Alec Monopoly Appears In Klein Montana

TAG Heuer’s art master Alec Monopoly appeared in Klein Montana to complete the week of #DontCrackUnderPressure (Don’t be afraid of challenge, achieve self)!

Bel Air Fine Art gallery
   Coinciding with the arrival of TAG Heuer’s art master Alec Monopoly in Switzerland, the brand has specially partnered with its retailer Héritage Boutique to hold a cocktail party at Klein Montana’s Bel Air Fine Art Gallery, while Mr. Beaver and Alec Monopoly was present.

Alec Monopoly painting on the facade

Two unique works by Alec Monopoly

   The event began at Héritage Boutique, where 130 guests witnessed Alec Monopoly impromptu painting on the exterior wall. They then moved to the gallery to admire Alec’s five unique graffiti works that have already been sold.

Alec Monopoly and his work

Mr Beaver’s Cheese Sharing Ceremony

   This #DontCrackUnderPressure (Fear No Challenge, Achieve Yourself) moment ends with a traditional cheese sharing ceremony.

Paris Grand Mercure ‘pigeon Egg’ Diamond Full Set With ‘gem Nebula’ Watch

Since ancient times, women have never lacked their love for diamonds. In any age, ‘the diamond is forever, and one will be forever.’ The vow never changes, even if it is set on a timer, It also represents women’s love for time. It is worth mentioning that the world premiere of the Grand Mercure Paris “Dove Egg” full of diamonds and “Gem Nebula” has triggered a competition full of luxury watches. The Grand Mercure Paris Pigeon Egg Series 2012 launched the film festival commemorative gem nebula full diamond watch, using diamond white and bezel-set ruby ​​red to give people a sense of luxurious luxury.
     This time, it embodies one of the hand-made skills of Grand Mercure Paris in a snowflake-like setting, allowing diamonds to be arranged into the most dazzling galaxy at a density that cannot breathe. Although the snowflake-style setting is a well-established setting technique of the Grand Mercure Paris, this section is special because the setter only places the diamonds one by one based on the watch itself or the pattern that needs to be set. Beautiful diamonds of various diameters are paved on precious metal. As the diamonds are rubbed against each other on the metal surface, the work of the mosaic artist is gradually presented.
     The Chaumet diamond watch uses 12 poetic changes on the spider web dial to tell the temptation game of bees and spiders. A jewellery drill: 552 precious and semi-precious stones form a network of more than 9 carats. This net of black and white diamonds is eye-catching.
     A bee and a spider crawled on this colored gemstone-decorated web: amethyst, topaz, yellow, pink and blue sapphires. The choice of gem cutting-diamonds use bright cuts, while other gems use round or curved cuts, or the choice of gemstone colors, all presenting the idyllic design of this watch.
    Blue balloon watch dial set with 11 diamond watches Cartier’s award ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’ gives the blue balloon watch series more possibilities. Carefully selected top-quality diamonds, inlaid craftsmanship, and flawless gorgeous designs have turned the blue balloon watch into a woman’s favorite darling. Precious diamonds set precisely at eleven time-marked points on the dial, like the dazzling stars in the dark blue night sky, guide the pace of time in the light. The diamond on the dial and the sapphire on the crown unexpectedly met, and on the square inch wrist, a pair of beautiful pictures like stars holding the moon was drawn. The clear diamonds set on the dial, paired with rose gold or crocodile leather straps, convey a totally different and striking style. The new upgraded version of the constellation series released by Omega presents an extremely eye-catching new model. The watch has a diameter of 27 mm, and the case and bracelet are made of 18K red gold and stainless steel. The 18K red gold polished bezel is set with 132 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.5 carats. The dazzling blue PVD dial features a sun rays pattern from the star emblem at 6 o’clock, 12 single-cut diamonds with hour markers, and a total weight of 0.12 carats. The 18K gold polished hour and minute hands are covered with a white luminous layer to ensure that the time can be easily read under any light conditions. Powering this constellation is the Omega 1376 quartz movement, a acclaimed movement for its high accuracy.