Tissot ‘meida Series’ Necklace Wall Watch Introduction

Adhering to the spirit of innovation, incorporating various popular elements and fashionable decoration into its watchmaking process, and designing high-quality products for different occasions, Tissot launched the ‘Meida series’ necklace hanging watch. This is a necklace watch specially created for modern ladies. The timepiece is integrated into the jewelry design, and the watch is transformed into a necklace-like elegant decoration, which shows the fashion sense of Tissot designers. This wall watch uses the very individual design to show the unique creativity of the watchmaker. The entire dial is set on a delicate aluminum decorative plate, like a pearl lying in a mussel. The designer painted a free golden retro pattern on the other side of the decorative plate, depicting the beauty of a phoenix-like nipple. Above the decorative plate is a stylish black silicone rope with a necklace buckle that can be hung on the chest for free interpretation of fashion.