± 1s, A Watch Suitable For The Elderly

Citizen launched the world’s most accurate quartz watch with an annual error of ± 1s. It is said that the quartz watch is accurate, but it does not mean that there is no error in the quartz movement. The temperature of the external environment will affect the vibration frequency of the quartz crystal of the movement, and its perfect temperature is 20 °. However, in real life, the temperature changes at any time, so errors will occur. Generally speaking, the monthly error of quartz movement is about 10 seconds. To solve this problem, a good quartz movement will have double quartz. The first quartz is responsible for traveling, the second is responsible for sensing the temperature and correcting the first. This technology can reduce the annual error to 5 seconds, which is also called ‘temperature compensation’. 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous Japanese watch brand Citizen. To this end, the brand launched a quartz pocket watch, which achieved an annual error of ± 1 second without relying on radio time and GPS calibration. Precision quartz watch. ‘ To achieve such a high level, Citizen not only uses dual quartz temperature compensation technology, monitors the temperature and adjusts it in real time every minute, but also implements ‘shock cancellation’ and ‘automatic calibration’ of the stepper motor inside the movement. ‘. However, it was announced last year that it was just a sample, used by the brand for promotional purposes, and not for public sale. This year, Citizen finally launched a mass production version of its watch product Calibre 0100. With a 37.5 mm case, it has a simple design. According to the material and dial, it is divided into three models: 18K white gold case + ivory white dial, limited to 100 pieces, priced at about RMB 112,000; titanium alloy case + black plate + titanium alloy strap, limited to 500 Pieces, priced at about 50,000 yuan; titanium alloy case + mother-of-pearl dial + titanium alloy, limited to 200 pieces, priced at about 50,000 yuan. In addition to the ‘dual quartz temperature compensation technology’ mentioned earlier, the fundamental mystery of this Citizen’s annual error of ± 1s lies in the combination of ‘special vibration crystal’ and ‘photodynamic energy’. The crystal frequency of the traditional standard quartz movement is 32768 Hz, and this Calibre 0100 uses a special ‘AT-cut crystal’, which increases the vibration frequency by 8388608Hz, which is 256 times that of the traditional mechanical movement, which is faster than the mechanical watch Million times. At the same time, Citizen uses the brand’s iconic Eco-Drive light kinetic energy technology to convert light into electricity, continuously charge the watch, and provide energy for the high-oscillation frequency with high power consumption. This Calibre 0100 quartz watch does not need to be wound up every day like a manual mechanical watch, nor does it need to guarantee the amount of activity like an automatic mechanical watch. The annual error is only ± 1s. Easy to use, it can be said that it is very suitable for elderly wear! Everyone says buy it back and give it to the elders, okay? —END —