and Copenhagen is a new way of expressing fashion and early adopters for coffee sets. From roasting to production, we are constantly pursuing the most innovative methods to affect the market and consumers. It is also the original taste of coffee beans. For him, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and what he wants to do is to combine tradition with novel models and push them to the Chinese market, so that consumers can find creative ways to taste the most in traditional culture. Only in this way, the original flavor will not be eliminated by the fast-moving market. On the contrary, it will have a unique pace and continue to explore this unknown field. Blancpain Villeret Classic Series Two-Hour Full-Calendar Moon Phase Watch (Model: 6676112755B) Stainless Steel / Diameter 40mm / Cal. 67A5 Automatic Movement / Hour, Minute, Full Calendar, Moon Phase, Dual-Time Display / Waterproof 30 Mi Samuel also said that, in fact, this is just like a watch. Every 100 years ago, everyone made a watch according to a pattern. Because they need to watch the behavior pattern of time, they create watches. But in modern times, there are many ways to watch time. The watch has jumped out of the single role of watching time, and added more functions and designs. With traditional needs and modern ornamental features, the century-old foundation of the watch can move forward steadily.

World Watch Blancpain Watch Charm

Blancpain has a long history, by Mr. Jehan-Jacques Blancpain
Founded in 1735, it has a history of nearly 300 years and is known as ‘the founder of classic timepieces’.
Blancpain is one of the few brands in the industry that designs, develops, manufactures, assembles and sells movements and watches completely independently from A to Z. It continuously leads the development of the mechanical watch industry and is a model of Swiss high-end mechanical watchmaking. .

   Blancpain respects and follows the manual method of mechanical watch manufacturing, and insists on the production of manual mechanical watches. Since founder Jehan-Jacques
Starting from Blancpain, each of Blancpain’s top sophisticated mechanical watches is entirely handmade and inspected by the watchmaker, engraved with numbers, signatures, and numbers are independent numbers. This tradition has continued since its birth. to date.

   Blancpain-‘the founder of classic timepieces’, always embraces the unwavering faith in time and watchmaking, forges extraordinary watchmaking ability, adheres to a low-key, frank, pragmatic brand attitude, The cornerstone, advocating a refined and elegant lifestyle, condensing emotions, arts and culture into a vital and beautiful pursuit in human life.

   So far, although the watch industry does not have any official ranking, in many rankings, Blancpain has always been ranked in the world’s ‘top ten watches’. In the Hurun Report from 2008 to 2013, Blancpain won the ‘Most Favored Complication Watch’ award for six consecutive years!

   In 1735, Mr. Jehan-Jacques Blancpain founded a watchmaking workshop in the Vallee de Joux in the western Switzerland.
It is not only the world’s first registered watch brand, but also marks the Swiss watch industry’s transition from the ‘artisan era’ to the ‘brand era’.

   Since 1735, Blancpain has promoted the development of the mechanical watchmaking industry, while adhering to the traditional craftsmanship passed down by the founder, making it timeless.

Vacheron Constantin Opens Its First Store In Singapore

This unique Vacheron Constantin store opened in Singapore this time is located in the luxurious Marina Bay Sands Shopping Plaza. The opening ceremony was attended by (from left to right) David Heng, Vacheron Constantin Director of Vacheron Constantin in Southeast Asia; Yann Bouillonnec, Managing Director of Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific; Juan-Carlos, CEO of Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin; Marc Guten Vacheron Constantin Marketing Director Vacheron Constantin; and Dominique Bernaz, Vacheron Constantin Retail Director Vacheron Constantin.

 The design of the Singapore store has maintained the style of the first Vacheron Constantin boutique in the heart of Geneva, with the same impeccable aesthetic design. This new boutique offers a fairly spacious space covering a total area of ​​1,600 square feet, providing a good environment for everyone who is dedicated to watch appreciation and collection. The enthusiastic and elegant interior design complements each other, integrating precious materials such as wood, marble and leather, and the warm, intimate and peaceful atmosphere faithfully reflects the spirit of the brand. In addition to high-quality after-sales service and other equally excellent multiple services, the specialty store also introduced the design and manufacturing results and unique boutique styles in Geneva.

 A total of 150 celebrities from around the world attended the opening ceremony, and all had the opportunity to admire the antique clocks and precious cultural relics belonging to Vacheron Constantin, as well as contemporary classics. During the event at KuDeTa that night, a quite prestigious venue with unique Singapore rooftop views was provided, along with a bossa nova trio and a percussion band with fantastic musical effects.

Original source: Vacheron Constantin-www.vacheron-constantin.com

Exquisite Guilloché Pattern Roger Dubuis Hommage Automatic Winding Watch Real Shot

Attention Roger Dubuis Experts at Roger Dubuis are constantly amazed by their ability to combine traditional and exquisite craftsmanship with modern cutting-edge watchmaking techniques. In this spirit, they are full of charm And a variety of distinctive styles. Hommage Automatic combines traditional and modern elements to show its creativity, making watch lovers feel at ease and novel at the same time.

   The basis of this watch’s unique design is its RD620 self-winding movement, which has a stable vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and is the representative of Roger Dubuis’s new generation of movements. This self-winding movement is designed, developed and manufactured in-house and meets the strict standards of the Geneva Seal. It is characterized by special-shaped splints, springs and levers, as well as a miniature rotor that is one of Roger Dubuis’s representative works. All components have been hand-refined and of superb quality, so the sapphire crystal on the 42 mm diameter case back is engraved with the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis on metal, symbolizing the special pride of the watch factory.
   Roger Dubuis strictly adheres to the tradition of bringing modern style to tradition, and combines the same color matching and color contrasting methods, not only showing them on the watch bezel, minute scale ring and guilloché pattern. Among them, it is also applied to the design of chronograph laps, markings and numbers. These classic design elements that belong to classic watchmaking are reinterpreted in a brand new contemporary form, expressing Roger Dubuis’s unique artistic vision, while also improving the readability and visual appeal of reading.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
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