Radar Watch Honored 2014 ‘world Design Capital’ Cape Town ‘world Design Partner’

(Linno, Switzerland – January 2014) As a supporter of design projects, a promoter of young talents and winners of 30 international design awards through the ‘RADO Rado Star Competition’, Swiss radars have long been known for their close links with the field of design. Today, Radar of Switzerland has announced that it has become the official ‘World Design Partner’ of the well-known ‘World Design Capital’ event, which will be held in Cape Town in 2014 and has been ‘New Year’s Eve’ on December 31, 2013 Cape Town Design Campaign.

 Cape Town stands out from its many strong rivals as the latest ‘Design Capital of the World’ selected by the International Association of Industrial Design Societies (ICSID). This is another city that won this honor after Helsinki, Seoul, and Turin. The ‘World Design Capital’ is selected every two years, and the project lasts a whole year.

 The World Design Capital recognizes the value of design thinking and is committed to using design as a tool for social, cultural and economic development.

Committed to design

 As a ‘world design partner’, the pioneering brand RADO will participate in many projects in South Africa in 2014, including iconic special events. As part of this plan, the Swiss Rado brand image will also be unveiled in Cape Town in 2014 and appear on promotional materials.

 Speaking of partnerships, Matthias Breschan, RADO Global President of Rado, said: ‘It is well known that Rado watches not only pay great attention to and support young talents in the design field, but our products are also known for their unique designs. We have won design awards. We are convinced that this new partnership with the ‘World Design Capital’ will help promote design as a concept that everyone can understand, and fully demonstrate the Swiss radar’s design in various forms contribution.’