Release Your Inner Naivety! Swatch’s Fantasy Fairy Tale Journey, Roaming Fantasy Fairyland

In childhood, the happiest thing is to swim in wonderful fairy tales. Years have changed our faces, but we can’t hide the fantasy colors of the fairy tale world in memory. Uncle Depp’s crazy hatter, Queen Blanchet’s Cinderella stepmother, Uncle Hawkeye’s Hansel and Gretel-these days, fairy tales are making a comeback, the magic is undiminished-will never be tiresome It’s a fairy tale! And Swatch, who knows the magical charm of fairy tales, has opened a door to those wonderland. A journey of roaming dreams is about to start!
Long time ago series

Queen of Hearts (GR165) X Cheshire Cat (SUOW125)
   Remember the queen of hearts in Alice’s dreamland? She was just as arrogant as a two-year-old child, but her true temperament and red hearts longing for love were moving. The high weight of her is not everything. When she meets a Cheshire cat that can only disappear out of nothing, she can only stare with a beard and stare. As a child, did you ever think of turning Cheshire cats into your own pet?
   This season, Swatch sealed the queen of Hearts and the smile of the Cheshire Cat on a small screen. Maybe one day you will meet them in a dream and throw them at each other!

Twin Fat Brothers (SUOB129) X Long Nose (GW176)
   When Alice came to the underground world, the twin plump twin brothers were her guides. They are naive and naive, but they speak like riddles and always disagree. The long nose is comparable to their cuteness. Although the long nose may reveal your secrets, his dull eyes may sell him if he is not careful!
   Want to wear striped shirts and bib for twins? Want to see a cute look with a long nose that doesn’t speak?
   Hurry up and take a look in Swatch’s fairyland, there will be a surprise you want!

Bat Night Walk (SUOB130) X Vampire (GB294)
   The night is coming, boo ~ Alice’s wonderland is about to become a nightwalker’s land. The bats hovered in the sky for a day, their eyes flickering in search of food. The mysterious Duke of Vampires also smelled the darkness and was baptized in the moonlight. The white fangs and pale faces made people excited and thrilled in the darkness.
   The night story continues. The iconic bats on Swatch’s Night Watch (SUOB130) and the fangs on the vampire (GB294) seem to be planning a secret operation at night, telling a wonderful inside story …
   A long, long time ago, life is a fairy tale, full of possibilities. You always want more plots, more magic, and experience more different lives in front of and behind the scenes … Follow Swatch’s fairy tales and let the children’s hearts remain untouched. You find the taste of childhood in the world of watches!

Fun And Poetic Lv Time Flying Jewelry Watch

Does the watch need an hour hand? Not necessarily, just like this year’s flagship Vamboton Tambour Spin Time GMT watch, with a unique hour tab display, this is a re-interpretation ‘Time’ watch.

LV Time Spinning Jewellery Watch
XL oversized (44mm) men’s watch in platinum with leather strap, powered by a self-winding mechanical movement

LV Time Spinning Jewellery Watch
    In fact, the ‘mystery’ of this watch is that the time display of the watch is obtained by rotating two of the twelve clearly visible axes (current time / next hour) at the same time. The end point of each axis is equipped with a cube, which successively presents a digital display side or an innumerable side, and the top is also engraved with the classic V letter of the brand. The hollow dial design makes it easier for the wearer to understand the operation of the part module. Among them, the 12 exquisite elements of the croix de Malte pattern are embedded in the delicate and delicate rotating shaft. They drive the axes and their cubes to rotate twice a quarter of a week in half a day.

LV Time Spinning Jewellery Watch
Time Lapse Jewellery Wristwatch Large model (39.5 mm) in platinum, powered by a self-winding mechanical movement

LV Time Spinning Jewellery Watch
    The style is both fun and poetic, yet at the same time precise and precise. The Tambour Spin Time Joaillerie timepiece is displayed by a dazzling diamond hour hand, while the minutes are displayed by a delicate indicator that works like a writing feather pen. . Its dial is set with white and black diamonds, or decorated with dark black lacquer. This watch is reminiscent of the twinkling starry sky, which at first glance looks like the cute and naughty mini flower pattern of Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas. This watch is available in a white alligator leather strap for ‘daytime’ or a black lizard skin for ‘party’.

Gong Li Starts The Journey Of Light And Shadow On The Azure Coast

The holding of the 67th Cannes Film Festival has attracted the attention of countless people. Piaget, the world-renowned family of jewellery and watches, and his global brand spokesman, Gong Li, a famous international movie star, came to Cannes, France to start a wonderful journey of elegant time and film art.

 On May 12, local time, Gong Li successfully arrived in the French Riviera. Here we send you the real-time information released by France.

Piaget Limelight Magic Hour

40 x 32 mm

18K Rose Gold Rotating Case

Set with 302 round diamonds (approx. 4.9 carats)

Dial set with 20 round diamonds (~ 0.03 carats)

Buckle set with 9 round diamonds (approx. 0.3 carat)

Piaget Piaget 56P quartz movement

Ref. G0A35096

Highlighting The Essence Of Replica Longines Classic Replica Watch Appreciation

Longines has a very high popularity in the Chinese watch market. Its product sales have also occupied the top three positions for a long time. The simple and elegant design style of its watches is well received by consumers. In 2013, the Basel Watch Fair grandly launched a classic replica of the military watch produced in the 1930s as the prototype, and was therefore named the 1938 military watch.

 Different from Longines’s usual elegant style, this watch shows the beauty of a strong power. It is reported that it was listed in the country in the second half of last year and the price is nearly 20,000 yuan. In the same style last year, two other watches (24-hour display and ordinary three-hand) were launched.
 In terms of design, the large Arabic numerals and minute scale on the dial allow the wearer to read the time clearly. The onion crown references the classic design of the original, highlighting the charm of 1930. The strap is sewn with white thread, and the details are outlined in black and white.

 As for the movement, it is equipped with the L705.2 self-winding movement (ETA A07 231), with 27 jewel bearings, and a vibration frequency of 4 Hz. To support daily walking time and timing functions. Under normal conditions (without the timer function), the power reserve is approximately 46 hours.
This chronograph is a new member of Longines Classic Reproduction Series in 2013. Maybe at first glance, you can’t find its special, but after careful taste, you will find that the classical aesthetics contained in it are very evocative. The price of less than 20,000 is relatively easy to get started, which allows many friends who like military watches to wear it, and start unlimited imagination of its original work.
 Watch details: longines / 29396 /

Bvlgari Bvlgari And Save The Children Release “Stop.Think.Give.” Photographic Works

‘STOP.THINK.GIVE.’ Photography portfolio presents celebrity portraits taken by the world-renowned photographer FabrizioFerri for the Bulgari ‘SaveTheChildren’ charity project. Naomi Watts, Azerbaijan AdrienBrody, LauraDern, MarciaGayHarden, AlexanderLudwig, CamillaBelle, etc. Numerous celebrities attended the show, showing their strong support for this charity project.

  On February 17, 2015, BVLGARI Bulgari and the well-known non-profit organization SavetheChildren celebrated the long-term cooperative relationship between the two parties and raised significant achievements of up to 35 million US dollars, especially in the 87th session. At the opening of the Academy Awards, a collection of photographs of ‘STOP.THINK.GIVE.’ Was released in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA.

  Bulgari Brand Ambassador and Hollywood Actress Naomi Watts, Bulgari Brand Ambassador and Famous Actor Adrien Brody, Shortlisted for Outstanding Supporting Actress in Out of the Wild LauraDern, Hollywood actor Jeremy Piven, American actor and model Ashley Greene, actor Marcia GayHarden, Card CamillaBelle, Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, and Milena Canonero, who won the Oscar for the best costume design for the Budapest Hotel ) And dozens of celebrities and fashion celebrities attended the grand press conference, demonstrating their strong support for the Bulgari ‘SaveTheChildren’ charity project.

  Since joining hands with Save the Children in 2009, Bulgari has continued to support Save the Children’s global child-focused projects for six consecutive years, and has designed rings and necklaces for Save the Children and donated some of its sales proceeds. Save the Children has so far supported US $ 35 million in funding. Such a high amount of charity project funding is unprecedented in the world’s luxury brands.

  From 2009 to the present, FabrizioFerri has carefully photographed many celebrities wearing Bulgari STC rings and necklaces (each celebrity appearing in Ferri’s photography is free of charge), capturing his subjects with a strong personal style against ‘STOP .THINK.GIVE. ‘And a call to help for charity. This photographic collection contains portrait photos of more than 250 celebrities supporting the Bulgari SaveTheChild project, including Naomi Watts, Adrian Brody, Jeremy Piven, Camilla • Baylor, Ashley Greene, Katherine Winnick, Alexander Ludwig and many more. At the cocktail party, they also wore Bulgari STC charity edition necklaces or rings and appeared on the red carpet.

  Bulgari brand ambassadors Naomi Watts and Adrian Brody attended the STOP.THINK.GIVE press conference, and both expressed their determination and commitment to participate in this charity project.

  Naomi Watts said, ‘Bulgari donates 35 million US dollars to support the cause of child rescue worldwide, which is very exciting and impressive. I am very grateful to be able to do my part for this cause. with pleasure.’

  Adrian Brody said: ‘This charity project helps children not only through money, but also through kindness, guidance and patience. This is very important, especially now. I am very grateful for the charity work of Save the Children And thank Bulgari for giving me the opportunity to contribute to it. ‘

  Bulgari STC rings and necklaces are available in Bulgari stores around the world, and part of the sales of each will be used to support the ‘SaveTheChildren’ charity. Today, Bulgari’s SaveTheChildren charity assistance program has covered 23 countries on five continents, which has greatly improved the lives of disadvantaged children in these places. The Bulgari STC ring and pendant are like a bond, bringing buyers, the Bulgari brand, Save the Children, celebrities who support the cause, aid workers around the world, and the children that this project will help. Linked together.
About Bvlgari
Founded in 1884, BVLGARI, a subsidiary of the LVMH Group, has gradually grown from a jewelry store to a gorgeous jewelry brand that symbolizes Italian excellence. By opening a retail network in the world’s top shopping districts and building a comprehensive product and service line from jewellery, high-end watches, various leather goods, silverware and perfumes to hotels, BVLGARI has made a name for itself in the international luxury market and has achieved Outstanding success.

Master Clifton Series: Urban Fashion

The Baume & Mercier Crichton series will definitely leave a landmark in Baume & Mercier’s history. It bears the beginning of the company founded by the brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume in Zhuoshan, Switzerland in 1830 The ambitious goals set by Clayton symbolize the founder’s extraordinary vision and inherit the founder’s motto: ‘Aestheticism, only manufacturing the highest quality watches.’
 In 1918, the addition of Paul Mercier injected new vitality into the brand, and the Critton series has also been inherited and inherited. This far-sighted businessman with a unique aesthetic has set the brand’s philosophical values ​​for the world. He is also committed to promoting the popularity of Swiss watches. It is these values ​​that are in line with the expectations of the public, which made the Crichton collection fully inspired by the popular watches from the 1950s, and came into being. On the other hand, the affordable price makes it an example of an entry-level luxury watch and a big advantage favored by the public. The Clayton series is designed for those who seek the art and elegance of life. Although inspired by the historical models in the Baume & Mercier Museum, they perfectly meet the needs of the modern urban elite in terms of case size and functional configuration.
Crichton 1830
 This crafted watch draws inspiration from the historical models in the Baume & Mercier Museum and has won the hearts of many watch lovers. Equipped with an 18K red gold case with a diameter of 42 mm, it embodies the efforts of watchmakers dedicated to inheriting traditional craftsmanship, and also meets the highest standards of contemporary craftsmanship. The case is polished and satin-finished to create the best watch in the best configuration. The dial also uses a curved design to match the contour of the curved sapphire crystal, which is in line with the acrylic resin glass mirror used in the past. The arc-shaped milky silver-plated dial is decorated with small seconds at 6 o’clock in the sky blue, and the dial is equipped with Arabic numerals and rivets. The Critton 1830 watch is equipped with a movement specially made for Baume & Mercier by the La Joux-Perret movement. This outstanding movement is clearly visible through the transparent case back.
Clifton GMT dual time zone watch (model 10111)

 The elegant new Cleton 10111 dual time zone watch is a passion for travel, and is specially designed for men who travel around the world and want to read their places and places of origin at any time. The 43mm diameter polished / satin-finished stainless steel case is inspired by Baume & Mercier’s representative from the 1950s. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the operation of the automatic mechanical movement (ETA 2893-3) is unobstructed. The sun-satin-finished dark gray dial with gold hands is even more radiant, with a date display at 3 o’clock. In addition to local time, a slim hand rotates around the dial to indicate the time in the second time zone. This watch features a reddish-brown alligator leather strap with an adjustable triple folding safety buckle, which shows a modern and modern metropolitan atmosphere and a timeless classic style.
Clifton GMT dual time zone watch (model 10112)

 The low-key and minimalist Clayton’s new 10112 dual time zone watch features a sun-satin-finished silver dial with a 43 mm diameter polished / satin-finished steel case. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the self-winding mechanical movement (ETA 2893-3) can be seen at the same time; at the same time, it can provide the second time zone synchronous display function. This watch also has a date display at 3 o’clock, with a black alligator leather strap and an adjustable triple folding safety buckle, which is classic and generous.
Crichton series chronograph MOA10123

 The clever size design presents perfect proportions. This chronograph with a 43 mm stainless steel case exudes an absolute urban temperament, recreating the retro style of the ‘Golden Fifties’. Equipped with outstanding complication functions, precisely capture the wearer’s career and joyful moments, to meet the pursuit of precision watches for watch lovers. The silver sun-satin-finished dial with blue hands features a sturdy, automatic mechanical movement with a square scale crocodile leather strap and a triple folding safety clasp. This elegant watch meets all the needs of the wearer and accompanies them to the exciting urban life.
Crichton series chronograph MOA10129

 This chronograph is undoubtedly a heritage of traditional style, with a silver sun-satin-finished dial, golden hands and digital hour markers. The watch is equipped with a brown alligator leather strap, with grainy square scales clearly accentuated, and a triple folding safety buckle. This watch is precious and more ‘retro’ spirit. The 43mm stainless steel case is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement known for its sturdiness and durability. This timeless classic watch will definitely become the precision watch sought after by watch lovers.
Crichton series chronograph MOA10130

 This chronograph is inspired by the style of the 1950s, with a 43 mm stainless steel case, a comfortable bracelet composed of stainless steel buckle, sporty and elegant. Urbanists who love masculinity, or people who live in a humid environment, will definitely appreciate this watch. The watch has excellent performance, water resistance to 5 atmospheres, and is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement (ETA 7750) known for its durability. At 3 o’clock, there is a synchronous display window for the day and the day, which makes people shine.
Crichton Series Two-tone Watch 10139

 This watch inherits the classic style of the 1950s historical model, with a 41 mm diameter circular dial, a polished & satin-finished two-tone case and gold-plated hands perfectly blend. With a small second hand and date display, this model is only 11.54 mm thick and slim. The case is equipped with a self-winding movement (Sellita SW260-1) with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, which perfectly reflects the superb watchmaking. skill. The movement contains 31 sapphires. The watch is fully wound and provides a 38-hour power reserve. The sapphire crystal case back also allows you to see the structure of the movement. The watch is paired with a brown alligator leather strap, giving the wearer a subtle elegance.
Crichton Series Two-tone Watch 10140

 This watch is equipped with a polished & satin-finished two-tone case with a diameter of 41 mm. The dial is made of sun-satin-finished silver with gold-plated Arabic numerals, engravings and hands. Water-resistant to 50 meters, with long curved lugs for comfortable wearing. Driven by a self-winding mechanical movement (Sellita SW260-1), through the sapphire crystal case back, the movement structure and 31 sapphires are clearly visible. The high-quality materials and the fine craftsmanship contrast each other, perfectly embodying the timelessness of the watch, showing simplicity and elegance. The Clayton series is specially created for the urban elite who are pursuing a successful life. The two-tone bracelet with triple folding safety buckle shows noble and elegant style whether it is dressed in formal clothes or casual casual.
Crichton stainless steel watch 10141

This watch has a polished & satin-finished stainless steel case with a diameter of 41 mm. Dial in sun-satin-finished silver with gold-plated Arabic numerals, engraving and hands. Water-resistant to 50 meters, with long curved lugs for comfortable wearing. Self-winding mechanical movement (Sellita
SW260-1) drive. Through the sapphire crystal back, the movement structure is clearly visible with 31 sapphires. The high-quality materials and the fine craftsmanship contrast each other, perfectly embodying the timelessness of the watch, showing simplicity and elegance.
Crichton Full Calendar Watch, Blue Dial (= 10057)

 This Cleton series full-calendar watch is elegant in appearance, striking the blue dial with a unique sun satin finish. Like all models designed for watch collectors, the stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 mm and a water resistance of 50 meters, with an open transparent case back, allows loyal fans of beloved fine machinery to watch the automatic movement ( Dubois Dépraz 9 000) ingenious components work. This watch has elegant lines, sophisticated features that display important calendar information, a crocodile leather strap, and an adjustable triple folding safety buckle.

Quick Reading Jaeger-lecoultre Memovox Alarm Clock

Since its appearance in 1950, the JAEGER-LECOULTRE Memovox alarm watch has inspired a series of Jaeger-LeCoultre mechanical watches with alarm functions. In 2018, the brand took inspiration from the 1968 Memovox Polaris, creating a new Polaris series, which reproduces the look of this historical work with different styles and watches equipped with different functions.

‘Memovox alarm watch reminds, informs and wakes up.’ This sentence comes from an advertisement in the 1950s, describing the outstanding features of the alarm clock that Jaeger-LeCoultre just launched on the market. After the Second World War, the economic recovery, the Memovox alarm watch, which means ‘the sound of memory’, reminds business people with an alarm function so as not to miss any appointments. The lines of this manual-winding mechanical watch are clear and classic. The unique feature is the additional crown specially set for the alarm function. In 1953, the government of Vaud, Switzerland, where the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory was located, specially selected this watch as a gift to comedian Charlie. Charlie Chaplin. As for what important works have been launched in the history of Memovox, here is a quick review.

Memovox self-winding alarm

In 1956, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox alarm watch series added a new work, launched the first self-winding watch with alarm function. Since then, this watch has become the source of inspiration for the brand, and has succeeded in a series of masterpieces. Three years after this watch was launched, Jaeger-LeCoultre further promoted the alarm clock. Its target is no longer limited to business people, the workshop believes that this watch equipped with automatic mechanical movement is also very suitable for all kinds of adventurers and athletes. Just like an advertisement in the 1970s, showing the newly developed Concorde, accompanied by a powerful promotional slogan: ‘Memovox ringing watch, for the active people’).
Memovox Worldtime Alarm Clock and Memovox Parking Alarm Clock
To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the brand, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched two new watches. The Memovox Worldtime alarm watch allows the wearer to instantly check the time around the world; the Memovox Parking alarm watch can help the wearer monitor the parking time of the car and send out a ringtone reminder before the time limit. The design is unique.

Memovox Deep Sea

In 1959, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Memovox Deep Sea alarm watch, equipped with an 815 automatic winding movement. This is the first dive watch equipped with an alarm function. Its function is obviously not just a reminder for getting up alarm or dating, but a professional equipment that can remind divers underwater to ensure their personal safety.
Memovox Polaris
Just six years later, the Memovox Polaris with Jaeger-LeCoultre 825 mechanical movement was launched. The creation of this watch was born in a deep sea journey in 1962. At that time, various expeditions were being actively carried out around the world, from space to the depths of the ocean floor to the polar regions. In 1963, the first 50 samples were released. In order to facilitate reading time, the diameter of the new case has been increased to 42 mm, which was a wide design at the time. Another major design change is the alarm device. The designers of the Memovox Polaris alarm clock worked hard to develop an alarm system that would make a loud sound underwater. In order to prevent the alarm bell from weakening due to the contact of the watch with the wetsuit, the case is specially designed with a triple bottom cover. The first layer of copper bottom cover helps the alarm to resonate; the second layer of waterproof bottom cover protects the internal devices from water leakage; and the third layer of bottom cover has 16 cutouts to ensure that the alarm sound can be clearly transmitted in the water . This Memovox alarm watch is water resistant to 200 meters and has anti-collision and anti-magnetic properties. In addition, the watch replaces the outer bezel with a rotating inner bezel and is controlled by a third crown.

In 1968, Jaeger-LeCoultre designed a new faceplate for this watch, adding a sporty touch. The numbers and time stamps transferred to the faceplate are covered with Tritium® 氚 material, and the time stamps have been redesigned into a trapezoid. The dial also has a small triangle indicator to indicate the alarm time, and a Barton-type hand covered with fluorescent material. Half a century later, this design inspired the watchmakers of the Grand Workshop to create the new Polaris collection in 2018.
Memovox Polaris II
In 1971, another advanced and innovative work appeared. The Memovox Polaris II was a collection of innovative technologies of the time. This watch’s 916 mechanical movement is one of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s high-frequency self-winding mechanical movements developed in 1970. The movement of the balance wheel reaches 28,800 vibrations per hour, which is extremely refined. The winding device is also new, and its automatic disc can rotate freely in both directions around the axis to wind the barrel. This superb performance is the inspiration for the design of the 956 mechanical movement in the Master Compressor Memovox series.
Master Control Memovox and Master Grande Memovox
The Master Control Memovox series alarm clock was launched in 1998. The 914 mechanical movement of this watch has passed 1,000 hours of testing, which proves its excellent performance and reliable performance. Two years later, the 909-440 / 2 mechanical movement of the Master Grande Memovox is born. It is equipped with a perpetual calendar and moon phase display function. The suspension gong replaces the resonance of the classic style of Memovox. Bottom cover.
Master Compressor Memovox
The introduction of the Master Compressor Memovox series alarm clock became the focus of 2002, continuing the legend of the mechanical movement of the Memovox alarm clock.

Memovox Tribute to Polaris

To commemorate the glorious history of Memovox Polaris, in 2008, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched two limited edition Memovox Tribute to Polaris, 1965 and 1968 models. The two Memovox Tribute to Polaris watches inherit the essence and aesthetic design of the same series of watches, and also incorporate the latest advanced watchmaking technology of Jaeger-LeCoultre to meet the watch’s precision, ruggedness and reliability at that time. Standard Huai. For this reason, the alarm device of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 956 mechanical movement hangs the gong on the bottom cover. In addition, its automatic discs are equipped with ceramic ball bearings and do not require any lubrication or maintenance. The case is equipped with a waterproof bottom cover, which can function as a resonance box, and the outer bottom cover has 16 circular cutouts, which adheres to the traditional aesthetic design.

Master Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea

In 1959, Jaeger-LeCoultre presented the first diving watch with an alarm, the Memovox Deep Sea. This watch is available in two styles, designed for divers in Europe and the United States. In 2011, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a new limited edition watch in memory of this historic watch. Like the prototype, the new work is available in both European and American versions. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 40.5 mm and is equipped with a Memovox 956 automatic winding alarm mechanism. The European version (limited to 959 pieces) is paired with a distinctive black dial, while the American version (limited to 359 pieces) has a black / grey dial and is engraved with the ‘LeCoultre’ logo.
Master Memovox Boutique Edition
In 2016, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of the first alarm watch with an automatic mechanical movement, Jaeger-LeCoultre specially launched a limited-edition watch exclusively for sale in specialty stores. The new work is inspired by the Memovox Snowdrop alarm clock from the 1970s. It is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 956 mechanical movement, with a contemporary case and decoration, which reproduces the original blue and retro style.

Polaris Memovox

Alarm Clock In 2018, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the new Polaris collection, inspired by the 1968 Memovox Polaris Polar Alarm Clock. The Polaris Memovox alarm clock in this collection inherits the appearance and alarm functions of the prototype model and incorporates a redesigned case. The new work commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1968 model, with a limited edition of 1,000. Its historical atmosphere and unique design are really addictive. From 1950 to the present, only a few timepiece mechanical movements have such long-lasting vitality with the reliable performance and continuous innovation at the beginning of the market. As of 2018, the 60-year-old Memovox alarm watch still sounds in the years.

Men’s Favorite Four Recommended Men’s Watches

The so-called beauty is human nature, and those who don’t like ‘beauty’ probably don’t exist. Love watches because of beauty, just like loving beautiful women is also for ‘beauty’, this is the nature of men and cannot be changed. Of course, since you like to own it, if you want to own it, you have to pay.

Omega 300MQuartz Series 2221.80.00 Watch

 Watch Series: Haima
 Movement Type: Automatic
 Gender: Men
 Case material: Stainless steel
 Strap material: stainless steel
 Domestic public price: ¥ 12,000
 Watch details: Brief comment: Omega is becoming more and more popular among Chinese watch fans in China. The stainless steel case strap and the sapphire crystal glass are waterproof to a depth of 300 meters. It also has a date display and air pressure function.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm Series 116000 Silver Plate Watch

 Watch Series: Oyster Perpetual
 Movement type: self-unloading
 Gender: Men
 Case material: Stainless steel
 Strap material: stainless steel
 Domestic public price: ¥ 40,500
 Watch details: Watch Series: Heritage
 Movement type: manual mechanical
 Gender: Men
 Case material: 18K rose gold
 Strap material: crocodile leather
 Domestic public price: ¥ 168,000
 Watch details: Brief comment: Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest and longest-lasting brand-name watch. This watch uses an 18K rose gold case and a dark brown alligator leather strap. Vacheron Constantin is now taste, status and wealth symbol of.

Piaget Tourbillon Polo Watch G0A35174

 Watch series: polo series
 Movement type: manual mechanical
 Gender: Men
 Case material: 18K white gold
 Strap material: crocodile leather
 Watch details: Brief comment: Piaget’s watch counts as a sports watch, but the design of the note time scale is a highlight, which gives the watch a very connotative and stylish atmosphere.

Summary: For a man, a watch is like a woman’s jewelry, never too much. Men’s accessories are quite limited, and watches are one of the few accessories that can show their personality. In the past, men would use their own cars to show off their status and status, but cars can only be parked in garages, and they cannot be seen anytime, anywhere. Watches have undoubtedly replaced cars as men’s show-offs.

New Oris Equipped With French Air Force Special Forces

The Fourth Special Forces Helicopter Regiment (4 & egrave; me R & eacute; giment d’H & eacute; licopt & egrave; res des Forces Sp & eacute; ciales), which belongs to the French Air Force Elite Force, has not only become the source of inspiration for the latest Oris limited watch , Its team members even wear this watch for professional testing.
 The Oris 4e RHFS Limited Watch is built on the base of the BC4 series case, which is favored by the International Design Awards. It is a professional flight watch with a chronograph function. The Oris 4e RHFS Limited Watch is built on the base of the BC4 series case, which is favored by the International Design Awards. It is a professional flight watch with a chronograph function. The case is made of gun-plated gray PVD-coated multi-piece stainless steel, and this special material ensures its anti-refractive properties, which can maintain low-key concealment even when worn during a mission. The case is made of gun-plated gray PVD-coated multi-piece stainless steel, and this special material ensures its anti-refractive properties, which can maintain low-key concealment even when worn during a mission.
The Oris quick-lock crown system prevents the watch settings from being turned accidentally, providing the highest quality safety. The strap is also equipped with an innovative folding safety buckle, which allows the watch to be easily and quickly adjusted to suit you anytime, anywhere. Demand. The Oris quick-lock crown system prevents the watch settings from being turned accidentally, providing the highest quality safety. The strap is also equipped with an innovative folding safety buckle, which allows the watch to be easily and quickly adjusted to comply with anytime, anywhere Your needs.

 The details of the design of the special forces are just like the players in the mission, but they are introverted and sophisticated. The details of the design of the special forces are just like the players in the mission, but they are introverted and sophisticated. The legion’s official logo is displayed on the small seconds dial, and it is mounted on the black dial in dark gray. The legion’s official logo is displayed on the small seconds dial, and it is mounted on the black dial in dark gray. Case back with limited number. Case back with limited number. At the top of the second hand, the makeup is arranged in blue, white and red with the French flag to pay tribute to the special forces. At the top of the second hand, the makeup is arranged in blue, white and red with the French flag to pay tribute to the special forces.
Oris’ support for the Legion is just like the Legion’s focus on French special forces: teammates who are standing side by side. Oris’ support for the Legion is just like the Legion’s focus on French special forces: teammates who are standing side by side.

Elegant And Exquisite Tasting Jacques De Rouge Black Ceramic Paris Check Big Second Hand Watch

Jacques Droe, founded in 1738, is the earliest outstanding representative of the Swiss watch industry. As one of the oldest watch brands in the world, it has a history of more than 200 years. Since its inception, Jaquet Droz has always adhered to his faith and is committed to creating classic timepieces that are rich in artistic beauty and timeless. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show in 2017, Jacques Dro added a new work with outstanding watch technology, that is, the Jacques Dro black ceramic Paris check large second hand watch to be introduced today.

    The black Paris checkered dial, the collision and fusion with black ceramic, is also a fusion of retro style and modernity. It has given the watch a richer atmosphere.

   The black dial decorated with the Paris check is located in the center of black ceramic. The lower dial is the hour and minute dial and the small second dial. The two dials contrast with each other, showing that they form a Jacquestro ‘8’ dial with high brand recognition. Gives the watch brand its unique charm.

   The two eccentric dials are simple but not simple, and the very dials are marked with elegant Roman numerals, which adds to the retro atmosphere of the watch. The small seconds dial uses Arabic numerals and is easy to read.

   Equipped with aquet Droz 2663A-S, ruthenium-plated self-winding mechanical movement, double barrel, to ensure the accurate movement of the watch. PVD black-plated heavy metal rotor, engraved with Jacques Dro’s unique mark, classic and beautiful.

   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair: