Rolex Has Introduced The Strictest Policies, Can It Curb The Rising Market?

Players should already know that recently, in order to curb the irrational rise of watch prices, Rolex released the latest policy. The new policy includes four items, all of which are to combat the hoarding and resale of Rolex watches in order to stabilize and healthy the Rolex market. The four policies are as follows:
 1. When selling, remove all protective film (case, strap, bezel, bottom cover) of the watch.
 2. When selling, adjust the strap to the length suitable for the wrist of the customer.
 3. When selling, fill in the buyer’s name and date on the insurance card. If the customer refuses to fill in personal information due to privacy reasons, the insurance card must also fill in XXXX.
 4. At the time of sale, the plastic packaging box cannot be given to the purchaser (the new watches of Rolex and Tudor were originally in plastic boxes and separate from the watch box).

Rolex Daytona 116500 is the most powerful Rolex in the past two years.
 Players may remember that in fact, Rolex released a similar policy not long ago. After a short time, Rolex released a stricter and more detailed management policy, which reminds me of the country’s continuous strict control policy last year. In order to curb the rise in housing prices, we can see that the attitude is resolute and the intensity is great. Under strict government, can it restrain the irrational rise of Rolex in the market?
Under Rolex’s strict government, one part can be suppressed, but the other part cannot be suppressed.
 In the past year, Rolex’s market has increased tremendously. The actual price of the popular watch market and the official public price are huge. The actual price has greatly exceeded the public price, and there are a lot of bubbles. There are several Rolexes in the market, and the introduction of Yan Zheng will definitely have a certain effect. Let’s look at the part that can be suppressed first.

New Rolex DD watch with full film code.
 Hot Rolex is mainly circulated in the secondary market due to long-term shortage of counters. There are several Rolexes in the secondary market, one of which is a new full set of unteared films with full film codes. The new full set of film codes shows that in addition to the complete box, accessories and warranty card, the watch also contains the original Rolex film, and the side of the case also has a two-dimensional code. Wrapped with film means that this is a new watch that has never been ‘broken.’ This complete set of new watches with original film is the most expensive watch on the secondary market. For example, Rolex’s steel shell Daytona is 116,500 hot fried, the actual price is 130,000 to 150,000, and the new full set of 116500 is the top price of the inevitable price, which is the most expensive. According to Rolex’s strict policy, watches must be torn off films when they go out of the counter. Therefore, with the strict implementation of the film tearing policy, in the future, this brand new full-film full-length Rolex will “no longer exist”, so the “bubble” on this layer of the new full-film full-film will be eliminated. The top part will be cut off. Rolex Yanzheng will curb this part of the rise.

New Rolex Skywalker watch with full film code.
The following is the part that cannot be suppressed.
 In fact, after Rolex released similar policies, some changes have taken place in Rolex’s secondary market. Players who are familiar with the market know that many of the popular Rolexes currently circulating in the secondary market are complete watches that have been torn film, filled with warranty cards, and cut through the bracelet. In other words, they are watches that comply with Rolex’s 4 policies. Theoretically, these Rolexes with the film torn off, the date of the warranty card, and the strap cut are already part of the second watch, but this cannot suppress the high market of popular Rolexes. Because, in the secondary market, that layer of film has little meaning, and now the standard for judging Rolex’s new watch is the guarantee card date. Even if the date is near, it is a ‘new watch’. If the date is far away, it is an old watch. As for the bracelet, as long as it is full length, it doesn’t matter if you cut it down, as long as it is cut and saved. For example, the actual price of the insurance card in 2018 was 116,500 yuan, the insurance card in 2017 will be a little lower, and the insurance card in 2016 will be a little lower. Now the actual price of the Rolex Hot List is mainly determined by the insurance card date.

A complete set of Rolex Daytona 116500 with film tearing, chain cutting and insurance card filling.
 Popular Rolexes will have this ‘used’ price greater than the ‘new watch’ price (public price). The root of the problem is that the demand is much greater than the supply, and people’s interest in the spot is far greater than the interest in futures (counter line up), so they are willing to increase prices. So this is part of Rolex’s strict politics.

A complete set of Rolex 126334 with tear film, chain cutting and insurance card.
Some bubbles are inevitable.
 Some bubbles in hot items are unavoidable. In addition to Rolex, Patek Philippe’s Nautilus, Grenade, Omega’s Snoopy Speedmaster, Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak, offshore models are all hot fried tables. For example, in addition to watches, LV presbyopia handbags, Toyota’s Elfa are hot items with increased prices, and even Nike Adi’s sneakers are often fired, with a bubble high.

LV new jelly presbyopia handbag, Toyota Elfa are hot items with increased prices.
 Before Patek Philippe cancelled the double seal of the watch, the watch had to be cut off when leaving the counter; foreign LVs were bought with a passport, and there was a limit on the number of bags that a passport could buy per day. Rolex, Patek Philippe, and LV each have policy controls, but the effects are limited. One of the main reasons is that the control policies have not substantially affected the interests of buyers.
 Rolex tore the film and filled the guarantee card; Patek Philippe cut the seal and dropped the name of others. It did not affect the people who bought watches in the secondary market. For hot products, it did not matter whether there was a film or not Own name. When the hot watch is in hand, it’s OK.

Patek Philippe 5350 with double seal.
 I boldly imagine here, pay attention, just imagine. If Rolex and Patek Philippe stipulate that the name on the watch warranty card must be the same as that on my ID card (or passport), the warranty will not be given if the name is not correct. If there is such a policy, then the value of popular labor and popular PP in the secondary market will fall, because this really affects the interests of watch buyers in the secondary market.
 Rolex, Patek Philippe, LV and other brands, these methods are not unexpected, but need not be used. If you really cut it down, pierce the bubble, and cut off the secondary market, then the brand will be cold. If you really suppress the secondary market of your brand, you will break your own path. If a watch goes down in the secondary market, it will also be very depressed in the primary market. No one will use ‘kill tricks’ on themselves, leaving room for them. Therefore, some people say that Rolex has introduced strict policies to reduce temperature in order to better heat up. I feel right.

Patek Philippe Nautilus is even hotter than Rolex.
The problem of supply and demand can only be solved on the basis of supply and demand.

Many large cities in China have a policy of restricting car purchases. Beijing has very strict restrictions. Gasoline vehicle indicators can only be shaken. The chance of shaking is extremely low, and it is almost impossible to shake. Electric vehicle indicators can only line up. Those who do not have a car-buying indicator have the situation of renting someone else’s indicator and buying someone else’s indicator (of course, this is not legally guaranteed and is not allowed by law). Similarly, the supply of Rolex’s popular watches is far from meeting the demand, and there will inevitably be hoarding, reselling, and hot money influx. The stringent policies introduced by Rolex have indeed produced some effects. For example, there are very few full-film watches and blank insurance cards are gone, but the overall secondary market situation has limited impact. The problems caused by the imbalance between supply and demand can only be solved at the source of supply and demand. But don’t forget that luxury goods are scarce. If the supply is opened, it will not be Rolex, Patek Philippe, LV.

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